What Is A Watch ‘three Stitches And One Thread’

I even strolled to the watch store and saw the brand’s new three-needle and one-line (also known as the standard pointer Regulator) watch. Each one performed its duties one by one. People who have seen such watches must have the same feelings as me. I don’t doubt if this kind of watch is easy to sell, I just wonder what kind of people buy it. The clerk said that one was sold last week, and the customer was a lawyer. Anyone who asked for the details of this watch was mostly a low-key and smart-looking person.
No wonder so, people have categories and watches, and watches like three-pin and one-line are not something that anyone can control. After buying and playing numerous watches Jiazhen, go back to this simple and easy tradition. The shape of a watch is a sublimation for those who understand it. This was confirmed by the lawyer’s customer, and the day I went there happened to meet him who came to the store to change the strap. Regulator is usually translated into standard pointers, which are often called three-needle and one-line in watch fans.
It indicates the minutes by the central hand and separates the hour and second hands to indicate the time. This device first appeared on the sailing clock of the 17th century. Because the three needles are separated, they will not interfere with each other during operation, and the accuracy is greatly improved. This function occupied an important seat in the field of astronomy and observation and became a symbol of early high-end watches. Some people have described this function as ‘mother of clocks’, because many watchmakers will place a master clock in the factory specifically for standard time, and many watchmakers choose to use this as the master clock style. The place of this function in the heart of the Swiss.
I am familiar with it. Experts understand that the three needles and one thread are not just different from the pointer form. For buyers who are ready to start the watch, one of the following recommendations must be suitable for you.

Montblanc Normative Navigation Chronograph
Recommended reason: A new breakthrough is achieved on the basis of three stitches and one thread, and martial arts with eight kinds of skills can be described as superior.
As the name suggests, this chronograph is unveiled with a standard pointer dial layout, reminiscent of sailing history in terms of both function and design. Different from the traditional three-hand and one-line watch, this watch includes 8 functions: including local time, off-site time, day and night display, timekeeping, 30-minute timer, small second hand, power reserve and winding reminder, combined display The layout of the dial is clear; part of the dial is hollowed out, the fine grinding of the movement’s bottom plate and the operation of the gears can be seen at a glance; part of the scale is set on the dial surface, and part of the dial is embedded in the dial, which is as deep as the deep sea. Marine clocks have a profound impact on the development of today’s watch technology.

JJJ Master Grande Tradition pointer pointer questionnaire
Recommended reason: Not only looks good but also sounds good, with a two-week long power reserve.
The outstanding performance of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 947 movement has made it famous in the special mechanical function of watches and clocks, and the new Jaeger-LeCoultre 947R movement has become the first to integrate the three-question function and the standard pointer display into An integrated movement and a two-week power reserve. The two main hands on the dial are mounted on different axes to ensure accurate travel time and easy reading of the minute display. This system allows different time indications to draw their own running trajectories without interfering with each other, and eliminates all the possibility of friction and contact, which may become a potential obstacle to the good mechanical operation of the watch. It can be said that the standard time display is still a complex function exclusive to ultra-precise watches. On both sides of the second dial are a clockwork torque measurement display (left) and a power reserve display (right). The impressive sound quality is also a highlight of it.
4 reasons to buy ‘three stitches and one thread’
1 Clear when reading
This device that indicates the minutes by the central hand and separates the hour and second hands to indicate the time, because the three hands are separated, the operation will not interfere with each other, and the accuracy is greatly improved.
2 Retro style
In the early days, the standard hand was originally a reference clock or master clock in each watch workshop, allowing watchmakers to adjust the watch to the most accurate minutes according to the minute display on the standard hand after the watch was assembled and manufactured. The three-needle, one-line watch has a deep connection with traditional complex mechanical functions and watchmaking workshops.
3 Visual Art
At that time, the minutes and seconds hands were not aligned on the same axis, but were arranged in a row. The most important position on the dial was reserved for the minute hand, and the hour hand was placed in a less important position. Never forget. It embodies the predecessor’s value orientation of ‘pursuing precision while taking into account aesthetics’.
4 watch box new favorite
After reading thousands of sails, it is inevitable that there will be another way of thinking. The three-needle, one-line standard pointer watch is the new favorite of watch lovers, because this function has occupied important seats in the field of astronomy and observation in the old days, and it is also an early advanced watch symbol of. It is also known as the ‘Mother of Watches and Clocks’. In this way, in the list of essential 3-pin watches for collectors, there should be only three pins and one thread in addition to the big three-pin and three-pin.

Patek Philippe 5235 three-pin first line calendar
Recommended reason: On the basis of three needles and one thread, the annual calendar function is added, and the ultra-thin movement with K gold mini rotor is also a highlight.
If the brand has launched the three stitches and one line solemnly, you might say that I am doing a trivial task. If I tell you, the first three stitches and one thread of the brand produced by Patek Philippe, you should be impressed. Is it unfair? The world is never truly fair. Can a brand like Rolex increase the price four times a year?
Patek Philippe’s three-line, one-line annual calendar with the number 5235. The center of the dial is the minute hand, the hour dial is set at 12 o’clock, and the small second dial is set at 6 o’clock. In addition to the three-pin and one-line layout, the popular annual calendar function is also added. Two small windows are set on both sides of the dial at 12 o’clock, which display the day of the week and the month, respectively. This watch is equipped with the new 31-260 REG QA movement and has a gold rotor.

宝 玑 Classique Grande Complication watch
Recommended reason: The addition of the tourbillon will increase your purchase reason at the same time, not to mention the pure taste of this Breguet.
Most of the people who can stand up to Baodi are dad-level, precisely because this brand has a classic look that can’t be more traditional. Just like this three-pin, one-line watch, it has made an unforgettable impression in an unusual arrangement, but it has added a tourbillon on this basis, which can be said to be more technical. One floor, classic superimposed, more mellow style. 18K yellow gold case diameter 39 mm, dial dial offset, centered minute hand, small second hand directly mounted on the tourbillon shaft, silver-plated K gold dial with Newsoe decoration, automatic winding movement decorated with hand-engraved See through the transparent case back.

Jacques de Regulator Ivory Enamel Watch
Recommended reason: Great fire enamel dial, number 8 elements, and three stitches and one line with traditional Jacques Droe elements.
Roman numeral dial: It takes half a day for the pointer to complete a circle. Right below it, there is a dial with Arabic numerals, from 0 to 60, every 10 digits: the second hand keeps chasing the minute hand. At the center of the dial, where the two dials meet is the minute hand. Ivory dials fired with the ‘big fire’ enamel process have extremely high demands on the skills of the enamel masters and dial makers, just as the standard hands have the same rigorous attitude towards time.

IWC Portugal Three Hands First Line Watch
Recommended reason: It is most suitable to use the most artistic and elegant retro to describe it.
In the old days, crew members could not live without the extremely precise and accurate equipment such as the nautical astronomical table or ‘deck table’ in order to keep their lives safe in the vast ocean. Nowadays, IWC’s famous Portuguese series has also launched a three-pin one-line watch, which is no longer for the crew to save their lives, but it is accurate and reliable and can be used in harsh environments without further ado. The watch is equipped with 98245 pocket watch movement. As the name suggests, this movement is based on 98 movement. Three independent time displays on the dial, the slender sword-shaped minute hand in the center is the most prominent. The hour and hour dials are at 12 o’clock and the second hand is set at 6 o’clock. This large and well-balanced watch has a case diameter of 43.1 mm.

Glasutti Strasser & Rohde Three Hands First Line Watch
Recommended reason: moderate size, appropriate thickness, leather strap with folding buckle, this three-pin one-line is very comfortable to wear.
蓝 The blue steel minute hand in the center of the dial runs through the dial. The hour and second hands are placed on two small dials that are off and centered. The black outer ring of the minute dial echoes the hour dial of the Roman numerals. The round case is 42 mm in diameter and only 12.8 mm thick. Equipped with a 49-04 manual winding movement, this movement has a three-quarter plywood with Glashütte stripe decoration and blue steel screws. Alligator strap with folding buckle fits perfectly on the wearer’s wrist. Limited to 25 pieces worldwide.

瑞宝 Regulateur Automatique watch
Recommended reason: You can say that you do not know the history of Ruibao watches, but you must know that his family has a long history of three needles and one thread.
This watch is a replica of the ‘three-needle, one-line’ standard pointer dial designed by French watchmaker Louis Berthoud in 1806, with a diameter of 44 millimeters. Obviously, if the conventional C. 122 self-winding movement is used, because of the size of the movement, the hour and second dials will be approached to the center position, which will greatly reduce the aesthetics of the dial design. For this reason, Gerd-Rudiger Lang specially developed the C.673 manual winding movement for the watch. The movement of the movement can be appreciated through the sapphire crystal back.
The C.673 hand-wound movement has a diameter of 36.6 millimeters and is improved from ETA 6498-1. First, the center-mounted hour hand is moved to the eccentric position at 12 o’clock, compensated by a balance mechanism, and Gooseneck trimmer to make proper adjustments. The master watchmaker Gerd-Rudiger Lang cleverly adjusted and revised the movement configuration to give Grand Regulateur new life, which fully met the creative requirements of the Swiss watch, and also reflected the Germans’ pursuit of fine and extraordinary dedication.

Recommended reason: Mowen launched a limited set of 4 boxes. In addition to this standard pointer, the other 3 are also worth having.
Beginning in 2002, Mowen regained the brand’s independent management rights. Compared with the normal design style of the year, the reorganized Mowen combined its years of accumulation with the aesthetic needs of modern people, and displayed it in new watch works. Let people shine. This MALTON 160 BALTHAZAR watch is one of the most representative. It combines the traditional standard pointer design with the innovative carbon fiber dial. The black surface is matched with carbon fiber, silver timer and hands, forming a sharp contrast. The Arabic hour markers, track stripe scales, hour markers and hands are all white and luminous. Each BALTHAZAR comes with a black leather, crocodile or lizard strap.

Convertible Cavalier Series Specification Analog Watch
Recommended reason: The most affordable three-pin one-line, can be early adopters, can get started.
Knight series watches integrate the tradition of Gu Yuan with modern technology, so that you can always feel the eternity of classic time, fresh and elegant, ancient charm and new style, unique temperament. Swiss-made 14070 standard chronograph automatic movement, finely polished, with Geneva stripes, rhodium-plated. In addition to the hour, minute and second display, it also has a calendar display, a round stainless steel case, and is waterproof to 50 meters.

Lange Watches That Advance Scientific Watchmaking With Scientific Knowledge

All Lange watches are sought after by watch collectors from all over the world. Unparalleled superb watchmaking technology and high-level perfect craftsmanship, as well as the history and legend of the brand, are indispensable for Lange to win. Weapon. Lange ‘TOURBILLON’ Pour le Mérite ‘sold for a high price of 330,000 euros
     At the 85th auction of Dr. Crott held in Frankfurt, Germany on May 12, 2012, a unique collection of Lange watches with high-profile drop hammers was sold. This TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” with a small platinum case and solemn black dial was first sold in 1996, and at this auction it was worth a staggering 330,000 euros At a high price, the TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” platinum edition watch is limited to 50 pieces, this one is the 45th. The auction record of this precious Lange watch is five times higher than the retail price of the watch. Set a record for the highest auction since Lange TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ appeared.
Ferdinand Adolph Lange
     Ferdinand Adolph Lange established the Saxon fine watchmaking industry in the small town of Glashütte near Dresden, Germany. He created the Lange brand in 1845. For each Lange, Ferdinando was not slack. The screw-set gold barrel has jewel bearings, blue steel hands, and reeling, which all added a lot of special decorations to the Lange pocket watch of the time. The hand-carved balance wheel splint gives a unique style to the Lange watch. The hand-carved balance wheel plywood is made by master handwork according to traditional floral patterns. It is for this reason that each one reveals a personal style. They are unique boutiques and each one is different. It is this perfect pursuit of quality and craftsmanship that makes Lange’s pocket watches not only of outstanding quality, but also elegant and perfect in appearance, and thus enjoys a high reputation among European nobles.
     Nineteenth-century Europe was a paradise for pioneers, a paradise for adventurers. It belongs to the era of explorers and inventors. Human beings’ in-depth exploration and discovery of the natural world are quietly starting in the most remote corners of the earth. In the pockets of these scientists and explorers, Lange provided them with accurate and clear timepieces. Six pocket watches from the Lange watch factory were accompanied by natural scientist Erich Erich VonDrygalski embarked on Germany’s first Antarctic expedition; the other two ‘large observatory watches’ were sold to the Zeppelin spacecraft factory in Friedrichshafen, Germany, for the airship Navigation and air traffic control.
     Since its creation, Lange has been following the founder Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s spiritual belief in precision watchmaking, which is to use advanced scientific knowledge to promote the advancement of precision watchmaking. The second generation of Lange, RichardLange, is known as the spiritual father of beryllium nickel alloy hairsprings. Until now, this hairspring technology has been widely used in high-quality mechanical timepieces.
     In 1898, Kaiser William II deliberately ordered a noble pocket watch from the Lange watch as a gift to Abdul Hamid II when visiting the Ottoman Empire. Abdul Hamid II).
     However, for the next hundred years, the fate of the Lange watch was as many as the German National Games. After the destruction of two wars and the split of East and West, this traditional family business was transferred to East Germany and became a common asset for all people. The trademark of Lange Watch has also vanished. The Lange Watchmaking Factory no longer exists, and it has become a legend of precision watchmaking that people remember and lament.
Lange’s rebirth begins with the end of the Cold War, the unification of East and West, and Germany.
     After the end of World War II, Lange was taken over to East Germany, the watch factory was silent for 40 years, and Lange’s name was no longer seen on the dial. Because of this, pocket watches bearing the Lange trademark are even more legendary among collectors. In 1990, after the East and West Germany removed the Berlin Wall and unified, Walter Lange, the great-grandson of the founder of the Lange watch factory, was able to resume the Lange new century. The production of the Lange watch once again breathes new life into the tradition of the Lange brand. The Lange watch factory reaffirmed the reputation of “Made in Germany” and at the same time once again became the leader of precision watchmaking technology, competing against the famous Swiss luxury watch brands.
Lange’s flagship series Lange 1 part of the family members
     The rise of A. Lange & Sohne, in addition to a new altarpiece with the elegant style of a traditional German movement, has also created a near-perfect visual impression, representing an oath of absolute focus on watchmaking skills and aesthetic realms. Few players who watch these movements through the transparent case back will not be obsessed with them. The reborn A. Lange & Sohne has set a very high new standard for the top watchmaking field, forcing many large Swiss manufacturers to respond to it in their products, and its interpretation of ‘perfect craftsmanship’ is also Opportunities brought by watch factories and players to reflect: A. Lange & Sohne only manufactures mechanical watches, only uses the homemade movement (In House Movement), and different watch series must use different basic movements. All the parts of A. Lange & Sohne watches have to be carefully polished by hand before they are finished, resulting in an amazing movement quality.
     In 1994, the Lange brand launched the first watch after the rebirth-the flagship series Lange 1. The stunning eccentric dial design has become a model of design, has won a number of international awards, is equipped with a patented large date display, a dual barrel, and a power reserve of more than three days. When Lange 1 debuted, Lange’s famous large calendar window also debuted, it was about 4 times larger than the traditional general installation, reminiscent of John Christian Dijon Gutkees in Dele in 1814 A 5-minute digital clock made by Stern for the Semper Opera House.
     Today, Lange’s watchmakers are meticulously crafted by hand, using solid gold or platinum to build the case. They are equipped with self-made advanced movements. There are 25 different movements in the entire series. More than 470 employees manufacture only about 5,000 wristwatches each year table. The new generation of Lange watches continues to reflect excellent design and texture, inspired by the famous Lange pocket watches in the history of horology, including Glasor 3/4 plywood refined from untreated German silver, and hand-carved balance bridges , Blue steel screws and k gold sleeves, and the use of anti-wear ruby ​​bearings to fixedly maintain the stability of gear transmission.
     Each Lange watch is equipped with a special movement, which uses nearly a thousand parts in a square inch of space. Almost all the movement parts are self-made in the factory. Even the tools and accessories required for the decoration process The accessories are also manufactured in-house. All parts, such as plates, bridges, levers, hairsprings, gears, are hand-refined by watchmakers, and then polished and polished by the process of creating artwork-even the parts hidden in the movement. And each balance wheel bridge is also carved by hand. All movements are reassembled. After the first assembly, they are adjusted and tested in five directions. Then they are disassembled again, each part is cleaned again, and then the second assembly is completed with real blue steel screws. After a few weeks of accuracy testing.
The new Lange 1 at the Geneva Watch Fair 2012
     Lange’s superb technology and outstanding craftsmanship not only made it attract much attention in the market, but also allowed it to show its charm at the auction of famous watches. In addition to this time setting a record high at the Frank Fu auction, in October 2011, Hong Kong Sotheby’s auction house sold three, four Lange rare watches. Among them, the 2003 GRAND LANGEA 1 ‘Luna Mundi’ set of two limited edition, exquisite and rare white and pink gold manual winding watches, sold 980,000 Hong Kong dollars (93750 euros). This pair of Lange watches also each has an Antarctic and an Arctic moon phase profit and loss and a power reserve display. The global limit is 101 pieces. This pair is No. 25/101.
     LANGEZEITWERK has a symbolic name, a watch that is absolutely clear and easy to read. Unrivalled size, time can be read clearly with a quick glance. With a slight tick, in an instant, the minute display advances forward and backward until the entire hour, the watch will take a big step forward. At this time, all three digital disks immediately jump to the previous unit at the same time. At this auction, this exquisite and rare platinum manual winding time-hopping watch with power reserve display has a good result. The year is about 2010, which is 40 times higher than its listed value. %, Auctioned 680,000 Hong Kong dollars (65,000 Euros). This watch represents a leap from Lange’s watch, that is, reading from traditional pointers to clear numbers. It also represents the continuous innovation and exploration of Lange in the field of mechanical watchmaking.
     The Lange 1815 MOONPHASE watch sold for 275,000 Hong Kong dollars (26,300 Euros) is produced in memory of the founder of the Lange watch: Ferdinando Adolf Lange. The 1815 moon phase meter uses a set of gears with a special transmission ratio, and the error of each lunar month is only 6.61 seconds. That is to say, after 1058 years, the actual error of the moon age will reach one day. This commemorative watch is exactly the intention of Ferdinando Adolf Lange when he founded the brand: to use advanced scientific knowledge to promote the advancement of precision watchmaking.

Time Witness Bowman Art Master Series Automatic Winding Couple Pair Watch Real Shooting

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   Bowman’s classic series of couple watch pairs witness each other’s wonderful love, which adds romance and interest to countless days.

   Whether you are single or a couple, choosing an Elysées classic series watch may be a testimony of choosing a long-lasting love, which will bring you happiness and beauty.

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2014 Basel International Watch Fair topic:

Usd 83 Million Audemars Piguet Fake Watch Intercepted In The United States

According to the US Customs and Border Protection, Audemars Piguet watches with a retail price of $ 83 million were intercepted at the Texas Customs.

This case was recently settled. More than 7,800 fake Audemars Piguet watches were seized by the US Customs and Border Protection’s import professional execution team at the end of October. This is the second seizure of Audemars Piguet watches in the last six months. In July, more than 1,000 Audemars Piguet watches (retail value of about $ 30 million) were seized at the same border crossing.

‘This $ 83 million Audemars Piguet seizure is the largest in the history of the port and is the second seizure of millions of dollars of Audemars Piguet products in the past six months.’ . ‘Now Christmas is coming. Such seizures will help reassure trade groups and the public. CBP is firmly committed to ensuring that registered trademarks are protected and that American consumers are protected from counterfeit merchants.
In October, these counterfeit products were seized during a second inspection by CBP import professionals who suspected of infringing on the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Octagon design trademark. Legal review confirmed that their trademark use was illegal and the product was seized. In November, CBP seized a large number of fake Rolex, Omega and Breitling watches at the Port of New York.