Classic Audemars Piguet From The Premium Sports Watch Classics Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Ultrathin Watch

AUDEMARS PIGUET Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak series has been transformed into a masterpiece of the brand since its birth in 1972. It has also become a must-have for many watch fans, after decades of history Invariable design features still have a strong sense of presence, such as Petite Tapisserie checkered faceplate, simple and intuitive rod-shaped hour and minute hands, octagonal bezel fixed by hexagonal screws, and integrated chain design are all exclusive to AP. Gene, not to mention the superiority of the first-generation famous machine 2121 automatic winding movement. In 2018, AP re-interpreted this classic with a titanium case (with platinum on the bezel and chain links), especially with its unique freshness. The new color palette of the sense has once again attracted people’s attention.

In the 1970s, the shock of the table diameter reaching 39mm was a bit like the 47 and 50mm that we see today, so the original RO ‘Jumbo’ was nicknamed, and the modern retro design still inherits the same watch name and nickname

Feature one: the origin of the Jumbo name
The name of this RO watch is specially added with the word ‘Jumbo’. This is not related to the new changes, but AP’s relationship to pay tribute to the first Royal Oak watch. In that year, Mr. Gerald Genta used the British Royal Oak Warship. The portholes are the inspiration for the design and set the tone for the Royal Oak series: checkered veneer, octagonal bezel, case, chain strap, hexagonal screws running through the bezel and other elements. Gerald Genta’s Royal Oak series created more than that. The 39mm diameter was considered an industry anecdote at the time. Therefore, the first Royal Oak had another name of Royal Oak ‘Jumbo’, as the name implies. These elements can still be seen on the current Royal Oak watch, so although it is still called ‘Jumbo’, the diameter of 39mm is not particularly large according to today’s standards, mainly to trace back historical past.

The classic stick-shaped hour design and the AP at 6 o’clock are made of white gold with a delicate ‘Petite Tapisserie’ checkered face plate. At the same time, a new gradation blue surface is used to make people look more and more eye-catching.

Feature two: Modern elements are added after salute
The reason why AP could kill its own high-end stainless steel sports watch market was related to the avant-garde thinking of the era. Of course, the design aesthetics of Master Gérald Genta is high, and it is also the reason why Royal Oak can successfully win the love of watch fans. The masculine bezel with the hexagonal screws is hard to forget, and with the Petite Tapisserie checkered faceplate and the simple hour-shaped hour, minute and hour indexes, the only difference between the new model and the classic of the early 1977 Strictly speaking, there are only a few subtle differences in the brand logo font at twelve o’clock, and the materials used for the body are different. Generally speaking, some classic factors should be completely transplanted to the new style. Said to be an almost original reproduction.

The semi-hollowed AP bi-directional automatic dial, the classic checkered design on the front of the watch is also placed on the edge of the automatic dial, plus the hand-polished surface, fish scale pattern and Geneva ripple, etc. Out

Feature three: Famous machines used for more than 40 years
2121 automatic movement is a generation of famous machines, because its predecessor Cal. 920 was jointly designed by three major brands, such as AP, Vacheron Constantin, PP, and commissioned a few produced a movement, which is also currently in current models The only movement used by the three giants of the watch altar, but later the ownership of Cal. 920 fell into the hands of AP, so it was changed into a 2120 automatic winding movement by the brand. This movement is Audemars Piguet. Using the legendary movement so far, it has a history of more than forty years, but it does not change its toughness. The time wheel is configured with elegant hours and minutes, plus a two-way winding system, a Gyromax weight fine-tuning balance wheel, two With KIF shock absorbers, the practical performance of the entire movement has risen to a higher level. The 2121 calibre inherits such excellent pedigree, but it has more date modules in function, so the thickness has also been some, but it is still maintained in the range that can be summarized as an ultra-thin automatic winding movement (3.05mm), modern version When the original bottom cover was changed and the transparent bottom cover was used, it gave people a chance to see the famous style.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Jumbo” Slim Watch

Titanium, platinum material / 2121 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / 39mm diameter / waterproof 50 meters / reference price: 250,000 RMB

Citizen Launches New Light Kinetic Energy Ultra-thin Couple Pair Watch

For the romantic festivals at the end of the year, Christmas is undoubtedly the most worth looking forward to. It is full of the joy of harvesting throughout the year and the expectation of the New Year. Even the sky snowflakes are like blooming fireworks. Live want to cheer. Citizen’s new light kinetic energy ultra-thin couple watch AR3010-65A, EG3210-51A, thin and elegant, add a pure happiness to this Christmas.

 Citizen launches new Eco-Drive ultra-thin couple watch

爱情 In the snow and ice of winter, it seems that love is more needed. Citizen AR3010-65A and EG3210-51A have washed their lead, and interpreted the innocent love carved by nature with a simple texture. The unmarked time scales and snowflakes like ice and jade bones quietly bloom like an artistic relief on the face plate, which together with the hands create a strong Christmas day atmosphere.

The hard and wear-resistant sapphire glass material can not only ensure the long-lasting and beautiful appearance of the watch; it is even more icing on the cake, offering a bit of clarity, and gently dyeing the pure and precious feelings between lovers.

Stainless steel case and strap are integrated, exuding a light halo of happiness. The classic round dial, symbolizing the perfection of love, Citizen chose to interpret this love aria with the traditional aesthetic concept of returning to the true. The watch uses an ultra-thin light kinetic energy movement, which can absorb any visible light source and convert it into kinetic energy to drive the watch to run, turning every inch of warmth and coldness into the warmth of the winter into a tickling streamer of tenderness and sweetness on the wrist.

The dial is extremely thin. The thickness of the men’s dial is only 4.9mm, and that of the female watch is only 4.8mm. It exudes the brand’s exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and fully reflects the brand’s consistent concept of ‘fusion of technology and beauty’. The watch fits perfectly to the wrist when worn, easily blends into warm and heavy winter outfits, and offers a sweet and comfortable time experience for the sweet embrace of Christmas Eve.

Clean Lines And Flawless Details New Design Language In Three Lange Saxonia Classic Watches

The Lange SAXONIA series brings new dial design elements through three watches-SAXONIA, SAXONIA AUTOMATIC and SAXONIA DUAL TIME, which are further refined from the details. ‘Never Stop’ is not only the motto of Walter Lange, but also the driving force for many Lange product R & D personnel. They have a relentless pursuit of perfection and strive for excellence in the design of the dial of SAXONIA. In this simple and pure series, even the smallest elements will affect the overall appearance of a watch.


   The 20-year-old SAXONIA has been an integral part of the past works of the watch factory. During the creative process, the designer drew different dial design sketches for the new generation of SAXONIA watches, but in fact most of the differences between the designs are extremely subtle. The carefully arranged surface layout makes SAXONIA’s style more vivid. The position of the solid 18K gold hour marker is moved closer to the edge of the dial. Among them, 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock are marked with a double-rod block scale. The slightly increasing black minute scale brings a stronger visual experience. On SAXONIA AUTOMATIC and SAXONIA DUAL TIME, the ten-digit scale of the small seconds dial is provided with numbers. All changes make the watch more legible.

  The designer also slightly reduced the case size of the two models. It is now equipped with SAXONIA, a watch factory-made L941.1 movement, with a diameter of 35 mm. The diameter of SAXONIA DUAL TIME is reduced to 38.5 mm, which is the same as SAXONIA AUTOMATIC. SAXONIA DUAL TIME with easy-to-adjust second time zone time and clear and easy-to-read display makes it the best partner for those who are often overseas and still care about home. Like other members of the SAXONIA series, this watch also pays tribute to the birthplace of Lange. With hundreds of years of craftsmanship and deep aesthetic roots, Saxony became the ideal location for Ferdinando Adolf Lange to establish a watchmaking company in 1845. Lange’s pocket watches are not only elegant and charming, but also precise and reliable, and soon after they are released, they are among the best in the world. To this day, the Lange brand is still moving towards this goal. The latest three SAXONIA models also live up to expectations and excel in all aspects. Hand-engraved balance splints make each watch a unique treasure. The perfectly modified movement is the essence of Saxony’s watchmaking skills.