Wrist Panerai Turns Into Special Forces-paneral Navy Watch Recommendation

This time, Panerai Laboratorio di Idee has launched a series of transformation journeys with its imagination. Panerai between the wrists, transformed into a special force.

   What’s going on? From September 2 to 3, 2019, the naval base Teseo Tesei on the island of La Spezia ushered in 33 distinguished Panerai VIPs who experienced this rare life experience in person. Thirty-three lucky people wore Panerai’s new Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech ™ stealth series carbon fiber watch and completed a two-day special experience with the Italian Navy diving commando Comsubin. On the Italian navy coat of arms, a Caiman motif was drawn, and its declaration of battle was: E fluctibus irruit in hostem (breaking waves to meet the enemy). What makes this experience unique is that these soldiers will face the cruelest enemy in their lives: themselves.
   Face the limit, break through yourself, overcome fear, and get rid of crickets. Leave everyday life in the comfort zone behind, facing the stormy sea, and marching towards great excellence. The adventure of 33 warriors is the first extreme experience project for VIPs launched by Panerai, a premium sports watch brand from Florence.
   On September 2nd, the participants took an assault inflatable boat to Varignano Fortress, where the Italian naval base is located.

Panerai VIPs participate in the Comsubin special experience project for the Italian Navy diving commando

   It was originally a quarantine station for sea travellers in the Republic of Genoa, and no one is allowed to enter without permission. After all the arrangements are in place, Panerai VIPs will first undergo a medical examination and then receive a navy uniform customized by Panerai. This uniform will also accompany them through the next two days of land, sea and air assault training.
   The Extreme Challenge is scheduled for September 3rd, which is a real ‘experience day’.
   With the careful assistance of GOS (Action Diver Group) and GOI (Action Command), trainees must complete intense training from early morning. This is also the training content of the Navy Special Forces, which includes a series of consecutive actions: From diving to a specified depth below the sea surface, to shooting, obstacle agility exercises, and experiencing zigzag crawling through a gap zone with a straight distance of 100 meters and an actual distance of 200 meters.
   Immediately afterwards, take a military helicopter to Muzzerone Fortress again, which is also the strategic point for controlling Baia delle Grazie. The last link cannot be ignored. Participants will visit the submarine rescue ship Anteo managed by Comsubin, the Italian navy diving commando.
   The heroic journey of the Panerai VIPs came to an end, and the turbulent air gradually calmed down. The extreme journey has come to an end. Two nights with the theme of Italian ‘Dolce Vita’ (beautiful life) restored everything to peace. Looking from the coast, Italy showed its soft side, quiet and serene.

Panerai VIPs participate in the Comsubin special experience project for the Italian Navy diving commando


   Panerai presents a new professional survival timing tool that truly caters to the needs of diving. It is equipped with excellent technical performance and compelling military styling to pay tribute to the long-established relationship between the brand and the Italian Navy. Panerai’s Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech ™ Carbon Fiber Watch (PAM00979) demonstrates its military characteristics in style and rigorous quality standards. (Survival Timing Tool) name, the case back is inspired by the images of the Italian Navy commando.
   The watch is made of Carbotech ™ carbon fiber composite. This material was first introduced into the world of fine watchmaking by Panerai. It uses carbon fiber as the main component and is lightweight but strong. The material structure is ingenious, creating a different camouflage texture for each watch, which complements the carbon dial design. The watch is equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel to accurately calculate the dive time, while the scale and the oversized hollow hands are thickly coated with a gray Super-LumiNova® luminous coating to ensure that the watch is legible in the dark.

Panerai SUBMERSIBLE MARINA MILITARE CARBOTECH ™ Carbon Fiber Watch-47mm (PAM00979)
   Panerai RADIOMIR

   Panerai’s new radiomir series of Radiomir watches has abandoned the usual color matching, using a special and bright matte military green dial, a more historical sense, only sold exclusively in brand stores. Panerai Radiomir Radio Demir watch (PAM00995) shows the brand’s iconic design and the aesthetic style of the Radiomir Radio Demir case-typical pillow-shaped case and lugs integrated with the case , The sturdy structure is the symbol of the ‘evolutionary version’ of the Radiomir Radmir series in the 1940s. During this period, Panerai gradually gained its reputation as a watch supplier designated by the Royal Italian Navy; in response to the needs of the Navy’s commando precision timing tools, it specially developed watches with important functions.
   This newly launched watch has a case diameter of 45 mm and is made of AISI 316L stainless steel. The crown is engraved with the OP logo. It is equipped with a matte stainless steel bezel, a micro-arc sapphire crystal and a sapphire crystal back. Outstanding performance, equipped with Panerai’s thinnest self-winding mechanical movement P.4000, independently developed by Panerai Watch Factory in Neuchâtel; also equipped with hour, minute and small seconds dials, equipped with two-way top Chain eccentric tungsten alloy miniature oscillating weight with three-day power reserve function.

Panerai RADIOMIR-45mm (PAM00995)

Black And Simple Chanel Launches New J12 Series Watch

At this year’s Basel watch fair, Chanel launched a new J12 series watch. The redesigned J12 series still uses high-tech precision ceramics as the watchmaking material. Compared with the previous J12, what are the changes in the new model? Let’s look at it together.

 Introduced in 2000, the J12 series watch pioneered the use of high-tech precision ceramics, and since then high-tech precision ceramics have become a precious watchmaking material. The first J12 was born with a shining black space. In 2003, a pure white flawless J12 white watch was launched. ’12’ soon became one of Chanel’s lucky numbers.

 The pattern of the dial is inspired by the number ’12’. It uses gray and black to create a layered design in a simple manner. In addition to the black and gray pattern, the simple silver hands on the dial are matched with the brand logo of ‘CHANEL’, which is neat and clean. The jagged design of the bezel adds some toughness to the whole. With a diameter of 38 mm, it can meet the needs of women, while men can also choose.

 The advantage of high-tech precision ceramic material is that it can better reduce friction and wear during daily wear. We can see from the real shot pictures returned from the scene that the delicate luster refracted by high-tech precision ceramic materials under different light angles cannot be replaced by other materials.

 A smooth line is formed between the bracelet and the lugs. Because of the special nature of the material, the ceramic material is more skin-friendly and more comfortable to wear.

 The case back has a dense bottom design.

Summary: Adhering to the same design essence, Chanel also launched two black and white J12 watches inspired by the number ’12’, each limited to 1200 pieces. Today, 18 years after the introduction of the J12 watch, Chanel continues to innovate, and dare to challenge itself in limited editions and collectors, to pay tribute to this epoch-making classic watch.

For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

The Secret Of Real And Fake Rolex Watches

Of all counterfeit Swiss watches, counterfeit Rolex brands are relatively common. In addition to the reason that Rolex watches are well-known and valuable, there is also a watch back cover that is not easy to open and there is no special dedicated Open the watch, you can’t see the movement. For the average layman, it is estimated that you don’t even know the watch movement.

Internal teeth of a Rolex watch crown
In fact, some expensive watches in Switzerland are very particular about appearance marks and numbers, and many anti-counterfeiting measures have been made. For example, Rolex has 5 numbers, which are: (1) case model, (2) watch production serial number, (3) movement number, (4) movement production number, and (5) strap number. Except for the strap number on the bright side of the strap discount, the rest are hidden. You can only see it if you remove the strap or open the back cover.
Rolex watches also have many logos, especially newer watches. The original Rolex models are all 5 numbers. For example, the most popular three-hand automatic calendar stainless steel + 18K gold case for men’s watches is 16233, while the same new model is 116233, with a 1 in front. , Into 6 digits. The improvement of the new type is mainly in the structure of the strap. The original hollow core strap is changed to a solid core, and the discount of the strap is also different. Another change is that the production serial number of the watch is engraved on the iris around the edge of the watch dial. No fake Rolex watch has been found to imitate this practice.
In fact, Rolex watches have long done many technical measures in anti-counterfeiting, but no one has observed them carefully. As long as Rolex is produced in recent years, there will be an extremely tiny Rolex watch with a crown-shaped LOGO icon on the bottom edge of the 6 o’clock position of the watch glass. You need to look carefully with a magnifying glass to see that fake watch. No this icon.
Band ring for Rolex watches
To see the authenticity of a watch, you must look at the most improper and most hidden parts. The purpose of making a fake watch is to capture illegal huge profits. Therefore, it will never work on details and materials. It is the same for Rolex watches.
I have two more tricks to tell the truth.
(1) In order to ensure the waterproof performance of watches, all Rolex watches have a screw buckle on the outside of the tube, and also a screw buckle on the inside! In other words, unlike ordinary watches, the tube of the Rolex watch handle (handle tube) is not riveted into the case by the traditional interference fit process, but is screwed into the case. In order to screw it into the case tightly, there are teeth on the inner wall of the crown tube, and a special tool is set on the teeth to screw it in. When we pull out the crown completely and use a magnifying glass to observe through the gap between the crown and the case, we can clearly see the teeth on the inner wall of the crown tube (see picture). There is no fake watch.
(2) The most popular metal straps for Rolex watches are Oyster (head length) and 50th anniversary. For the most common Rolex watches of the 16233 type, the craftsmanship of each section of the 18K gold strap is very special. From its cross section, it is thicker at the bends, that is, its thickness is not average. This craft fake watch can’t be made, therefore, the ring thickness of each K gold strap section of all these fake Rolex watches is the same. (See picture) When you look at it, you need to fold the strap into a 90-degree angle so that the corners of the strap’s knot ring are exposed.