Rolex Ambassador Adam Scott Masters Golf Championship

On the 15th, the 32-year-old golfer Adam Scott put on a ‘green jacket’ and became the first Australian player to win the Masters Championship. For him, it was a dramatic day. He fell in love with the 2009 American Masters champion, Argentine veteran Cabrera, and won the second extra hole.

 Adam Scott wins the Masters

 The previous champion, Baba Watson, put on a green jacket for him, and Scott, who received the honor, wore a Rolex Deep-Diving Sea-Dweller watch. Scott is one of Rolex’s image ambassadors. His victory not only reorganized the golf rankings, but also brought new joy to watch and golf lovers. Many high-end watch holders are passionate about golf, and many of the world’s top watch brands are keen to find top players as brand ambassadors.

Iwc Opens A Single Brand Boutique In New Bond Street, London

On December 19, 2014, Schaffhausen IWC ushered in the opening ceremony of the brand’s first British boutique in the New Bond neighborhood of Mayfair, London. The new boutique is divided into two floors and covers a total area of ​​90 square meters. After four months of intensive construction and renovation, it opened in time to welcome the upcoming Christmas shopping season.

   Georges Kern, CEO of IWC, said: ‘Opening a boutique in London has been the brand’s long-cherished focus and has always been our focus, and we are now very happy to provide UK customers with an ideal place to appreciate and buy the best timepieces from IWC. .The retail concept we created not only highlights the identity of IWC, but also creates an extraordinary atmosphere for customers. We look forward to welcoming guests from all directions here and inviting them to experience such things as watchmaking craftsmanship, style and innovation, and experience excellent machinery. The perfect fusion of art and brand concept. ‘
   IWC UK Brand Director Simon Chambers said, ‘The new London boutique uses a unique design concept, which was first implemented in the UK. It not only truly reflects the IWC characteristics, but also gives customers an immersive brand experience. I am very happy that London Boutiques can be selected to implement new design concepts, and we believe we can get a positive response from our customers. ‘
   The new design concept is completely blended with the local architectural context, and the space environment and architectural style are in harmony with the unique local location and historical tradition. In order to ensure the appearance of Art Deco, the new Bond Street boutique has art deco elements throughout, which also makes it look different. The sandalwood, polished stainless steel luster, Carrara marble, and high-end rugs used to make the piano are like an elegant song, which sets the iconic black and white of IWC more deeply and charmingly.
   The two-storey boutique showcases IWC’s finest timepieces, including a large pilot stainless steel watch designed specifically for this retail store. In addition, IWC’s latest diamond-encrusted Portofino All models in the medium range can be enjoyed here. The lighting solution in the boutique is responsible for the famous French lighting designer Ponctuelle, ensuring that each timepiece can emit the most attractive light under the right light.

   The staff of the boutique team is not only ready to advise customers on the purchase of watches, but also to advise them on their visit to the city. In addition, IWC arranged a watchmaker to reside on the first floor of the boutique to provide maintenance advice and repair services to customers. At the same time, the shop also provides private consultation and VIP ordering services for customers seeking personalized customization services.
  Member club-style VIP room experience service is opened on the second floor of the boutique. VIPs can surround the fireplace and taste the spiced hot wine on the customized beverage list and the salon Emperor Champagne. IWC hopes that friends who come here will be away from the hustle and bustle of central London and feel the warmth of being at home.

Swiss Tag Heuer Signs Chinese Endorser Chen Daoming

On October 14, 2010, Swiss watchmaker Pioneer TAG Heuer officially announced its signing of TAG Heuer China’s spokesman, Mr. Chen Daoming, a famous Chinese performing artist. At this grand press conference, TAG Heuer’s brand new advertising image, “Hous Shi made the situation” also debuted.
[Creation of Chen Daoming in TAG Heuer’s new commercial]
  As one of the top male actors in China, Mr. Chen Daoming is deeply rooted in his image of a successful, gentle, mature man. From ‘The Last Emperor’ to fame in 1985; to ‘Besieged City’ in 1990 established his status as a front-line actor in China, and in recent years has continued to refine and perform. From the big screen to the small screen, from the emperor to the ordinary little person, he constantly challenged himself and shaped one classic character after another, which has been recognized and loved by fans at home and abroad. If Mr. Chen Daoming in his early years was a powerful actor, today he is not only active on the stage with superb and outstanding acting skills, but also affects us with the depth of thought, just like the Emperor Kangxi in the ‘Kangxi Dynasty’, Majestic and noble fearless all difficulties and dangers.
[Chen Daoming answers media interview]
  As the spokesperson for TAG Heuer in China this time, Mr. Chen Daoming said: ‘The greatest wealth of a man is the time, environment, society and life torture you. The culmination of each success is the starting point for me to conquer the next role; I am fortunate to be in tension Under the rhythm, I can still calm down and settle myself. Those ideas called idealism and perfectionism have never given up. I cherish every grind, because only grind can best reflect the value of men. ‘
[Chen Daoming’s martyrdom at the signing site came to his understanding with TAG Heuer]
  Swiss watch pioneer Heuer has always challenged itself, and avant-garde innovation is regarded as the most important core concept of the brand. This time, Mr. Chen Daoming was chosen as the spokesperson for the brand in China. It is precisely because Mr. Chen Daoming has the courage to make breakthroughs in the performing arts business. As Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, President of TAG Heuer, praised: ‘Mr. Chen Daoming continues to accept new challenges. His brilliant achievements in the performing arts business are in harmony with TAG Heuer’s 150 years of technological innovation as the driving force and the brand spirit of Swiss watchmaking. Xianghuiyin. We hope that through this cooperation, we will pass on the TAG Heuer spirit of challenging ourselves to more friends who continue to climb the peak of success. ‘