From A Family To A Business Watch House Visits Beijing Fangcao Wempe Flagship Store

This article will take you to Wempe, a German family-owned company with a long history of more than 134 years, inheriting superb and deep German craftsmanship. Here you can learn about the world-renowned German and Swiss systems Watchmaker’s superb clock design crafts can also admire a variety of jewellery carefully designed by the jewelry studio. One year ago, Wempe met in Beijing, the capital, and settled in the grassy field of art. At this moment, Watch House will take you into this gorgeous boutique to explore the mysteries and appreciate the excellence of Wempe’s world.

  In this brand new world of experience, Wempe’s visual display specialists have carefully arranged the stores, and the jewellery and watches will leave an unforgettable impression on customers.

  Wempe uses a warm color design style, which does not make people feel distance because of luxury. The internal layout is well-organized, and there is a certain space for guests to watch without appearing empty. The design of the corridor is like a pavilion, fascinating and reveals a classic charm.

Looking back on success
  In 1878, 21-year-old watchmaker Gerhard D.wempe opened a small watch shop in a remote area in northern Germany, with a capital of only 80 marks. This young man has a dream: to create a shop where customers can have a special experience when buying watches or jewelry. Facts prove: GerhardD.wempe has a very high level of talent in marketing and knows how to properly sell high-end products. Since then, Wempe companies have embarked on a glorious road of rapid development and continue to open branches in capitals of all countries (except New York is an exception).

 Wempe chose fragrant grass because the design and concept of fragrant grass harmoniously unites art, modern architecture, and sustainable development principles that run through traditional elements. It is not only an icy copper wall and iron wall, but also a vibrant development site . Correspondingly, as an enterprise with responsibility, Wempe also insists on the path of sustainable development and internationalization.

Perfect Craft Jewellery
  In the Wempe Jewelry Studio in Schwaben-Gmünd, extraordinary inspiration and creativity are perfectly blended with superb craftsmanship, and the high jewelry of the Wempe jewelry brand is born. Whether it is gorgeous materials, complex carvings, aesthetic composition or unique creativity, Wempe jewelry with various styles will always bring us unexpected surprises. From the design to the creation of the BLu series are the exclusive ideas of Wempe Jewelry Studio. The shape of each bead is in line with the aerodynamics of natural spheres, giving a feeling of organic integration. In addition, the Plug & Play series bead buckle is Wempe’s unique necklace buckle, providing a new way to combine your jewelry.

  A variety of decorations give the watch and jewelry a touch of literary beauty. Whether it is a ceiling lamp or a decoration, it has a modern and stylish atmosphere, and is unique in aesthetic design. Classic wooden furniture enhances the taste of the entire store, a classic elegance temperament emerges spontaneously.

Watches for excellence
  ‘Things are suitable for the times, and they have great achievements.’ The famous saying of ancient philosopher Lu Buwei once said that it still applies to Wempe, an international jewelry and watch company. Wempe has long-term business cooperation and friendship with top watch brands from Switzerland and Germany, including: watch brand Vacheron Constantin, which has both traditional classics and modern elements, Lange watches with high-end quality and trendy elegance, both fashionable and innovative. Superb Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, as well as fashionable Nomos, vintage Junghans … Wempe has selected the most outstanding watch works to present to discerning buyers.

  Lange is a high-quality classic brand. It only uses mechanical movements, and features precious metals such as gold and platinum. It also makes it a favorite of both men and women.

  Every year, Jaeger-LeCoultre comes out with new patents. The technologically advanced Jaeger-LeCoultre brand is moderately rooted in the most exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, which can meet customers’ various requirements from sports, classics to fashion.
  Wempe stores mostly use transparent display stands, and through transparent glass, guests can clearly see the exquisite watches in the window, and the luxurious craftsmanship is close at hand. There is an information desk in front of each brand, and Wempe’s professional staff will provide you with the most comprehensive consultation and service.

Company state
  The world of watches and jewellery is fascinating and charming. To this end, Wempe staff members have undergone rigorous training and learned about craftsmanship at the Wempe Jewelry Academy. They must not only make a series of watches by themselves, but also maintain the quality of this service. Wempe employees know their responsibilities-they not only provide the best service, but also have a profound knowledge. These are all around customer service, and customer trust is the driving force of every employee’s hard work.

  Now that Wempe has opened the world’s first brand concept store in China, Wempe has created a world where customers can experience exquisite watches and jewellery: diamond laboratory, magic bead display area, watch repair service area, and oversized display of movement functions. Interactive demo center, everything is available.

Summary: The traditional craftsmanship and exquisite timekeeping of watches and clocks are sought after in an unprecedented way in modern society. However, people may be confused when they are in the vast sea of ​​watches, and they do not know which one best meets their needs. Wempe, a well-known company with a long history and tradition, began to provide customers with comprehensive consulting and services as early as 134 years ago. When it encounters China, it constantly brings more surprises to Chinese customers. Wempe’s world looks forward to your visit! (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Dealer address: L2-10, Qiaofufang Lawn Shopping Center, Beijing
Dealer Phone: 010-56907123

Elegant And Classic Tissot Kutu Watch

Focus on details to create classics
Just as the great fashion designer combined the perfect combination of fabric and tailoring in his creations, Tissot’s new Kutu series uses the concept of fashion design to reflect the design essence of using elegant materials to outline elegant lines. The name of the Coutu series is derived from the French ‘Couturier’, which means a well-known craftsman in the industry. This name reflects the series as a Tissot boutique, produced by the hands of a famous teacher, and has a very sophisticated design and workmanship. There are 21 watches in the entire series of Coutur, using 5 different movements, which interprets the fashion trends in the hearts of watchmakers and tailors different models for today’s increasingly diverse fashion concepts. The Tissot designer perfectly combines the precise timing technology with the classic and simple style. The spirit of never-ending pursuit of details has finally created the boutique of the era-Kutu series.

Kutu series three pointer mechanical models
Different movements create individual style
The Tissot Kutu series has five different movements, and the designer hopes to interpret different fashion styles through different types of movements. There are two different movements available for the Tissot Kutu automatic chronograph: one uses the famous ETA 7750 Valjoux mechanical movement, and the other uses the newly developed ETA C01.211 mechanical Movement. The 7750 watt mechanical movement is the treasure of the ETA factory in Switzerland, and it is used in many complex watches. It has 25 gems, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, a power reserve of 46 hours, and an Inka 100 shock absorber to ensure accurate timing. This movement is the basic movement of many complex mechanical movements, with powerful functions, stable technology and strong plasticity.
01C01.211 is the latest C01.211 mechanical automatic chronograph movement developed by ETA. It relies on a more efficient ‘parts block’ structure and uses fewer parts to achieve a very good timing effect. Because the reduction of parts can minimize the mechanical wear caused by friction between parts, ensuring accurate timing.
Of course, the Kutu series also has a quartz chronograph style and two three-hand watches, each using a quartz movement and machinery. The mechanical three-pointer model uses the ETA2834-2 mechanical self-winding movement, with a vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, 25 diamonds, with an Inka 100 shock absorber, and a 42-hour power reserve.

Kutu series quartz chronograph
Detailed design creates timeless classic
The Kukutu series pays great attention to detail in design. In the design of the dial, the beauty of symmetry is emphasized. The two mechanical chronographs each have a disc at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, which are a 30-minute chronograph, a 12-hour chronograph, a second dial and a date. Windows. The three-pointer automatic models have curved day and date windows at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. The two windows echo each other to create a balanced aesthetic. The design of the quartz style is quite simple.
The Rakutu series uses a long, pointed sword-shaped pointer, with a thin bar scale, to help read the precise time easily. The chronograph seconds hand of each style is engraved with a small ‘T’ finely, showing the power in the details. The dial’s outer ring is slightly raised between the bar scales every 5 minutes, adding a three-dimensional impression to the simple dial. In the three models with chronograph function, the scale of the chronograph dial diverges from the center to the periphery, resembling a gear, showing a very precise feel.
系列 The crowns of this series are designed with arc-shaped protrusions on both sides to prevent damage to the crown due to collision and make the outline of the case smoother in appearance. In addition, the Kutu series has a water-resistant depth of 100 meters, which is more than enough to cope with daily waterproofing.
Pink gold PVD style interprets low-key luxury
Kutu series is made of 316L stainless steel, and each of the tile storage mechanical chronograph and three-hand mechanical watch uses pink gold PVD technology. The reddish case in gold makes the Kutu series more elegant , Interpretation of low-key taste. It is said that the pink gold first appeared in the late Victoria, and was praised by the nobles in Russia in the 19th century to move to the market. Now it is reinventing itself in the fashion field, setting off a new wave of fashion. At present, pink gold is slowly becoming the new fashion of the watch industry, with its low-key luxury temperament, has won the favor of countless watch designers. Kutu series is the first men’s watch style using pink gold PVD Tissot, highlighting men’s fashion taste.

Kutu series tile storage 7750 movement automatic timing mechanical stopwatch
Tissot Kutu series movements have different styles, but they are also timeless and classic in design, which comes from their impeccable details. It is the watchmaker’s rigorous standards of art-making to create timepieces in his hands that make the fine work of fine art on the wrist. The series’ attention to detail has become the ‘genetic gene’ of its family. It has appeared frequently in each watch, creating a classic and timeless feel. The Tissot Kutu series will undoubtedly endure any fashion shock and time test.
Technical Parameters:
The mechanical chronograph uses the ETA7750 watt mechanical automatic chronograph movement, or the ETA C01.211 mechanical automatic chronograph movement; the three-hand mechanical watch uses the mechanical automatic winding movement ETA 2834-2
Water-resistant to 100 meters / 10 atmospheres
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
316L stainless steel case
316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly clasp
Leather strap with push-button butterfly clasp
Pink gold PVD coating

Carving Craftsmanship Of Blancpain Classic Series Julang Craft Watch Tasting

The art of painting is a natural form that is faithful to the objective object image. The objective object image is a form of expression designed with highly generalized and refined concrete figures. The sculpture art is a three-dimensional reproduction of the painting art, so that the sculpture image can be more vividly displayed to everyone. The same is true for engraving on watches. Almost every top watchmaking brand has its own independent and distinctive art workshop. These timepieces specially created by the art workshop are often defined as Métier D’Art’s. Ingenious works. In the Blancpain watchmaking factory in the Brassus region of Switzerland, watches in the field of arts and crafts gradually come into the sight of everyone, with unique materials and exquisite craftsmanship, interpreting the charm of new artistic inspiration. At the Baselworld 2016, Blancpain aimed at the waves and showed everyone an unprecedented visual shock. (Watch model: 6612-3433-63AB)

Design inspired by the famous Japanese painting ‘Kanagawa Giant Wave’

Ukiyo-e painter Katsushika Hokusai ‘Kanagawa Giant Wave’
   ‘Kanagawa Giant Wave’ is the work of Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese ukiyo-e painter. The artist highlights the main object of the painting, the waves, unexpected composition, fleeting expressions, and dazzling expressions. The author not only expresses the struggle between man and nature through these means, but also symbolizes Japan The spirit and integrity of the nation are full of philosophy and profound morals.

Blancpain Classic Wave Craft Watch

   On the dial, the waves carved in white gold tumble with patina, and the exterior sculptures are inspired by the woodblock print ‘Grand Wave de Kanagawa’ created by Japanese artist Hokusai. Under the magical treatment of Blancpain’s ‘Metal Carving’ master, the power and dynamic beauty of the waves are reproduced on the dial, forming a sharp contrast with the purity and harmony represented by gray ocher.

Dial under the new material embellishment

Watch dial display

   Blancpain ‘Masters of Art’ will use the translucent volcanic silver vermiculite known for its tranquility and tranquility as the basic part of the new ‘Big Wave’ watch inlaid with white gold. The dense silver-like silver dots are distributed on the stone. The color gives the gem a unique elegance. It is worth mentioning the exquisite production method when making the dial: First, the inlaid parts are fixed on the red copper base material, and then immersed in the east 瀛 rokushō patina, to create a unique green-grey color. At the same time, part of the spray is polished to enhance the texture of the giant waves when the frame is stopped. Finally, the entire piece is inlaid and fixed on the Mexican silver vermiculite. The integration of famous painting and sculptural elements adds a little cultural connotation to the watch, and the spray pattern enriches the dial, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.
Platinum case adds coolness to the watch

Watch dial display
    Using platinum as the case material of the watch, low-key luxury, Blancpain’s classic ‘signature’ double-layer bezel design, literary atmosphere. Platinum as the precious metal case is mostly used in limited editions of the watch brand, full of high-cool range. The case and dial complement each other, making the watch fully ornamental. The watch’s power reserve display is located on the case back and bridge, leaving enough room for delicate carvings on the front. The design of the hands of the hour and minute chronograph, and the delicate willow leaf hands in the middle add a rhythm to the watch.

Watch crown display
    The crown, which is also made of platinum, is decorated with Blancpain’s unique stamp decoration. After polishing, it emits the unique light of precious metals, which is very beautiful. In addition, the crown is designed with a non-slip texture, which not only facilitates the operation of the watch, but also increases the ornamental of the crown.

Watch lug display
   Polished platinum lugs have smooth lines and delicate texture. It emits a unique light, unlike the light of gold. The platinum light is low-key, luxurious, and full of high and cold air.

Watch movement display
    This watch is equipped with a cal. 13R3A manual winding movement. The watchmaking workshop has specially modified the famous Cal. 13R0 manual winding movement. The movement is equipped with three main barrels connected in series, which in turn realize the function of winding or releasing power, thereby achieving a long power reserve of 8 days. The second barrel acts as a ‘relay’ for the first barrel and continues to power the first barrel; at the same time, it replenishes power from the third barrel.

Watch strap display

   The watch is fitted with a custom calfskin strap made by Swiss craftsmen for comfortable wearing. The dark gray color highlights the mysterious and elegant beauty of the watch. The strap is equipped with a pin buckle so that it will not fall off accidentally when worn.

Watch overall display
Summary: The essence of brand culture and the artistic charm of watches have been perfectly interpreted on this watch. In addition, it shows people the unique craftsmanship of Blancpain, which is fascinating and intoxicating. For those who like artistic atmosphere and platinum elements, they suggest to consider this watch.