Yeslam New Aviator I Watch-news Yeslam

The new PVD turbo dial «Aviator Dual Time» is a new addition to this watch series designed for pilots and aviation enthusiasts.
This watch has a flight computer that calculates the actual speed in flight (TAS = true flight speed) and flight preparation.
An infinite combination of flight altitude and basic speed calculations, and the results can be read from a simple rotating bezel. Because of its simplicity, its readings are reliable and safe, and it allows any theoretical calculation.

According to the «International Standard Atmosphere model», this watch will determine, with satisfactory accuracy, the true flight speed combining basic speed and flight altitude.
The ability to detect any errors is due to the reduced size of the watch. This unique watch combines comfort, accuracy and charm.
The hollow dial, bezel and crown are covered with black PVD, which makes them wear-resistant and scratch-resistant when worn. This high-quality crystal of the watchmaking and aerospace industries is protected by a titanium and stainless steel case specially designed for the ‘Aviator’ collection.
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