George Clooney Wearing Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘moonwatch’ Starring In ‘monster Of Money’

Omega brand ambassador George Clooney wore a 42mm gold supercar professional ‘Moon Watch’ to appear in ‘Money Monster’.

Omega 42mm Gold Speedmaster Professional ‘Moon Watch’
   ‘Monster of Money’ is a crime drama directed by Jodie Foster, starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack O’Connell , Tells a clash between an angry investor and a financial TV host.

Omega 42mm Gold Speedmaster Professional ‘Moon Watch’
   George Clooney’s Lee Gates wore a 42mm gold Omega Speedmaster ‘moon watch’ in the film.

Wang Shi Became Breitling’s First Chinese Brand Image Ambassador

(Beijing, China, November 13, 2013) Breitling, Switzerland’s top independent watchmaking brand, unveiled its first Chinese brand image ambassador: a famous Chinese entrepreneur, explorer, and a Chinese paraglider climbing records Holder Mr. Wang Shi. Breitling Aviation’s image ambassador, Breitling Jet Team, seven elite pilots also airborne Breitling Beijing Fangcao flagship store to help out, welcome Mr. Wang Shi to join the world of Breitling!

As an expert in precision chronographs and a close partner of the world’s aviation industry, since its establishment in 1884, Breitling has developed a high-performance chronograph watch with its own precision, reliability, and outstanding performance on the wrist of professionals, as well as its self-developed high-performance chronograph watches that demonstrate its superb watchmaking skills The movement has firmly established its leading position in the industry, and always adheres to independence, excellence, innovation and fearless challenges. As the godfather of the real estate industry in China, Mr. Wang Shi is also a model for Chinese entrepreneurs who are independent. Whether climbing the highest peak in the world, challenging the paraglider to climb the record, or taking off the halo to study abroad, and practicing charity in a low-key manner, he will never stick to the rules, be willing to challenge, realize himself, and enjoy a new horizon from a height. Originating from a common philosophy and attitude, Mr. Wang Shi joined hands with Breitling to become Breitling’s latest and first ambassador for Chinese brand image.

As we all know, in addition to his outstanding achievements in the Chinese business community, Mr. Wang Shi also conquered the highest peaks on seven continents in the world, learned gliders, and set a record of 6,100 meters for Chinese paragliders. ‘If the glider has an impetus, it is the dream of freedom of the pilot. Taking off and taking off again and again is not to challenge a record of height. In my world, height means more space.’ In the new Breitling advertisement In the blockbuster, Mr. Wang Shi said so. In the advertisement, Mr. Wang Shi is behind a dynamic glider, as if he has just completed a flight, full of confidence, and partnered with his wrist—Navitimer 01, which best reflects the spirit of Breitling Aviation. , Together interprets the Breitling World with its individual charm.

‘Like Breitling has always challenged self and enjoyed life, I think life is an adventure. In a limited time, challenge myself, chase dreams and realize self-worth. I enjoy this process.’ Mr. Wang Shi said, ‘ Breitling’s unrestricted brand personality and unremitting pursuit of excellence and innovation have always attracted me. I am honored to endorse such a charismatic brand. ‘

Chase dream clouds and challenge the limits. For Breitling, self, confidence, and freedom are attitudes and beliefs. As Switzerland’s top independent watchmaking brand, Breitling has already surpassed watchmaking itself, and has shown a unique and attractive Breitling world to consumers around the world with a rich, unique and distinctive brand image. More and more friends are joining the Breitling World because of their common ideas. Among them are ‘Star Pilots’ John Travolta, who has 10 types of flying licenses. It is an international talent and fashion Power superstar David Beckham, the elite pilot of the Breitling Jet Team, the world’s largest civilian professional jet aerobatic flight demonstration team, the only one in the world relying solely on jet flight wings The flying man Yves Rossy, who flies like a bird, Thom Richard, the brave pilot of the world’s fastest mechanical sports Renault flight race, and so on. They wear Breitling proudly, like medals of honor; they are talented, courageous, and always loyal to the belief in the pursuit of dreams and freedom. ‘Now, the strong joining of Breitling Chinese brand ambassador Mr. Wang Shi makes the Breitling world even more brilliant. It is bound to blow up another Breitling whirlwind in China and continue to write the brand legend.’ Aldo Magada, Breitling Global Sales and Business Development Director Mr. said, ‘China is one of Breitling’s most valued markets, and I hope that through the influence of Mr. Wang Shi, more Chinese friends will understand Breitling, feel and join the world of Breitling!’

To congratulate this event, Breitling builds the Breitling Flying World in all aspects at Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center, displaying the brand’s personality and charm.
   Breitling’s Beijing flagship store: a modern and modern timepiece hall, bold and colorful pop art, ingeniously decorated aviation elements, and precise and extraordinary watch products, bringing the brand’s profound creative vitality, rigorous craftsmanship and precision from Switzerland , And the bloodline that has been with the aviation industry since its inception.
   Breitling Historical Corridor Bridge: The iconic Asia’s longest indoor suspension bridge at Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center is decorated with the Breitling Super Constellation, and you can read Breitling’s nearly 130 in this large propeller aircraft in the middle of the last century. The essence and extraordinary experience of watchmaking in this year seems to be a long time spanning more than a century.
Breitling original scale fighter model: A heroic Breitling jet 1: 1 original scale fighter model stands proudly in the atrium of Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center. Overlooking from the bridge, under the light of dazzling lights, the fighter jets are extraordinary and shocking, as if they would burst into the sky with hot waves at any time.