Classic Retro Style Is Durable Ulysse Nardin 42mm Diver

ULYSSE NARDIN Athens has a close relationship with the nautical field. Everyone is no stranger. From the brand logo, an anchor is placed to show that they are deeply rooted in the generous marine style. Therefore, there is a type of watch that is essential for Athens. Signboard-that is, diving watch. In fact, Athens has recently published diving watch works. For example, in September 2018, they just launched a Diver Chronometer. On the upcoming SIHH in 2019, the brand will launch another model. New dive watch 42mm Diver.

The new Athens diving watch is based on antique watches from the 1950s, showing the classic appearance of the diving watch, and combining the essence of the brand’s modern watchmaking technology. The retro style has attracted the attention of the market.

Inspiration from early dive watches
The 42mm Diver diving watch is based on the classic diving watch design of the 1950s, so it is obvious at first glance that it smells a nostalgic atmosphere, but this does not mean that it is an old-fashioned watch that can not keep up with the times. It still keeps diving The basic characteristics of the watch, such as the dive scale 20 minutes before the bezel, the Superluminova luminous coating on the hands and hour markers to enhance the visual reading effect, plus the real water resistance of 300 meters, etc. The UN-816 movement is a very modern product. Especially the silicon parts proud of Athens also play a role in this movement. It does not require lubrication and anti-magnetic characteristics, which indirectly improves the accuracy of the watch. .

The slightly inwardly bezel is a characteristic design of the Athens diving watch. At the same time, the 42mm diameter is more suitable for current wearing habits. The face plate is presented with a concise three-pin and date display, and the brand is added at 6 o’clock. Base coordinates of Le Locle

Return to the essence of minimalist diving watches
At first glance, the new 42mm Diver diving watch is similar to the aforementioned Diver Chronometer. For example, the bezel slightly recessed toward the face plate, the hands on the face plate, and the design of the hour markers are similar, but the new one is the most obvious from the previous one. The difference is a bit more retro, especially the time markers and hands are made of beige luminous material, which looks like the yellowing marks of the watch after wearing it for a long time. In addition, its faceplate is not like the Diver Chronometer. Diversified functionality, but return to the most basic three-pin plus date function, to make the face look more refreshing, some people may be curious about the two-line number in the 6 o’clock direction, in fact, this is the brand’s geographical location in Le Locle base camp Coordinates to highlight its pure Swiss origin.

Athenaeum launches Milanese chain design, together with canvas belt, leather strap and three-section metal chain belt, providing multiple market options

Multiple style options
Athens has created a rich lineup for this watch. The stainless steel material is launched in blue and black. The two dials are each equipped with a canvas strap, a leather strap, a stainless steel bracelet and a rare new attempt by the brand, the Milan chain. The belt, especially the Milanese bracelet with the retro style of the watch itself, complement each other, and also give the same watch a variety of looks. In addition, there is a limited edition of the Diver Blue Shark in the series. It uses a blue PVD stainless steel case with a blue dial. The dial is decorated at 6 o’clock and the strap is decorated with a blue shark pattern. Brand The limited quantity of 300 only makes it look particularly dazzling and sought-after in the same series. This series of diving watches are priced at around NT $ 200,000, which is an entry-level practical choice in terms of brand product positioning.

42mm Diver (Canvas Strap)

Stainless steel material / UN-816 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 42,000 RMB

42mm Diver (cowhide leather strap)

Stainless steel material / UN-816 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 42,000 RMB

42 mm Diver (metal bracelet)

Stainless steel material / UN-816 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 50,000 RMB

42 mm Diver (Milan bracelet)

Stainless steel material / UN-816 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 50,000 RMB

Diver Blue Shark

Blue PVD stainless steel material / UN-816 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 42mm / limited 300 pieces **

Boll Watches Let You Swing With Precision Timepieces

Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne, a precision mechanical timepiece that lets you swing freely on the golf course

 Grandly announced the revolutionary patent registration of ‘SpringLOCK®’, a spring shock protection system specially designed for springs in the movement
Taking pride in its American heritage, Ball Watch is proud to introduce the new Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne-its unique design allows the watch to withstand the harsh environments that American paratroopers need to face. The most common cause of inaccurate movement of a watch is displacement and deformation of the hairspring after the shock. BALL WATCH Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne has therefore developed the world’s first revolutionary patented SpringLOCK® seismic protection system, which can effectively reduce the running time error by up to 66% and ensure that the watch is running accurately.

 Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne

                        Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne

 The U.S. Airborne Troops are the most experienced and frequently deployed units in the U.S. National Armed Forces. The U.S. Airborne Paratroopers need to perform their missions in the harshest environments behind the enemy, and therefore require the most shock-resistant performance and the most reliable equipment support. Airborne paratroopers often parachute and experience different severe environments, which means that they are often hit in different directions. In view of this, Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne is equipped with BALL WATCH’s latest patented ‘Spring Lock® System’ shockproof system (SpringLOCK® System), which is a movement specially developed by BALL WATCH to ensure accurate movement.

 The hairspring in the movement is surrounded by a ‘protective cover’, which can absorb the energy generated when the watch is subjected to external impacts; the impact of these external impacts is enough to make the average movement time of ordinary mechanical movements as fast as about 60 seconds per day. The ‘hairspring lock’ anti-vibration system can effectively reduce the running time error by as much as 66%, thereby ensuring that the movement of the mechanical movement is accurate. The wearer can now participate in sports such as golf, without worry, because the watch can still tell the time accurately even in the face of external impact.

 The hairspring in the movement is surrounded by a ‘protective cover’, which can absorb the energy generated when the watch is subjected to an external impact, and can participate in various sports such as golf balls without any worry, because even when facing the external impact force, The watch still tells the time accurately.

 Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne meets the most stringent requirements of the US Air Force Rescue Force, and its bottom cover is engraved with the logo of the US Air Force Rescue Force. This U.S. special airborne unit is mainly responsible for rescue operations and providing medical needs to soldiers on the ground. The watch also bears the famous motto of the US Air Force’s rescue force, ‘That others may live.’

Audemars Piguet Piguet Hits Grand Slam Again

Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS PIGUET and Sir Nick Faldo, the first image ambassador of the legendary golfer and brand, warmly welcome four new professional players to join the AUDEMARS PIGUET family. Sir Nick Faldo is proud to announce that Swedish player Henrik Stenson, French player Victor Dubuisson, Thai player Kiradech Aphibarnrat and American player Peter Uihlein have joined the prestigious AUDEMARS PIGUET golf brand ambassador team. This team is composed of outstanding players, which perfectly explains the brand’s philosophy: ‘Control the routine, create innovation.’

Sir Nick Faldo, legendary golfer and brand’s first ambassador

François-Henry Bennahmias, former CEO of AUDEMARS PIGUET, a former world professional golfer, emphasizes: ‘Passion, precision and rigor are both the spirit of golf and the core values ​​of fine watchmaking. AUDEMARS PIGUET is proud to be with a passionate world-class Top golfers work together. They are not only technically outstanding, they also have the spirit of constantly pushing the limits. ‘
Sir Nick Faldo is a great legend in golf. The British gentleman holds six golf grand slam titles, and his perfect swing technique has left a glorious page in golf history. In 1988, Sir Nick Faldo, known for his delicate style, became the first brand ambassador of AUDEMARS PIGUET. In 1992, 1997 and 2002, the brand introduced several limited edition watches of the Royal Oak series with the same name. Today, we can still see his active figure in golf: he is a TV commentator, a golf course designer, and the founder of the Faldo Series, an international youth organized in cooperation with AUDEMARS PIGUET Tour.

Swedish golfer Henrik. Henrik Stenson

Henrik Stenson, currently ranked No. 3 in the world, has always been known for its unique elegance. The calm, acclaimed ‘Iceman’ Swedish golfer is undoubtedly the best player of 2013. He won three championships on the PGA Tour, and was the first player to win both the FedExCup and Race to Dubai in the same year.

French golfer Victor. Victor Dubuisson

Born in 1990, Victor Dubuisson is a musketeer in golf: he is unique in style, bold and talented. The idol-level French player has just become a professional golfer just four years ago, and has become the best player in his class, climbing to the 26th position in the world. At the end of 2013, he also won one of the most prestigious events on the European Tour: the Turkish Airlines Open. In early 2014, he also made a remarkable performance in the World Match Play Championship final in Marana, Arizona. In the eyes of experts, the future of Victor Dubuisson is limitless.

Thai golfer Chiladek. Kiradech Aphibarnrat

Kiradech Aphibarnrat is one of the most outstanding players on the Asian Tour. Born in Bangkok in 1989, he is smiling in all circumstances. A motorsport enthusiast, he performed well in youth competitions, and then shined at the 2013 Maybank Malaysian Open. At the end of the season, he maintained his dominance on the Asian Tour and was named Player of the Year, now ranking 72nd in the world.

American golfer Peter. Peter Uihlein

Peter Uihlein, a young American player, is a winner. Born in 1989, he represents the next generation of golfers with both power and technology. He officially started his career in 2012 and participated in the European Tour. This extraordinary decision brought fruitful results: he won his first professional tour title the following year and won Sir Sir Faldo Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year The American player who won this award. Peter Uihlein is currently ranked 71st in the world.

AUDEMARS PIGUET’s new watch design with sapphire crystal case back makes 22K gold automatic dial at a glance

These four new golf brand ambassadors have now joined the AUDEMARS PIGUET family and become a team of top players including Belén Mozo, Bud Cauley, Darren Clarke, Graeme McDowell, Ian Poulter, Keegan Bradley, Lee Westwood, Louis OosthuizenMiguel Angel Jiménez and other top players A member. Four champions will wear six new Royal Oak offshore 42mm chronographs from AUDEMARS PIGUET. The new watch design is more bold and beautiful, and the crown and buttons are made of black ceramic. The sapphire crystal case back provides an unobstructed view of the 22K gold automatic dial, which reflects the brand’s 139 years of fine watchmaking tradition.