Tissot Invited Zhao Liying And Qin Hao To Witness The Precise Moment Of The Incheon Asian Games

In September 2014, the highly anticipated 17th Asian Games was presented in Incheon, South Korea. As the official timing partner of the competition, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot brought watch lovers around the world Here comes a perfect feast of sports and timepieces. At the star-studded Asian Games scene, François Thiébaud, global president of Tissot, together with the brand’s best friends, popular stars Ms. Zhao Liying and Mr. Qin Hao, together with media friends and watch lovers from China, contributed to the Asian Games. Keep up with the athletes, help to accurately time, and witness the wonderful moment. Under the guidance of Mr. François Thiébaud, the stars and guests visited the time display exhibition specially designed by Tissot for the Asian Games. While tasting the classic timepieces of Tissot, feel this ownership The legendary charm and endless innovation of Swiss watch brands with a history of over 160 years.

Mr. Francois, President of Tissot Global, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, Zhao Liying and Qin Hao at the Asian Games

Celebrities and celebrities gather in the Asian Games, continue to write the legend with accurate timing

Just as the theme of this Asian Games ‘Diversity ShinesHere’ (DiversityShinesHere), this Asian Games is not only a top sports event that focuses on the whole of Asia and the world, but also a cultural heritage and innovation. Exchanges and collisions. As the official timing partner of the Asian Games, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot provided timing and data processing for all 36 events. A total of 222 Tissot timing devices fully covered the venues of the Asian Games and accurately recorded every moment of movement. , Passion to witness every peak moment.

Mr. Francois Timbo, President of Tissot Global, and Zhao Liying, a new star, cheer for the Asian Games athletes

  At the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, many celebrities and celebrities from around the world gathered here-Jin Rongxiu, Chairman of the Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee (IAGOC), Mr. PSY, a world-renowned singer and music producer, and Ms. Li Yingai, an Asian idol, and Mr. Kim Soo-hyun ‘S appearance, so that the entire Asian Games star shining. Entering the competition day, Tissot Global President Mr. Francois Timbao joined the new generation of popular stars Ms. Zhao Liying and famous actor Mr. Qin Hao to appear at the men’s team finals. As a highly ornamental sport, the atmosphere of the Incheon Asian Games gymnasium is warm. Under the leadership of Mr. Tian Bao, Zhao Liying and Qin Hao, nearly a hundred Chinese media and guests waved flags to cheer the Asian Games athletes. As the athletes strive to complete their movements perfectly, the Tissot timing system distributed in all directions of the arena accurately records the moments of the game and transmits the results in real time, so that the audience on the stands and in front of the TV can synchronize the first time Understand the game progress.

New generation star Zhao Liying wearing a Tissot Haozhi series automatic winding 2014 Asian Games limited edition women’s watch for media interviews

  Zhao Liying, who first came to South Korea, said in an interview excitedly: ‘This is my first time in Korea and I am honored to participate in top international competitions such as the Asian Games. This is also my first time with Tissot brand cooperation. As a long-established Swiss watch brand, Tissot continues to break through innovation while providing accurate timekeeping. It is not only a world-renowned brand, but also a watch brand loved by people. I believe that in Tissot With the great help of this, this Asian Games will be very exciting and successful. ‘

Famous actor Qin Hao interviewed by media

  The famous film and television actor Mr. Qin Hao expressed his deep love for Tissot. ‘In my mind, Tissot is the representative of the traditional Swiss watch brand. It is a brand that will be mentioned whenever people refer to Swiss watches. Work Relationship, I go to all parts of the world, without exaggeration, Tissot can be seen everywhere, and it is worthy of being known as the ‘Swiss National Watch’. Watches are an indispensable accessory for men and a manifestation of life attitude The continuous innovation and breakthrough spirit delivered by Tissot is exactly the goal I strive for in my work and life. I believe this is also an important reason for the Asian Games, which is the top international sports event, to choose to cooperate with. ‘

Zhao Liying wore a Tissot luxury series automatic winding 2014 Asian Games limited edition women’s watch in front of the Tissot watch display area

Zhao Liying wore a Tissot luxury series automatic winding 2014 Asian Games limited edition women’s watch in the Tissot timepiece exhibition area

  Later, Mr. Tian Bao invited Zhao Liying to visit Tissot’s timing display area specially designed for the Asian Games, explaining in detail the indissoluble bond between Tissot and the Asian Games. In the exhibition area, important timepieces of Tissot’s various periods are displayed, fully conveying the brand’s spiritual core of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’. The simulated interactive experience area of ​​the bicycle project and the T-touch touchscreen watch experience area specially created at the scene let the guests feel the close combination of Tissot and sports, and experience the never-ending innovation spirit flowing in Tissot’s blood.

Mr. François Timbo, Ms. Wang Ying, and Zhao Liying in the Tissot Chronograph Exhibition Area

Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President of Tissot, Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, and Liying Zhao in the Tissot Timing Exhibition Area

Global prosperous times focus on Asia, centuries of watchmaking witness miracles

  As the official timepiece partner of the 17th Incheon Asian Games, Tissot and the Asian Games have a long history. Due to the rigorous pursuit of precision and superb timing, Tissot Glory has become one of the few watch brands escorting large-scale comprehensive sports events. Tissot has been the official timing partner of the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games in Thailand, the 2002 Busan Asian Games in South Korea, and the Doha Asian Games in Qatar in 2006, providing precise timing for each competition. The close cooperation between Tissot and the Asian Games has provided Tissot with an international platform to demonstrate its accurate timing quality and data processing capabilities. At the same time, more people have felt the endless innovation spirit of Tissot, and constantly expanding the unknown Field, challenging the brand spirit of challenges.

Tissot specially designed a futuristic timing display area for the Incheon Asian Games

  At the Asian Games, Tissot will witness 13,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions around the world racing against the clock. Mr. Francois Timbo, Tissot Global President, said: ‘This is an amazing stadium. You can feel its infinite passion and possibilities. The spirit of continuous breakthroughs of athletes makes us admire. Through the Asian Games, the whole world can Seeing and feeling the future of Asia. As one of the world’s most well-known Swiss watch brands, Tissot began to have an inextricable bond with sports in 1883. For 100 years, Tissot has successfully provided timekeeping and major international sports events. Data processing work. In order to better serve this Asian Games, Tissot and Tissot’s timing team have made long preparations. I believe that the 17th Incheon Asian Games in 2014 will surely become a world-renowned event. I also firmly believe that we can complete the timing work excellently, provide timely and accurate data processing services, and ensure the fairness and justice of the game results. ‘

  In order to remember this extraordinary sports feast and to convey the passionate spirit of the sport, Tissot launched a series of commemorative watches specially designed for the 17th Incheon Asian Games in 2014 to help the wonderful with accurate timepieces. The watch is selected from Tissot’s outstanding watchmaking tradition with more than 160 years of watchmaking tradition and modern innovative technology. The red sun shining on the emblem of the Asian Games was added to the watch design by the craftsmen. , Can be described as extraordinary.

Tissot Haoji Series Automatic Winding 2014 Asian Games Limited Edition Watch RMB 6,550

Tissot Haoji Series Automatic Winding 2014 Asian Games Limited Edition Men’s Watch

Tissot Haoji Series Automatically Winds Up the 2014 Asian Games Limited Edition Women’s Watch

  The Tissot Haozhi automatic winding 2014 Asian Games Limited Edition men’s watch is decorated with a deep black dial, red and white scales and hands dotted with stars, like a little bit of starlight at night; the female watch is decorated with mother of pearl Express the feminine beauty. The appearance of this watch is elegant and integrated, and the details are full of designer’s ingenuity. The various processes blend and move freely on the polished and mirror-finished surface, letting each wearer The temperament of Zhuo Ran is irresistible. However, what is really exciting is the extraordinary inner nature of this watch, making it the uncrowned king. Tissot uses superb and rigorous watchmaking technology, applies newly developed technology to production, and launches a revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement, which makes the watch’s power reserve time reach an extraordinary 80 hours. The Tissot Haozhi series is the flagship product using this movement, which interprets the brand concept-making luxury at your fingertips.

Tissot Racing Touchscreen Series 2014 Asian Games Commemorative RMB3,850

Tissot Racing Touchscreen Series 2014 Asian Games Commemorative

  Tissot Racing Touchscreen Series Asian Games Memorial Watch is an ultimate sports watch with a modern design, it is the best partner for many sports. The smooth design of the entire watch, especially the soft strap, makes it very comfortable and light to wear, so you don’t feel it at all, but it is also very durable. The wearer can activate the chronograph function including measurement time and single lap performance (segment accumulation / simultaneous segmentation / lap lap timing), a log function to help record the exercise process, a compass, dual time zone, just by touching the mirror Wait for 11 precise functions. At the same time, the design of this commemorative watch is inspired by the youthful and fearless sports spirit, which is reflected in the watch’s appearance. The red strap echoes the Arabic numerals on the dial, conveying the strength and enthusiasm shared by all the Asian Games, and has a strong visual impact. The watch’s back cover is engraved with the logo of the 2014 Incheon 17th Asian Games, demonstrating its unique identity.