Men Buy Watches For Women: Be Careful

Cartier Ballon bleu Watch
     Beautiful and luxurious, attention to detail, exudes a classic and elegant 18K white gold rhodium-plated case, 42 mm in diameter, the ‘blue balloon’ crown, and the bezel set with diamonds. It is equipped with a 0 4 9 automatic mechanical movement. Silver lacquered enamel dial, Roman numerals, blue steel hands. Pink pearl crocodile leather strap with 18K white gold rhodium-plated adjustable folding buckle. Total diamond weight is about 2 carats

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Logbook II
     ‘Gold-steel’ Oyster case, 41 mm in diameter, with triangular pitted bezel, black dial. The movement is certified by the Swiss official astronomical observatory, and has excellent shock resistance and antimagnetic performance. The power reserve is 48 hours. Comes with an oyster bracelet with extension links and oyster buckle. Water-resistant to 100 meters
     Choosing a watch that you are not familiar with and giving it to your lover is the number one failure of Valentine’s Day watch purchase. It is often because the watch purchaser lacks the common sense of watches and clocks, and does not “do homework” in advance. He can only listen to the words of the merchants or choose a brand that he thinks is very high-end. Whether the watch purchased in this way can be loved by his lover and achieve satisfactory results can only be left to fate. And it may leave ‘security risks’.
     If a woman buys a watch and gives it to a man, there are some excuses for randomness. If a man buys a woman, be careful. Because a woman’s pervasive sixth sense can detect your carelessness in purchasing Valentine’s Day from any clue, and then ‘You did not carefully choose a gift for her’ and ‘You do not love from the heart ‘She’ is the same. Once women’s trust in men has shaken, men’s lives should be difficult.
     Although there are some misunderstandings in the selection, on the bright side, as long as you are adequately prepared, a valuable and rich gift like a watch is enough to help you achieve any wish-when you wear the watch yourself Be fond of a woman’s wrist, and tell her the advantages, characteristics, and the process of your careful selection. Then even if her heart is not lost because of your generous sums of money, she will be moved by the erudition and thoughtfulness you seem to inadvertently reveal. So once again I advise all men to never buy a watch that they are not familiar with, even if it looks ‘very cow’.