Treasures Of The Golden Age Collection Of Treasures Of The Family Come To Taiwan

The ‘Golden Age Collection of Breguet’ will be held at Taipei 101 Breguet boutique from December 13th to 22nd. In addition to exhibiting eight pieces of Zorlen’s museum collection watches, the press conference also invited Emmanuel Breguet, the director of the Breguet Museum and the seventh-generation heir to the family, as an introduction to explain the spirit of the Tradition series of record brands and review the brand tradition At this time, we also look far into the future.

The Breguet Golden Years Collection Exhibition will be held at the Taipei 101 Breguet Boutique Store. The exhibition period will be from December 13th to 22nd.

 Emmanuel Breguet, the Breguet Museum Director and the seventh-generation heir to the family, came to Taiwan to introduce the Breguet Golden Age Collection Exhibition

Original invention sets the rock for Breguet’s pioneering watchmaking

 The past is like a mirror reflecting the differences between the past and the past, and it is worthy of praise for its historical legend. Only through passing on and developing it can it meet its magnificent name, and Breguet is such an example. Professional watchmakers at the Breguet watch factory carefully examine the rich historical collections planned by Abraham-Louis BREGUET (1747-1823), and are committed to inspiring Reine de Naples, Tradition, Marine The dazzling design of other watches, among which the Tradition series can best show the original charm. Inspired by the legendary ‘Souscription’ of the 1800s, the concept is the same as today’s tailor-made, a business model that can only be produced after a prepayment is required to reach a contract. The design of Breguet’s ‘Souscription’ was more favored by the emerging elites after the French Revolution, including politicians, military strategists, and bankers. The most famous was French politician Talleyrand-Perigord ( Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, 1754-1838). In addition, the ‘Souscription’ highlights one of Breguet’s most important inventions: the ‘parachute suspension’. Breguet developed this device in 1790 to protect the balance wheel from vibration damage. The ‘parachute-type shock absorber’ is the pioneer of all modern shock absorbers and one of Breguet’s most important inventions. Carrying a heritage of history and culture.

The Breguet Golden Years Collection Exhibition was held at the Taipei 101 Breguet boutique. The picture shows the Breguet N ° 1320 seven-point pocket watch.

 BREGUET N ° 1320 crop watch

 BREGUET N ° 3816 small travel clock

Innovative style creates outstanding classics of tomorrow

 The Tradition series combines monumental design and advanced manufacturing technology, which is the most elegant and perfect work. It continues the tradition of excellence. It is worthy of the name of treasure. Sir David Lionel Salomons once said, ‘To carry a fine Breguet watch is to feel that you have brains of a genius in your watch. ‘This testimony proves Bao Bao’s extraordinary craftsmanship. Looking back on the Tradition 7027, which was launched in 2005, and won the special prize of the Jury of the Geneva Watch Awards upon its debut, this series has achieved the challenging goal of combining past ingenuity and future spirit. The transparent sapphire faceplate and chassis together illuminate the aesthetic quality and outstanding design of the movement; the revolutionary movement structure, including the splint, bracket, gears and other parts, is presented for the first time on both sides of the watch. This watch with a contemporary and exquisite appearance uses matte sandblasting technology. This method must rely on the rich experience and superb skills of the craftsman to achieve a uniform and consistent effect. Its symmetrical bridges bring excellent visual harmony. The effect is reminiscent of the unique design of the ‘Souscription’ movement, ingenious configuration and avant-garde style, and it has accepted the principle of harmonizing mechanical structure and aesthetics. In addition, its new suspension device combines the advantages of contemporary suspension technology and a modern patent similar to the torsion leaf spring used by Master Breguet in the 18th century. It also uses color contrast to make ‘parachute suspension’ With extremely high visibility. New models combining complex design and modern functions have recently joined the Tradition series. This series represents the success of Breguet today. Its innovative energy and wisdom show the brand’s outlook for the future and how to provide technological development for the future, establishing Breguet’s pioneering role in leading the trend.

 BREGUET Tradition 7027 18K rose gold case with rhodium-plated 18K gold dial bracelet watch, priced at NT $ 857,000.

 BREGUET Tradition 7067 18K Rose Gold Case with Rhodium Plated 18K Gold Dial Bracelet Two Time Watch, priced at NT $ 1,262,000.

Heart Or Action See The Unique Movements Of 7 Watches

For watches, the meaning of the movement is self-evident. The movement is also crucial when choosing a watch. The complex movements created by the exhaustion of a few top brands are the favorite of every collector, and choosing a movement that you know best makes sense for collections.

Montblanc 1858 chronograph
的 Masterpiece of Montblanc Menela Manufacture Montblanc 1858 Chronograph
When Montblanc acquired the historic Swiss Minerva movement factory, its watch products became a top-notch piece. Minerva is famous for producing high-quality manual mechanical chronograph movements. The batches that reached the pinnacle of professionalism in the 1930s are even more prominent. The watch’s MBM Calibre 16.29 movement is its representative work. The movement is equipped with a large-size screw balance with a wobble frequency of 18,000 times per hour. From the V-shaped chronograph wheel splint and chronograph lever to the traditional horizontal clutch and the column wheel that controls the chronograph program, all parts are polished to perfection, with dimensional accuracy Thousandths of a millimeter. More fortunately, the Villeret 1858 series uses a batch of enamel discs in stock from the watch factory that year. It is characterized by a speedometer scale on the outer edge of the dial, and a speedometer shaped like a snail shell occupies the center of the dial. Average speed over 3 minutes.

IWC (IWC) Large Pilot Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition
IWC (IWC) Large Pilots Perpetual Calendar Watch Limited Edition Showing Moon Phases in North and South Hemispheres
This limited edition of 250 watches is the latest work IWC has just entered into China. It uses 51614 movement. The unique four-digit annual calendar and moon phases in the northern and southern hemispheres are the most prominent features of the watch, which is also the first initiative of IWC. . You can clearly observe the different moon phases in the two hemispheres of the south (S) and north (N) on the moon phase disk inspired by the cockpit of the aircraft. Shows that there is only a 12-second time difference between the moon phase and the actual moon phase in each lunar cycle, that is, only one day after 577 years. In addition, all watch displays are set according to the Gregorian calendar, which automatically adjusts every leap day before 2100 years ago. ‘Easy operation’ is also a core element of this watch. Thanks to the synchronous automatic adjustment function, you will never adjust the crown due to confusing time.

Panerai (42 mm) Edition
Classic design limited edition Panerai (42 mm) watch
设计 For this Radiomir collection, which has long been a Panerai classic, the design goes without saying. It should be reminded that the new model is equipped with a new P.999 manual-winding movement designed by Panerai’s watch factory in Neuchâtel, with a diameter of 12 cents and a thickness of 3.4 mm. It has a 60-hour power reserve and a balance wheel that vibrates 21,600 times per hour. The mechanical movement of the watch is regulated by a device called a ‘gooseneck’, which precisely adjusts the effective length of the hairspring. In addition, each movement is engraved with the same independent number as the watch. Limited edition of 500 pieces.

TAG Hauer Monaco V4 Rose Gold Limited Edition (60)
First TAG Hauer TAG Hauer Monaco V4 rose gold limited edition (60 pieces) watch
As early as in 2004, TAG Heuer launched the Monaco V4 watch with the ‘mechanical belt drive system and linear winding system’ for the first time in the world at the Basel Watch Fair, which became the most ‘advanced’ design in the watch industry. The rose gold watch launched this time is its second generation. It follows the new avant-garde internal structure of the V4 series-linear ingot of tungsten steel ingot, two sets of barrels arranged in parallel, connected by belts, etc., and can be seen through the anti-reflection sapphire crystal mirror and transparent cover Qiankun. And the ‘Second Generation’ case is larger than the first generation (diameter increased from 39mm to 41mm), made of large pieces of rose gold and silicon nitride ‘ceramic’, after fine polishing and frosting.

Audemars Piguet ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch
The thinnest central automatic movement (Audemars Piguet) ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch
In 1978, the Audemars Piguet watch factory created the first ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch with an automatic winding movement. Thirty years later, Audemars Piguet watchmakers designed a limited edition platinum edition ultra-thin perpetual calendar to commemorate this Watch. Today, the elegant Jules Audemars series meets the self-winding perpetual calendar device, which inspired Audemars Piguet to launch this 18K rose gold case watch. The perpetual calendar device uses mechanical principles to accurately reproduce all calendar messages. The change in the length of the month is ‘recorded’ on a cam. The bumps on the rim represent 31 days of the month, and the grooves represent 30 days of the month. On the same axis, there is another gear to distinguish between February and February. The other February cams are connected and make one revolution every four years to show the leap year cycle. What’s more valuable is that this perpetual calendar device is installed on the Cal. 2120 basic movement. The Cal.2120 self-winding movement is the world’s thinnest central automatic movement, measuring just 2.45 mm thick.

Hublot King Senna
Design the most amazing tourbillon Hublot King Senna watch
If you choose which brand has the most public topic in high-end watch brands, Hublot will definitely be among them. Whether it is Maradona in the World Cup or Manchester United in the Premier League, Hublot’s series of joint works are Popular. On November 3, it was the 50th anniversary of the birth of the world’s car king Senna. Hublot also launched a limited edition of 10 ‘Supreme King Tourbillon Senna’ watches in Brazil. The watch uses the HUB6300 column-wheel chronograph movement, the tourbillon escapement is directly coupled to the frame, and the power reserve is about 120 hours when the timer is off. In addition, the inside of the sapphire crystal has a yellow signature by Senna. The pattern on the back of each case is selected by Senna’s sister and mother for 10 glorious moments in their careers, so each one is different.

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Collection
魅力 The charm of the exclusive escapement Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars watch
独家 Audemars Piguet’s exclusive escapement, introduced in 2006, is a revolutionary horological technology. Based on this, Audemars Piguet has launched a new model. The new watch uses the new Cal. 2908 manual-winding mechanical movement with 267 components. The exclusive escapement system combines high efficiency and excellent shock resistance. The movement balance vibrates at twice the speed and does not require oil lubrication. In addition, the Cal. 2908 movement has a double hairspring structure, which is angled up to 180 °. The unique double hairspring design also completes the movement. The small seconds dial placed in the most conspicuous position visually highlights the horological spirit of this watch with accuracy as its ultimate goal.