Raymond Weil “Genius And Beauty” Watches Recommended

Among the many watch brands, Raymond Weil is a very young brand. If you count to 2012, you are only 36 years old. In 1976, it was the quartz storm, which was arguably the most critical time for Swiss watchmaking. But Mr. Raymond Weil courageously founded his own family brand, Raymond Weil. In my opinion, this courage is comparable to the old man who founded the Swatch Group 10 years later.
 Although young, Raymond Weil was not impulsive and more talented. Since the establishment of the brand, the models and models have been named with classical music and opera names, such as ‘Pasifi’ by Wagner, ‘Champagne City’ by Verdi, ‘Don Giovanni’ by Mozart and so on.
 At Baselworld 2011, Raymond Weil’s director, Elie Bernheim, told us: The main models this year are Maestro and Jasmine. These two series names fully demonstrate the talent of Raymond Weil. The Italian word ‘Maestro’ refers to a master who reached the peak of his artistic career. Should such words be called ‘talents’ in ancient China? Such as the great poet Su Dongpo. If you can, then the name Su Dongpo not only fits Maestro, but also has a deep root in the name of the women’s series with Jasmine.
 Song Zhezong Zongyuanyou five years (19090) in the spring, the new tea noodle market on Wuyuan Mountain, Fujian, Cao Fu, a transfer judge in Fujian at the time, gave some old friend Su Dongpo, who was in Taishou, Hangzhou, And in accordance with the custom of literati interaction at that time, at the same time he presented a seven law written by himself. Su Dongpo, who loves drinking tea, has a feeling after tasting the new tea, and thanks to the poem, entitled ‘Xiyun Cao Fu Jiuyuan New Baking New Tea’, the whole poem is as follows: Xianshan Lingcao wet clouds, wash all the fragrance powder. The next month, Yuchuanzi was cast, and the breeze blows through Wulingchun. You must know that Bingxue has a good heart, and it is not new. Don’t laugh at the drama Xiao Shijun, never like Jiayu.
 Coincidentally, the Jasmine series of Chinese transliteration is good. It is also the meaning of jasmine. Jasmine can also be used for tea, and it is loved by people, especially women. And the phrase ‘never good is like a good woman’ is used to describe good tea. Such a coincidence is not the product of the ancient Chinese and Western combination? In short, Maestro and Jasmine are two subtle names that are not successful in the market!
 In the same year, Raymond Weil launched a new worldwide spokesperson for the image—Jiang Wen and his wife. Compared with the two series mentioned above, I am afraid that there is no more suitable brand spokesperson than Jiang Wen and his wife.
At this point, Xiaobian could not help but recommend Maestro 2839-STC-00659 and Jasmine 5229-S5S-00659 for the talented and beautiful women. The two watches are extremely “couple-like”, with a delicate and smooth prototype case, paired with classic Roman scales, coupled with elegant Breguet needles for men and elegant willow needles for women. . If you wear such a ‘father singing with the wife’ to watch the dinner, not only can attract the eyes of the guests and friends, but also can help people to understand its origins, it is a great joy in life. Now, Xiaobian has provided two physical maps and watch parameters for everyone. Hope everyone can support!

Maestro 2839-STC-00659
Movement: RW4500, 28,800 A / h, with moon phase function module
Winding: automatic winding
Ruby bearings: 26
Function: Analog calendar display at 6 o’clock, moon phase display dial between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock
Power reserve: 38 hours
Case: round-polished steel; diameter: 39.5mm; thickness: 10.45mm
Bezel: Polished stainless steel, single round mold carving decoration
Crown: Polished stainless steel groove with RW logo
Table mirror: double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, thickness: 1mm
Dial: Silver, Roman scales, clou de Paris in the centre
Fast and slow needles: stainless steel, embossed
Pointer: Stainless steel
Caseback: Sapphire crystal
Strap: Black crocodile-embossed leather strap, Ardillon buckle
Waterproof performance: 5ATM

Jasmine 5229-S5S-00659
Movement: mechanical movement (RW2000)
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 38 hours
Gems: 25 rubies
Functions: hour, minute and second hands
Date display: round display window at 3 o’clock
Case: round-polished, set with 28 diamonds; diameter: 29mm; thickness: 9.6mm
Crown: Sapphire with grooves
Mirror: Double anti-glare sapphire crystal
Dial: silver dial with snailed decoration
Timescale: Black Roman variant numbers
Hands: Leaf-shaped blue steel hands
Bottom cover: transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover
Strap: Stainless steel strap, RW folding clasp with double push-type safety protection
Water resistance: 5 ATM

Franck Muller Franck Muller And Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin Presented Yaqu “Gentleman’s Day And Night”

Crazy Sometimes, who is the company of the gentleman’s day and night? Geneva luxury watch brand FRANCK MULLER Franck Muller and Zhang Zhilin, who has been the brand ambassador for the Asia-Pacific region since 2013, use the lens to record a day of the film and television artist. Inside the camera, he strives to make breakthroughs. Outside of the camera, he is always elegant, which coincides with the exquisite traditional craftsmanship and innovative attitude that Fa Moulin has always upheld. A person like his ‘table’ shines every moment.
   Vanguard Crazy Hours Asia Special Edition

Vanguard Crazy Hours Asian Special Edition Rose Gold Watch RMB 176,000
   The sun rises, the gentleman walks calmly, and welcomes a whole new day. Zhang Zhilin went with Vanguard Crazy Hours Asia Special Edition watch. The white dial and the rose gold case complement each other, showing the elegant elegance. The non-sequential display of digital time scales breaks the tradition and brings a new and fun way of reading time. The hour hand will jump to the next correct digital time scale every 60 minutes, explaining the philosophy that the value of time varies from person to person. Looking forward to every 59 minutes, and looking forward to the next unknown encounter.
   Vanguard Yachting Anchor Skeleton

Vanguard Yachting Anchor Skeleton stainless steel watch RMB 268,000
   Afternoon leisure time, accompanied by Vanguard Yachting Anchor Skeleton watch, add a touch of charming details to the cozy light and shadow room. The hollow dial intertwined with azure blue tones, presents three-dimensional and exquisite visual arts. The bridge supporting the main barrel and the small seconds at 6 o’clock is shaped like an anchor, which appropriately interprets the marine theme. The power reserve is up to 7 days, showing dynamic vitality. The gentleman’s broad-mindedness is like the deep sea, and there is a flow of charm between movement and silence.
   Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton

Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton White Gold Watch RMB 316,000
   As night fell, the romantic gentleman toasted, and the mysterious light on his wrist inadvertently attracted attention. The skeleton bridge of the Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton watch is extremely architectural and geometric, with a deep black tone and a metallic hidden edge. Under the sporty shape created by hand polishing and polishing, the 7-day power reserve and accurate and reliable performance of the travel time show the meticulous watchmaking essence of Fa Moulin. With its sharp edges, it has its own style in the bustling urban night scene.
   FRANCK MULLER uses unique and creative ideas to fuse complex technical processes, presents extraordinary design interest, and creates an extraordinary lifestyle for gentlemen. Wandering at different moments, travelling on multiple occasions, and conveying elegant and rigorous gentleman taste with brand ambassador Zhang Zhilin.