The Latest Watches From Baume & Mercier Debut At The ‘clocks And Miracles’ Exhibition

BEM BEM booth

 Baume & Mercier unveiled the Clayton series 1892 flying tourbillon watch for the first time at the first Asian watch and watch international salon-Watches & Wonders exhibition. This watch is limited to 30 pieces for the purpose of presenting the best of Swiss haute horology, and once again to show the world that Baume & Mercier, the seventh oldest brand in the watchmaking industry today, has the expertise in manufacturing precision and complex watches Superb craftsmanship.

 Baume & Mercier BEM Booth-Workshop

 Since its establishment in 1830, Baume & Mercier has always adhered to the concept of ‘aestheticism and only manufactures watches of the highest quality’, which is also truly reflected in the latest watches of the Crichton series. This watch with a special manual winding mechanical movement is speed-controlled by a flying tourbillon. The technology is complex and the time is accurate. It is worthy of the heritage of the brand of high-end timepieces. : The brand has won 10 awards and 7 gold medals at each World Expo in the 19th century, and has stood out in various precision timepiece competitions in the 20th century. This exclusive watch also highlights the excellence of Baume & Mercier’s ‘établissage’ art, an ancient way of watchmaking that dates back to the time before the advent of watchmaking factories.

 Baume & Mercier BEM Booth-History Wall

Tourbillon Making History

 This way of designing and manufacturing watches has been around for a long time, and Baume & Mercier watches now carry it forward. Baume & Mercier used this method of watchmaking in 1892 to make a watch without a key, whose speed was adjusted by a tourbillon. This delicate mechanical structure consists of a frame that rotates once a minute, and the rotation can offset the balance of the balance wheel, which significantly improves the accuracy of the watch. The tourbillon’s manufacturing process was complex and difficult to adjust. This was an amazing pioneering work at the time. Only the top watchmaking workshops were able to equip watches with such amazing devices and participate in precision timepiece competitions.

 At that time, Baume & Mercier opened a branch in the UK, headed by Célestin Baume (brother of Louis-Victor). The second-generation heir Alcide Baume showed this tourbillon watch at the Royal Observatory Competition in 1892, achieving a high score of 91.9. With this impressive achievement, this masterpiece of watches has become the world’s most accurate watch for the next 10 years.

 Clayton Series 1892 Flying Tourbillon

 To pay tribute to this extraordinary precision timepiece with a glorious past, Baume & Mercier launched the Clayton series 1892 flying tourbillon watch, limited to 30 pieces. This watch is unique and exquisite, embodying the essence of fine watchmaking. As a luxury brand with affordable prices, Baume & Mercier has a proud and glorious history, and was once listed in the Davoine watchmaking brand list as one of Geneva’s four major watch manufacturers.

The Clifton 1892 flying tourbillon watch is made of 18K red gold and is an extraordinary treasure in the same series.

 Equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement (P591) made by Fleurier Valley Watch Factory and speed controlled by a flying tourbillon, this watch fully complies with the brand’s tradition of making fascinating and complex timepieces. Passing on the essence of Swiss watchmaking. Its high-quality finishes, ratchets of winding devices that draw inspiration from traditional pocket watches, the ‘Geneva ornamentation’ on the bridge, and the pearl round patterns on the machine are all assembled by the same watchmaker. The transparent sapphire crystal case back has a clear view. This watch, made in accordance with traditional craftsmanship, has been reinterpreted and perfectly integrated into modern style. Its power reserve is 50 hours. The silver-white dial with 18K red gold rivet-applied digital engraving and hour markers. Through the 9 o’clock window that is not covered by the bridge, you can enjoy the delicate flying tourbillon every minute. Rotate for a week.

 Baume & Mercier Design Studio equips this large-scale movement with an atmospheric case-45.5 mm in diameter, which fits the wrist perfectly.

 The “chevé” shaped mirror and curved lugs give the watch a refined and elegant look, and continue the classic style of the collection. This sophisticated timepiece is sophisticated and yet understated. It is limited to 30 pieces, and it is equipped with a hand-stitched alligator leather strap that is opened with a pin buckle.

Clayton Series 1892 Flying Tourbillon

Retail Price: RMB 435,000

 Ling Ni Series 10118 – 10119 Day and Night Watch

 The Baume & Mercier collection is both creative and sophisticated. With its smooth lines, it becomes the best interpretation of women’s elegance. Baume & Mercier, who pays close attention to women, has launched two new original watches again this year. These two watches are truly jewellery, pure and delicate, full of femininity. Each watch is limited to 100 pieces, highlighting the wearer’s unique taste.

 This modern iconic collection draws inspiration from Baume & Mercier’s historical models from the 1950s and has been writing new legends since its introduction in 1987. The Lingni series is noble and extraordinary, always insisting on innovation, showing the unique and changeable natural beauty of women, while still being elegant and gentle. As a special companion at every important moment in life, the Ling Ni watch always flows around the wrist, condensing precious bits and pieces.

 Baume & Mercier launches two new Lingni day and night watches for female customers, both made of stainless steel with a diameter of 32 mm. Each model is limited to 100 pieces worldwide. Whether it is day or night, the jewellery watch is full of charm. Both treasures are powered by a quartz movement and both use a mother-of-pearl dial, with a unique inset diamond wave pattern extending to the bezel. The bright sun watch (Lingni series 10118) dial adopts the sun pattern that represents daylight, and in the corresponding quiet night watch (Lingni series 10119) window, the bright moon interprets the moon phase profit and loss on the dark night background, which is full of poetic painting. These two delicate and charming jewellery watches are wrapped around the wrist, telling the story of time elegantly. The bright day watch uses a pearl white calfskin strap, and the quiet night watch is paired with a blue silk satin strap. The two watch straps can also be replaced at any time with a polished satin-finished steel bracelet that comes with the case.

 Ling Ni Series 10118: Sun Watch

Ling Ni Series 10118: Sun Watch

 For the day, the Ling Ni series sun watch (model 10118) shines with infinite femininity and will surely become the focus of attention. Its delicate white mother-of-pearl dial is as bright as the sun on the summer coast. This model is set with 65 diamonds (total weight 0.34 carats) in a wave and sun pattern. These inlaid inlay patterns meander from the dial, and surround the bezel of this jewellery watch. The Sun Watch is delicate and detailed, with a pearl white calfskin strap. With its interchangeable strap design, it can also be replaced with the included polished satin-finished steel bracelet. This carefully crafted watch will accompany you every moment of your precious journey in life.

Retail Price: RMB 49,900

Ling Ni Series 10119: Quiet Night Watch

Baume & Mercier watch debuts at ‘Watches and Miracles’ exhibition

 The Ling Ni series quiet night watch (model 10119) is made of satin-polished stainless steel. The bright moon above the starry sky is dreamy, and it is the best match for attending elegant dinners. As a unique symbol of feminine femininity, the moon is perfectly displayed in the large window of the dial in the form of moon phases. The dial made of deep blue mother-of-pearl is subtly transformed into the sky, and the hand-marked or hand-riveted hour markers are densely covered. The inlaid diamonds fill each other in this vast sea of ​​stars, stretching to the bezel like a big wave. A total of 83 diamonds (0.33 carat total weight) set in this treasure, noble and gorgeous, equipped with a dark blue silk satin strap, elegant charm. The unique and convenient interchangeable strap design of the Lingni series allows women who seek the ultimate beauty and life to change the satin strap with the polished satin-finished steel bracelet at will.

Retail Price: RMB 49,900

About Baume & Mercier

 Baume & Mercier, a Swiss haute horlogerie brand founded in 1830, has always been committed to creating watches of exceptional quality and restrained luxury. Today, the brand’s core collections are the classic and timeless Clifton, the exquisite and charming Linea, the dynamic and elegant Capeland, the harmonious and elegant Hampton, and the timeless and healthy Ke Classima. Baume & Mercier’s motto is Life is about moments, which perfectly conveys the brand’s values ​​of joy, sharing and endurance. Baume & Mercier watches will become the most unique and intimate companions of precious moments in life, sharing warmth such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, first employment or family gatherings.

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