Basel 2014: Oris Hourly Jump Watch

Oris, a Swiss watchmaker, has released a new hourly jump watch (reference model: 917 7702 4051 LS), which will be presented at the 2014 Baselworld Official debut. Most Oris watches are priced between $ 400 and $ 800 and many can afford them. Oris mechanical timepiece series are equipped with a variety of special designs to meet the needs of different people, such as the pointer calendar indicator, small three hands and alarm clock. This new watch has a round polished case with a diameter of 40.50 mm and is made of stainless steel. Water resistant to 50 meters. The brand logo is placed in the middle of the dial and has a certain decorative effect.

   The silver dial is equipped with an hour display window, located at 12 o’clock, with a jump function. The minute ring is located on the upper part of the dial and is indicated by silver hands. Every time the minute hand moves for a week, the hour window jumps to the next hour. The small second dial is located below the dial and forms the number ‘8’ with the minute dial. The dial is protected by sapphire crystal.
  The back of the case is designed with a transparent bottom, and it is also provided with a sapphire crystal glass. Through it, you can clearly see the operation of the Swiss automatic movement ORIS 917, as well as a red automatic disk with pure machinery and a symbol of Oris high-precision mechanical movement. This movement features hours, minutes and seconds.
  The new Oris Hour Hour Jumper comes with a brown calfskin strap and a stainless steel buckle.
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Glashütte Original Series Carding Classic Pano Series

I have sorted out several series of Glashütte for everyone before, and today I will continue to introduce a famous Glashütte series, namely the Pano series. The first image of the Pano series is the shape of the eccentric dial. In fact, Pano is the abbreviation of Panoramawindowdatedisplay, that is, the panoramic large calendar display, but it seems that the eccentric design has become the main feature of the series.

The Glashütte Pano series is further divided into the following small series according to design and function, PanoMaticDate (Eccentric Large Calendar) series, PanoMaticLunar (Eccentric Moon Phase) series, PanoGraph (Fan-shaped chronograph watch) series, PanoReserve (Power Reserve Watch) Series, PanoLunarTourbillon series, PanoInverse series, PanoMaticCounterXL series, PanoMaticChrono series and PanoMaticCentralXL series. Let me briefly explain the main features and differences of these series.

PanoMaticDate Watch

The PanoMaticDate watch is the most basic series in the Pano series. It has only a large calendar display function at the 4 o’clock position of the watch. In the design of this watch, Glashütte created Double-digit date window with high readability and no dividing frame.


PanoMaticLunar watch

PanoMaticLunar (eccentric moon phase) series watches have the most prominent features of the Pano series, the eccentric delicate dial design, a large calendar display window with a logo at 4 o’clock, the most poisonous should be the watch at 2 o’clock Phase profit and loss display device, how many table friends are planted on this moon phase disk.



The most watched PanoMaticLunar (eccentric moon phase) series watches, the three models of PanoMaticLunar show new designs. The red gold version is housed in a red gold case with a warm silver dial and rose gold hour, minute and second hands, and rose gold hour markers. The highly visible moon phase display is a golden bright moon and golden stars reflecting the dark blue night sky. Both models bring a new visual experience with polished and mercerized steel cases. One of them features a warm silver dial and silver hour markers, as well as blue steel hour, minute and second hands, while the characteristic large calendar and moon phase display present a round of silver moons and stars in the dark blue night sky.

PanoGraph series

In 2000, Glashütte originally launched PanoRetroGraph. This watch perfectly interprets the superb art of German fine watchmaking, its stunning asymmetrical dial design, unprecedented chronograph mechanism and 30-minute chronograph accumulator have won applause for the first time. A limited edition of 50 platinum watches were sold out quickly. Now Glashütte originally launched PanoGraph as the next-generation heir of his prestigious predecessor.



The timer’s 30-minute accumulator is a noteworthy original design. Its modern appearance elegantly shows three cumulative ten-minute dials, each with an independent pointer. The two faders at 4 o’clock and 2 o’clock are marked with black ‘START-STOP’ and ‘FLY-BACK’ respectively, the latter refers to the reset mechanism of the timer, and The former refers to standard timer operation.

Movement 61-03 is at the heart of this extraordinary and magical mechanical structure. The manual-winding column wheel timer is equipped with a classic gear, which controls the different functions of the timer such as start, stop, and reset; and the clever flyback timing mechanism can reset it without stopping the timer: The two timer faders on the right side of the case operate all functions. Through the back of the sapphire crystal case, Glashütte’s original movement features and details at a glance, including three-quarters plywood engraved with Glashütte’s original tortoiseshell pattern, screw-fastened gold sleeve, screw balance and goose Neck trimming. Art and Precision EngineeringGerman technology and manufacturing excellence have a worldwide reputation. Since 1845, the original watchmaker in Glashütte, Saxony has contributed to this reputation, designing and manufacturing precision mechanical timepieces, which has become the essence of the watchmaking tradition.

PanoReserve watches

Three different models of the PanoReserve model debuted at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2012. The new PanoReserve chic and elegant interpretation of the iconic asymmetric Pano dial appearance. The red gold model has a silver dial, a larger case and a small bezel, which highlights the perfect minimalist design.



The hand-wound hour / minute display uses polyhedron red gold hands and hour markers, as well as a small seconds dial carefully constructed. The large calendar and power reserve instructions are marked in German, which subtly reflects the original and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship of Glashütte. It is a legacy of the Saxon factory with a history of more than 165 years.
Both PanoReserve watches have a polished and striped steel case for a new visual effect. One of them features a warm silver dial with the hour scale in the hour / minute dial, a large calendar display with white text on a black background, and a power reserve display area (Auf / Ab) with blue steel hands. Another stainless steel model is equipped with a ruthenium-plated dial, white gold hands, nickel hour markers, and a large white date on a gray background. The calendar display is located below the power reserve display.

The heart of PanoReserve is a hand-wound movement 65-01 decorated with 48 gems, with a power reserve of 42 hours. Through the back of the sapphire crystal case, double gooseneck trimmers, hand-carved balance plywood, screw balance, three-quarter plywood engraved with traditional Glashütte original tortoise shell, screwed gold sleeve and blue Steel screws are more noticeable.

PanoLunarTourbillon watch

Glashütte Original commemorates Glashütte’s traditional watchmaking with avant-garde design. Several of Glashütte’s original Pano series were unveiled at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2012. These Pano models reinterpreted through modern design use a larger cylindrical case with a slimmer and elegant bezel. Enlarge the visual effect of the dial. The PanoLunarTourbillon, which debuted at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show in 2013, showcased a perfectly elegant new look with a 40mm red gold case, while the warm silver dial features a modern dial layout and a flying tourbillon decorated with gold and silver. , Attracted the attention of connoisseurs.



The unique asymmetrical design of the watch places the larger hour / minute hands on the left side of the dial, aligned with the flying tourbillon at 7 o’clock. The new large calendar window at the bottom right with black numbers and ivory white background perfectly complements the warm silver dial. In the moon phase display in the upper right, a golden moon and twinkling stars illuminate the dark blue night sky. The layout of the various functions of the dial conforms to the golden section, also known as the golden ratio. This legendary harmonious aesthetic law has been sought after by artists, architects and musicians throughout history.



The flying tourbillon born in 1920 was invented by master watchmaker Alfred Hevig. This most famous German watchmaker has been a tutor at the German Watchmaking School since 1913. The traditional tourbillon mechanism needs to have two fixed points above and below to offset the error caused by the gravity of the center of the watch. The tourbillon designed by Alfred Hevig uses cantilever mechanism to fix the tourbillon at only one point, and its design has gained the reputation of flying tourbillon. To this day, the flying tourbillon is still a top-notch invention in both aesthetics and watchmaking. The new PanoLunarTourbillon watch displays the seconds with a small seconds hand in blue steel. In the design of the flying tourbillon, the balance wheel, pawl lever and escapement wheel group are assembled in a cantilever frame, and each rotation is one minute, which exactly offsets the time error caused by the gravity. The sapphire crystal anti-reflective glass on the surface and the back protects the dial and the harmonious aesthetics of the dial and the mechanical mechanism of the flying tourbillon reveals its beauty in front of people.

The PanoLunarTourbillon watch is driven by the 93-02 self-winding mechanical movement based on the brand’s own 93-01 movement. The new mechanism is set with 48 gem bearings and 2 diamonds. It has a 48-hour power reserve and integrates with the movement. An integrated moon phase display mechanism. The improved swing system guarantees perfect precision with 8 adjustment screws and 12 gold screws as weights. Through the sapphire crystal glass on the back of the case, the exquisite workmanship can be seen at a glance: chamfered edges, polished steel parts, blue steel screws, 21K gold eccentric hollow automatic rotor, plus a stainless steel main splint fixed by screws , With beveled edges polished by hand, carved with the golden lettering ‘Flying Tourbillon’.

PanoInverse watches

Glashütte’s original PanoInverseXL series was successfully launched in 2008, and is the first watch in this Saxon watch factory to showcase its extraordinary elements from the inside out. The new version of PanoInverseXL presents the double gooseneck fine-tuning device to the world in a modern and stylish way through a stronger case and a wider dial.



PanoInverseXL is unique in its smoky main splint and splint. Each part is treated with an electroplating bath to obtain a black rhodium-plated surface, which clearly and effectively highlights key features such as screw-mounted gold sleeves, double gooseneck trimmers, and hand-engraved balance wheel splints. The silver-plated fine-tuning is mounted on a white-engraved balance wheel splint, while the regular swing of the screw balance below shows the fascinating rhythm of the original Glashütte movement 66.


The wearer of the PanoMaticCounterXL watch operates the counter with three pushers located on the left side of the stainless steel case. At 9 o’clock, the additional button is used to accumulate the numbers of the counter, one unit at a time, from 00 to 99. At 8 o’clock, the decreasing button is used to decrease the number, and at 10 o’clock, the reset button is used to Zero 00.



As a model of engineering art, PanoMaticCounterXL is equipped with a new 96 movement, which has the classic column wheel flyback chronograph function. The 96 has 367 carefully crafted parts and is based on the award-winning Glashütte Original 95 movement. The patented two-way winding mechanism uses stepping gears to transfer power to the movement more quickly and efficiently, and it can more intelligently reflect the wearer’s movements.

PanoMaticChrono watch


With typical Glashütte characteristics, the stopwatch dial is set at a high level, and the two-layer dial breaks through the traditional chronograph. It is a highly technical new performance. The PanoMaticChrono series has won multiple awards, including ‘2005 Best Watch of the Year ‘,’ IW Readers’ Choice Awards 2005 ‘and’ Saxony Design Award 2006 ‘.



The PanoMaticCentralXL series is the only model in the Pano series that does not use an eccentric design. This is also the main difference between it and other Pano series models. This actually subverts everyone’s consistent understanding of the Pano series. Pano is the abbreviation of Panoramawindowdatedisplay, which is the panoramic large calendar display. The PanoMaticCentralXL series watches are available in white and black plates, and are made of 18K rose gold or 18K white gold.

Lange Lange 1 Daymatic Watches In Stock

As a leading brand in German watchmaking, Lange continues to make progress while striving for perfection while inheriting the traditional craftsmanship of watchmaking. Every watch is impressive with luxury, classic quality and outstanding performance. Recently, we visited the Lange store in Beijing SKP. It is reported that this year’s LANGE 1 series of new moon phase watches will come to the store, those who like moon phases may wish to take a look. Among the many classic timepieces, we see this luxurious Lange 1Daymatic watch. The unique weekday indication is both simple and straightforward, and blends into the face, below. Let’s find out together:

 The Lange1Daymatic is the first watch in the Lange1 series to be equipped with an automatic movement. It retains the classic features of the series, non-overlapping eccentric time display and unique large calendar display. Unlike in the past, all display positions are completely opposite to the original design of the original series. It is worth mentioning that in the design of the watch this time, the brand replaced the power reserve indicator with a retrograde week display, bringing a design freshness to this outstanding series.

 This watch uses 39.5mm 18K rose gold as the case material. After the brand is polished and polished in place, it presents an attractive sensory enjoyment. It complements the solid silver dial in the center, adding to the overall charm of the watch. The same material crown is engraved with the Lange English logo, giving the watch brand a unique connotation.

 On the other side of the dial, the calendar adjustment button and the day adjustment device are very convenient to operate. Because the Lange watch has excellent precision performance, the day of the week indicator is usually not adjusted frequently after calibration. Therefore, Lange sets its calibration button as a ‘hidden’ device, which can be adjusted by a professional calibration Adjustment.

 Pro test, the movement of this watch is more beautiful than the image. You can see it through the sapphire crystal back cover. Equipped with L021.1 self-winding movement to ensure the accuracy of travel time and various functions, the power reserve is 50 hours.

 Dark brown crocodile leather strap, connected with an 18K rose gold pin buckle, is comfortable and comfortable to wear and take off very quickly. The buckle and case of the same material contrast with each other, presenting an attractive and full-feeling look.

Summary: As a self-winding watch in the brand series, it has better convenience. Favorite cousins ​​can enter the store for details. In addition, the new moon phase in the LANGE 1 series this year is also very good. We will meet you on the shelf. Those who like moon phase watches can also take a look.
More details:
This quotation was collected on September 29, 2017. The price / spot of the watch is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: Lange Store (Beijing SKP)
[Dealer Address]: Shop D1002, Level 1, Beijing SKP, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-85888968 Please call as a ‘watch home user’