Alternative Is The Starry Sky, What Changes Is Life

Looking up at the stars, the endless exploration of the vast universe is a natural desire of human beings. In addition to spacecraft that can fly into outer space, the starry sky also connects humans to the universe.

   Constellations are about human beings’ exploration of their own destiny, their cognition of self-consciousness, and their perception of their relationship with the universe. When we are born on this planet, we are all given exclusive constellations, and our future lives are inextricably linked to constellations.

   Carrying a constellation dream is the Amyron Zodiac constellation watch. The black leather strap is equipped with a folding buckle. It has a built-in Amyron core. The zodiac chart replaces the time display of the ordinary watch. People show the special charm of the zodiac sign.

   The unique value is eternal. Amyron Zodiac has a fantastic constellation symbol, with blue and black gradient disk color, as if stepping into the universe, the immense air blows out. The silver willow needles, twinkling with the stars on the chassis, echo each other, giving the watch a mysterious and romantic legend.

   Speaking of the concept of the zodiac map, it is actually the basis of western astrology, that is, the zodiac is divided into twelve houses, and this house is named after the constellation with the smallest distance. Astrology believes that the signs of the zodiac and people’s surroundings have a profound impact on society. Astrological changes affect people’s daily fortunes, so each constellation is given an extraordinary and unique meaning. Let people understand the order of the constellations, and set the starting constellation freely, which has also become a unique feature of the Amy Long Zodiac constellation watch movement. The large open window at 6 o’clock displays an individual daily horoscope sign with an image pattern, and it is changed one by one every day in the order of the 12th house. And if the wearer needs it, he can adjust the pattern to the exclusive starting constellation, experience the unique beauty brought by the replacement of the constellation, and experience the life moving on his wrist.

   Every time I look up, not only are the bright stars, but also the bright moon entrusted to Acacia. Since ancient times, human beings have paid tribute to the moon, and Juan Juan, Su’e, and the Ice Wheel are all other beautiful names. And Amyron puts this feeling for the moon in it, to create a complex function chronograph watch with 3D visual effects to show the moon phase profit and loss-Amyron Moonphas, to break through the limitations of all previous moon phase functions, The vast misty starry sky is creatively moved into a 40.5mm square inch, and for the first time, the beauty of the celestial body of the moon revolving around the earth is perfectly presented, and artistic creativity and mechanical operation are perfectly integrated. The inch above the wrist is our constellation that lives day and night, and Juan who looks up night and night, embodying the watchmaking philosophy of the Emilion brand: unique and refined.

   From the design of the watch to the creation of the movement, from the selection of materials to the polishing and assembly, the Emilon Moonphase watch has shown the world’s infinite creativity and ingenuity to the world. In order to achieve perfect moon phase operation, the movement specially created by Amyron can drive the surface of the disk to simulate the actual starry sky orbit of the moon around the earth, and more realistically interpret the moon phase function, making The unique beauty of the monthly profit and loss fills the entire dial, and the moon has become the protagonist of the entire watch.

   In order to realistically display the vast universe on the wrist, Amyron has devoted every effort to designing the materials of the Moonphase watch. After extensive and in-depth research and screening, the mother of pearl was finally selected. This realistic and creative material has a unique natural luster, and has an unmatched fit with the soft and hazy sense of the moon. It cannot be replaced by any artificial material, and the theme of the blue starry background is made of multilayer glass. Material composition. The transparency of the glass and the sense of distance refracted by the multiple layers of superimposed light make the watch’s dial’s visual space feel extremely strong, giving a deep and indescribable mystery. In this way, the vastness of the universe and the starry sky are perfectly interpreted Between square inches.

   The starry sky is a mysterious gift given to us by the universe, and Zodiac and Moonphase are our gifts from Amyron. Let us keep a little awe of nature in the process of conquering life. This awesomeness contains time. Attitude, that is, the story about the starry sky can be repeated, but life, but only once.