The Power Of Technology Tissot’s First Mini-museum Theme Flagship Store Opens

On June 29, 2015, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot opened the first Tissot direct experience store in Shanghai on Huaihai Middle Road in the central business district of Shanghai. Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Mr. Olivier, Vice President of Global Sales of Tissot, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, and Mr. Tony Parker, Tissot Global Spokesperson, attended the event site with all guests, media and The fans together witnessed this moving moment.
List of inside and outside of Tissot’s new flagship store

Exterior view of Tissot Mini Museum theme flagship store
 Changing the design of other black-based stores, the new flagship store uses a large area of ​​white that represents the future and high technology, and is embellished with red and classic black that symbolize enthusiasm and innovation. The simplicity reveals modernity. In addition, unlike the previous singular store sales model, the Shanghai flagship store is committed to building the first Tissot-experienced miniature museum in China, enabling consumers to experience Tissot’s traditional watchmaking technology and young brand concepts up close. Visitors can Feel the unique charm of scientific watchmaking through the power of technology.

Interior view of Tissot Mini Museum theme flagship store

 The new flagship store will bring us an extraordinary experience. The first floor adopts a compass-type display cabinet. From classic to sports, from fashion to nostalgia, all series of watches are available. In addition to the display window of the watch, it also set up LED interactive screen and live print picture experience area. In the stairwell leading to the second floor, there are posted historical pictures bearing the history of the brand’s development. Here, Tissot’s first dual-time-zone pocket watch from 1853 was introduced, and in 1999 Tissot’s first touch-screen watch T- The birth of touch, and the first touch-screen watch using solar energy, T-touch Expert Solar, which was born in 2014 … On the second floor, a Tissot thoughtful and professional after-sales service center was set up, where users will experience the most comfortable after-sales service.
New store opening event

 At the beginning of the event, the guests of the Tissot brand toasted the new store and celebrated the opening of the new store, followed by a wonderful ‘lion picking green’ performance, which aroused applause and cheers at the scene, implying prosperity. Subsequently, Mr. Francois Timbo, Tissot Global President, took the stage to deliver a speech and shared the legendary story of Tissot and the infinite joy of the new store opening with all guests, media and consumers on the scene.
 Mr. Tony Parker, Tissot global spokesperson, traveled to Shanghai to witness this important moment with everyone present. Tony Parker can be said to be a legend in basketball, and everyone knows it. In 2001, at the age of 19, he was selected as a rookie by the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs and opened his own superstar mode. He has won the NBA championship three times, and was selected to the NBA All-Star Team three times. In 2007, he was also selected as the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the NBA Finals. This is the first time that a foreign player has won this honor. At the same time, as the captain of the French basketball national team, Tony Parker also accumulated great achievements for his country. Constant innovation in his own field in pursuit of excellence and the greatest sense of responsibility and mission to society has made Tony Parker the best example of Tissot’s spirit.

 At the event site, Mr. Tony Parker was honored to receive the Tengzhi series of solar models presented to him by Francois Timbo. The technical level of the watch is derived from Tissot’s many years of touch screen technology experience, and its significance is not only A watch, but the result of years of research and development. This watch has more than 20 touch screen functions, providing extremely high accuracy. Mr. Tony Parker also shared the perfect experience brought by Tissot touch-screen technology with the brand executives at the scene. He shared with the media and guests every bit of Tissot. The atmosphere at the scene was very hot.

 The Tissot Solar Series Tony Parker Limited Edition watch perfectly integrates the sense of fashion in its powerful functionality. The sporty design is in line with the image of Mr. Tony Parker. This function can meet all the needs of the wearer. Up to 20 professional sports functions, including dual alarm, dual time zone, weather forecast, altimeter, tide calculator, 100 meters waterproof, etc., perfectly explain the essence of Tissot’s brand innovation, continuous pursuit and exploration.

In-store watch display

Summary: Tissot Shanghai flagship store will pay more attention to the communication and interaction between brands and customers. From Tissot’s brand concept, it can be seen that the watch is not only a tool for displaying time, but also more for the personal taste and lifestyle of consumers. Every detail in the Shanghai flagship store highlights the professional spirit of Tissot watches and its avant-garde, dynamic and fashionable brand image. Customers here not only enjoy the fun of shopping, but also experience the history and culture of Tissot in brand-new stores, understand the watchmaking craftsmanship of Tissot, and feel the temperament of Tissot. This new shopping mode integrating the ‘consumption, experience, and entertainment’ trinity allows customers to no longer be limited to a single purchase, but to feel the tacit understanding with the Tissot spirit in the process of realizing the Tissot brand concept.

2014 Sihh – Cartier Cartier Chants Gorgeous Summoning Poems

This is a magical poem. The L’ Heure Envoûtée de Cartier watch is in the call of each other. Each one has its own unique features, and everything is precious and precious. Together they guard the mysterious covenant. Who are they
New work in 2014-L’ Heure Envoûtée de Cartier
Suddenly, suddenly, he seemed to have known each other, he seemed to have a sing, and each other’s souls were in harmony, but there was nowhere to be the same, and any magical metamorphosis emerged, surpassing all the real feelings. They are accompanied by each other, a specific image, an abstract appearance, and a pair of pairs, such as the shadow of deformation in the mirror, which stimulates endless topics between gems and animals. Innovative works combine shape and color, drawing and light … Diamonds, emeralds, or yellow gold are woven into a matching game and tell the world that in Cartier’s world, poetry is the source of creation and is vibrant. Passionate, passionate
Between day and night, time changes. The magical watch series staged a daydream, setting up a bridge to Cartier’s magical world. Just like being in a fairy tale world, gems are gorgeous in abstract shapes, jumping and changing in light and shadow. The masterpieces of the series combine Cartier’s two major skills: precious gem skills and vivid animal shapes.
L’ Heure Envoûtée de Cartier Collection
Deep emeralds are full of lush, rich and mellow. The watch is looming, and the Art Deco diamond lines are shining, highlighting the delicate dial set in diamond folds.
At this mysterious moment, Cartier invites you to close your eyes and jewels to dazzle and slowly reveal the birth machine. A rare crocodile lies in the center of the ever-changing watch, and is alive. It is both a watch and a brooch, a poetic work of free contemplation, revealing the charming charm hidden by the jewellery master.

High Jewellery Watch

18K rhodium-plated white gold case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds and emeralds weighing 33.51 carats. Quartz movement. Unique masterpiece.

Les Indomptables de Cartier

18K yellow gold case with green crocodile scale enamel painted dial. 18K yellow gold brooch with brilliant-cut round diamonds, enamel painted leaves, emerald eyes. Green alligator strap. Quartz movement. The number is limited to 50 pieces.
L’ Heure Envoûtée de Cartier Collection
Rose-cut diamonds dazzle with dazzling flames. The perfect geometric shape located in the center of the work attracts everyone’s attention, as if an echo of the elegant style in the Art Deco era, like a labyrinth of precise misinterpretation. The wristband with delicate shiny pearls is like a light that transcends all external appearances and travels between time and space ⋯⋯ extraordinary imagination, riding on the wings of a swan, flying in the stars, flying far away
Under the mysterious gear system of the stealth mechanical structure, under the shadow of the diamond, among the swans’ wings, the moments are looming.

High Jewelry Mystery Watch

18K rhodium-plated white gold case set with rose-cut diamonds weighing 9.94 carats. High-quality pearl bracelet. Bright cut round diamonds and onyx. Quartz movement. Unique masterpiece.

Mysterious watch with swan decoration

18K rhodium-plated white gold case, pear-shaped diamonds and drop-shaped diamonds, emerald eyes. High-quality pearl bracelet. Quartz movement. Unique masterpiece.
L’ Heure Envoûtée de Cartier Collection
The dazzling black-and-white dot abstract pattern implies the jaguar pattern, and the soft bracelet watch fits tightly to the wrist. The L’ Heure Envoûtée de Cartier series, the mysterious jaguar, suddenly jumped out of the center of the Baignoire dial. The ubiquitous jaguar is Cartier’s vital source of inspiration, majestic, powerful, and charismatic, symbolizing and metaphorizing the femininity of freedom.

High Jewellery Watch

18K rhodium-plated white gold case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds and black enamel. Quartz movement.

Panthère de Cartier skeleton watch

18K rhodium-plated white gold case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds and black enamel. 18K rhodium-plated white gold bracelet set with brilliant-cut round diamonds. 8971 MC manual-winding mechanical movement.

Old Time Reappears-glashütte Original Pocket Watch # 1

The world’s first pocket watch with a bracelet was praised as soon as it was invented in the 16th century. It is a perfect combination of watch art and precision manufacturing technology. It is the first one that people can carry with them. Reading time tool. Over the centuries, exquisite pocket watches made of gold have become a symbol of men’s success, taste and status. It highlights a strong personal style and is an essential timing tool.

 With the advent of Glashütte’s original ‘Pocket Watch One’, the watch industry has entered a new era. This two-question pocket watch with elegant appearance is limited to 25 pieces worldwide. Rose gold materials are dazzling with superb watchmaking technology, innovative mechanical structure and German aesthetic design. It is inspired by the antique pocket watches of Julius Assmann, the pioneer of Glashütte watchmaking.

 The second question function of ‘Pocket Watch No. 1’ is one of its proud features, which can accurately tell the time. The time is reported first with a deeper sound and then with a louder sound. The slider at 6 o’clock is used to operate the watch function. Move the slider to 9 o’clock to tighten the clockwork. When the mainspring is tightened, the watch function is activated. The function is controlled by the centrifugal regulator of the movement’s gear train. The gongs surround the outer edge of the movement’s gear train and are struck by two-tone hammers on the gongs of different lengths to make a sound. The elegant and slender blue-steel hour and minute hands are placed in the center of the dial, while the small seconds dial is located below the dial. The black minute scale is lined with Roman numerals, which is elegant on the enamel dial. ‘Pocket Watch No. 1’ is wound through the faucet, and the time setting is performed with a double-layered winding system. This design allows the balance wheel to suspend operation when the faucet is wound, and resets the small second hand to zero.

 The accuracy of the timing is expressed by the movement. The original 84-01 movement produced by Glashütte makes the time extremely accurate. Watch lovers can watch the movement through double-layer anti-glare sapphire crystal glass. Three-quarters of splints, gold sleeves, hand-carved balance plywood, and gooseneck fine-tuning device are all elegantly exposed. This pocket watch is equipped with a 36-hour power reserve. The polished rose gold dust cover to protect the pocket watch is presented in the form of a half-hunting watch. The bottom of the back cover is hand-engraved with the name of the watch and its limited number from 1 to 25. With a rose gold bracelet, ‘Pocket Watch No. 1’ can be placed in a vest pocket, becoming a luxury accessory for men seeking perfection.