Bedat & Co Genève And Quintessentially

Quintessentially and Bedat & Co Genève jointly issued a cooperation statement that the service product launched is a pioneering concept in the field of watch making.

Quintessentially is a multinational luxury lifestyle group. Bedat & Co, a Swiss watchmaker, known for its fine craftsmanship and pure style, has announced an exciting new partnership.
Bedat & Co CONFIDENTIAL is a private club that provides luxurious private services to some individual members through a partnership with Quintessentially.
 The partnership between Bedat & Co and Quintessentially will serve every new owner of a Bedat & Co watch and help them get things that are hard to come by, such as tickets to the most popular shows and concerts , Book a seat in the hottest restaurant, be included in the list of the coolest nightclub guests, or book a room in the world’s most satisfying resort hotel. Bedat & Co CONFIDENTIAL will give his members a virtual key to enter any city.
Bedat & Co CEO William Devine said, ‘Our customers value the prudent brand image of this reliable, trusted brand. With the concept of Bedat & Co CONFIDENTIAL, we can help us Of our customers can truly get a unique luxury experience. We are very happy to enter into a strategic partnership with this successful and respectable company, and we look forward to bringing unparalleled global network and professionalism to our future watch owners service.’
The appearance of Bedat & Co CONFIDENTIAL is also one of the activities of this famous watch maker to celebrate his tenth anniversary.
Quintessentially was founded by Aaron Simpson and Ben Elliot in December 2000, and he is now a world-renowned world-leading luxury lifestyle group company. The company prides itself on being able to complete a variety of tasks, even the most challenging personal assistant jobs, and providing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a global network, Take care of their members. This company now has 35 experienced offices around the world.
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Source: Bédat & Co.

2014 Basel Showcase Technical Analysis Of Silicon Escape

If silicon was considered a rarity in the past few years, it is now commonplace, especially this year, no matter whether it is a big brand or a small brand, it is definitely not enough if you don’t get a little bit with silicon. Fashion, I have been asked before whether silicon is a gimmick or really useful. I have never used it, so I can explain it according to the general laws of nature. As we all know, the simpler the structure, the more reliable it is. It has been tested by the market, but one thing is certain that the escapement fork has changed from the original three parts to one part. It is quite reliable. Let us analyze in detail the benefits of silicon escapement.

   Silicon is the eighth in the universe and second only to oxygen in the earth’s crust. Its chemical structure is similar to carbon. It is a tetravalent metal. Silicon has four electrons, and the outer electron layer has four free spaces. Links to other substances through many chemical bonds. This electronic configuration also gives single crystal silicon the same crystal structure as diamond, some metals, and glass.

   Therefore, crystalline silicon is hard and light, antimagnetic and corrosion resistant, and can be polished to a smooth and low friction state, all of which are ideal characteristics of watch parts. However, due to two major constraints, silicon was not used in mechanical watch manufacturing until recently: first, silicon is very fragile like glass. Second, micromechanical components made of silicon need to be finely crafted by extremely complex and high-tech photolithography processes. Of course, it has now been resolved.
   The real impetus for introducing silicon into the watchmaking industry began in the late 1990s, when a private company CSEM (Swiss Electronics and Microtechnology Centre) in Neuchâtel was under (Including Patek Philippe, Rolex and Swatch Group) commissioned to develop a silicon watch component. However, they are not the final winners, because the first mechanical watch with single-crystal silicon components to be released was the Freak (Available in 2001) watch from Athens. This Freak watch uses an ingenious ‘two-way’ escapement. Two plasma-etched silicon escape wheels can alternately provide thrust to the balance wheel. Interestingly, the design concept of the silicon escapement wheel is derived from CSEM.

   Silicon, a pioneering high-tech material, does not require lubrication, it is harder than stainless steel, lighter in texture, and has a lower coefficient of friction, which can effectively reduce component wear and reduce operating forces, so it can obtain the same Accurate timing results. Silicon is non-magnetic and has excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. It can bring the manufacturing limit of precise timing mechanism into a whole new field. For silicon escapements, Athens can definitely be regarded as a pioneer. This year’s new Athens anchor escapement uses a circular silicon frame. The escapement fork is suspended by two blades that are perpendicular to each other and bend under pressure. . The effective operation of this complex device all depends on the physical characteristics of the blade spring-when the blade is bent in one direction, the other directions cannot be bent at all, so as to generate the power function of a support shaft.

   Every half of the balance swings back and forth, the energy will be transmitted to the blade. The blade bounces like a hairpin, and it will suddenly change from a stable state to another state. , But without friction. So when the pallet fork returns to its original position, the system will provide the stored energy and its loss will be close to zero. In addition, because the pallet fork does not need to rotate on the shaft, the pallet shaft is omitted, and the movement of the pallet fork becomes smoother. Although the system is still at the conceptual stage, it is destined to have a significant impact on the development of silicon escapements in the future.

   In addition to Athens, Zenith’s ELPrimero Synopsis also began to enter the silicon escapement. Synopsis uses a movement called ELPrimero 4613. This movement removes the original timing function, but still maintains the iconic EL movement. The frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour, although this movement can not be timed, but I feel that this movement has become more pure, and the addition of silicon escapement makes this movement even more powerful. The escapement fork and escapement gear are made of silicon. Since silicon itself is harder than steel, its texture is light, and its coefficient of friction is low, so the use of this material on high-vibration movements can maximize the role of silicon.

   In addition, the unique happy design of this watch can be said to be perfectly integrated with the silicon material. With this design, the interaction between the faint blue silicon pallet and the escape wheel can be fully received. fundus. Because the Synopsis Happy Watch is based on the legendary ELPrimero movement, the position of each splint, mechanism and part has been carefully studied and market-tested, so I believe this EL is non-chronograph The silicon escapement movement will surely achieve good market performance in the future.

   In addition to the above two top brands, this year we are also glad to see that Frederique Constant, known as the bezel Zara, has also joined the silicon escapement camp. Since Frederique Constant’s first heartbeat self-produced movement was successful in 2004, Every year, new members are added to the series. This year’s new FC-945 heartbeat movement, after two years of design, development and improvement, uses the most technologically advanced silicon material available today. Like other brands, Frederique Constant used deep reactive ion etching technology called DRIE (Deep Reactive Ion Etching) when making silicon escape wheels. The image of the escape wheel is first projected on a silicon wafer with a diameter of 100 mm and a thickness of 0.5 mm. The diameter of a silicon wafer is generally between 25.4 mm and 300 mm. The semiconductor boule cuts the wafer and then polishes it on one or both sides. A silicon wafer with a diameter of 100 mm can make about 250 escape wheels.

   The silicon escape wheel is made well. It has the same three-dimensional structure as diamond, light weight, high hardness, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is not necessary to use lubricating oil on the meshing surface of the gear. At the same time, it also has good friction performance and reduces friction. It is most suitable to replace the existing metal materials and achieve the highest efficiency requirements of the escapement process.
   From the above text, we can see that silicon escapement has unique high-quality performance. I think that with the continuous maturation of its processing technology, silicon escapement will definitely replace the current metal material in the near future.

Beyond 100 Years Of Thinking Mb & F’s First Independent Research And Development Movement

For a classic 40mm watch, the Legacy Machine 101 (LM101) covers a rich connotation; more precisely, the LM101 covers a very long time: inspired by From the birth of the watch to more than a full 100 years. The birth of the Legacy Machine 101 emphasizes the core of what a watch really needs: the balance wheel-which bears precise isochronism; the mainspring that stores power-can clearly indicate the next time it needs to be wound. Moment; and unquestionably-time. The LM101 also has a very special feature-one that will not be seen: it is equipped with MB & amp’s first completely independently developed movement.

The surface of the substrate on the dial side of the movement is engraved with solar radiation, attracting everyone’s attention at a specific angle

Visually, the focus of the LM101 lies in the huge hanging balance wheel, and its calm rotation speed attracts viewers unconsciously. Two small white dials hover over the upper substrate of the movement decorated with a delicate sun pattern. On the right are hour and minute dials with easy-to-read hour markers. The blue gold hands indicate a strong contrast with the flawless white dial. ; As for the 45-hour power reserve indicator, it is located on a small dial with the same size below. The sapphire crystal that protects the dial disappears magically, making people mistakenly think that they can reach out and touch the giant balance wheel hanging between the elegant arms. The arched arms are cut directly from the entire piece of metal, and to achieve a mirror-like gloss, it takes more than five hours of manual sanding to achieve it. Turning the Legacy Machine 101 over, the transparent sapphire crystal back cover-the dome-shaped design, in order to reduce the thickness of the strap and the visual height of the case-showcases the hand-carved movement. The vitality of the machine and bridge plates pays tribute to the high-quality style only found in classic pocket watches, and also proves that the LM101 strictly adheres to the orthodoxy of traditional watchmaking.

Legacy Machine is the crystallization of this dream. It has a large and stable balance wheel, curved dial, traditional classical bridge design and excellent surface polishing, while blending modern and traditional elegant style.

With the Geneva corrugations on the movement, hand-polished chamfers, gold sleeves, and blue steel countersunk head screws, the beauty of the LM101 movement is not only true to that passing time, but also announcing the dawn of a new era-positive Because it is MB & F’s first completely independent conception and design movement. Kari Voutilainen, the award-winning independent watchmaker, is responsible for the delicate polishing and modification of this movement, ensuring its faithful presentation of the old watch style and 100% conformity with the MB & F structural design. Even though the movement of the Legacy Machine 101 looks very similar to the Legacy Machine No.1, a closer inspection reveals that this is actually a brand new movement. It is not just a scaled-down version of the LM1 movement, but a MB & F is a completely new conception and development movement. The balance wheel and balance spring are the most important cores of all mechanical watch movements. Their isochronous frequency (ie, swing interval) is critical to the accuracy of the core. Büsser has always been fascinated by the slow vibration frequency of the large balance wheel in antique pocket watches-2.5 Hz / 18,000 times per hour, which is much slower than today’s most common 4 Hz / 28,800 times per hour-and is therefore fascinated by him The starting point is not surprising at all. What is surprising, however, is his reinterpretation of the traditional alternative-moving the balance wheel, which is usually hidden on the back of the movement, not just above the movement, but also hanging high above the dial. Even though the balance position of the LM101 may be regarded as avant-garde, the ‘tradition’ is displayed in the size of a giant balance wheel with a diameter of 14 mm. The balance wheel is equipped with a counterweight screw specially developed for MB & F, a Breguet hairspring, and a movable hairspring head fixing bolt.

 Legacy Machine No. 1 (LM1) is the first work in the Legacy series, while LM101 has a more classic 40 mm diameter than the LM1’s 44 mm, which highlights the traditional watchmaking style.

The LM101 not only has a highly attractive suspension balance wheel, a pure white dial that indicates the time (hours and minutes) and power reserve, it also has a charming appearance and high reading created by the contrast of blue hands Sex. In addition to the three-dimensional configuration of the balance wheel floating on the dial, on the white dials on both sides, you can see the bright blue hands also floating. The dial with a slight arc is coated with a clear and bright varnish. This is a special effect created by a method called ‘laque tendue’. This method is heated after a few coats of lacquer, so that The lacquered surface covers the dial evenly and smoothly.
In order to maintain the pure beauty of the dial and the Roman time scale, the dial does not use the traditional screw fixing method. Instead, it uses a precise gold ring to fix the dial in a complex manner. This will not make the dial’s immortal classic beauty There are impairments. Because the LM101 movement is independently developed, it means that watchmaker Kari Voutilainen is responsible for ensuring that the bridge design and fine surface treatment of the movement strictly follow strict traditional watchmaking specifications. The surface of the substrate on the dial side of the movement is engraved with solar radiation patterns. It will attract people’s attention at a specific angle, but it will not take away the white dial, floating balance wheel or the indication of dynamic storage. The charming shape and delicate polishing of the bridge and movement can be appreciated through the transparent bottom cover. Here you can see the outstanding craftsmanship of Kari Voutilainen. The shape of the bridge keeps the elegant curve of the traditional watch movement, between the bridge and the movement. There is ample and spacious space between the case and the case.

Legacy Machine 101 is available in 18K rose gold or 18K white gold case versions, with a total annual production of 30 pieces

On the back of the movement, large ruby ​​bearings can be seen through the countersunk head and fixed with polished gold sleeves. They become the visual focus of the bridge, complementing the Geneva ripples and reminiscent of high-quality antique pocket watches. Movement. Ruby bearings have the effect of reducing friction and prolonging component life. Large-sized bearings can accommodate larger toothed axles and more lubricant.

Jeanrichard Shang Weisha Congratulates Franck Cammas On His Victory On The French Sailing Tour

July 2013, Marseille, France, Captain Franck Cammas of the Groupama 34 UNITA insurance team and his crew took the lead in the Atlantic and Mediterranean segments, this time in 2013 The French sailing tour won a great victory.

 Earlier in 2012, Franck Cammas was named the ‘voyager of the year’, adding a touch of splendor to his dazzling resume and highlighting his outstanding human qualities. ‘I am fortunate to be able to engage in such an inspiring sport. When sailing, you will feel real freedom and always ready to travel around the world. In addition, this work I’m also fascinated by the technical and strategic aspects because it maximizes our potential. ‘

  Franck Cammas and Jean-Vichard JeanRichard share a common philosophy of life, eager for new challenges, perfectionism, the pursuit of precision and shared passion, and opened the chapter of the story of Chamvish and Franck Cammas. Shang Weisha selected Captain Franck Cammas for the blue dial tape watch in the latest series of Aquascope watches, which has been with the captain to complete the 2013 French sailing cruise challenge.
 Burno Grande, Chief Operating Officer of Shangweisha, sighed: ‘This victory is a feat inspired by talent, endurance and courage. Congratulations Franck!’

Aquascope Watch Technical Specifications
Polished and straight satin-finished steel case with blue PVD
Unidirectional rotating bezel
Dimensions: 44 mm
Thickness: 13.05 mm
Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Screw-down case back with engraved JEANRICHARD logo
Lock the crown
Water resistant to 300 meters
JR60 movement
Self-winding mechanical movement
Movement size: 11 ½ law minutes
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Number of gems: 26
Power reserve: not less than 38 hours
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date
Blue straight satin-finished dial
Coated with rhodium-plated luminescent materials
Blue tape
Stainless steel discount
Also equipped with stainless steel strap with butterfly clasp