Audemars Piguet Golf Masters Club

October 21, 2013, Lanhai International Golf Club, Shanghai ——Audemars Piguet, a Swiss fine watch brand, held its first golf masters enjoyment session at Shanghai Lanhai International Golf Club. Brand ambassadors Graeme McDowell, Louis Oosthuizen, Mr. David von Gunten, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Pigte China and Hong Kong, Ms. Li Li, General Manager of Audemars Piguet China As well as VIPs from Mainland China and Hong Kong, we will join hands in the discussion and share this unprecedented experience on the golf course.

The first Audemars Piguet Golf Masters Premiere will settle in the Lanhai International Golf Club. Winding fairways, hidden sand bunkers, natural vegetation, and unpredictable sea breeze make the original, pure Links-style course more challenging and fun. . The game adopts the New New Peoria Inspanidual Stroke system. What is more unique is that each VIP has the opportunity to learn the skills of the two close-ups with the two masters on the court and get the careful guidance of the Ambassador of Audemars Piguet.
 Speaking of the event, Mr. Fan Wei, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet China and Hong Kong said: ‘This event is very exciting and meaningful, and we are honored to invite the two masters, Graeme McDowell and Louis Wu Xiuren Attend the Audemars Piguet Golf Privilege and exchange experiences with the VIPs. This unique opportunity gives the VIPs the opportunity to gain the professional guidance of the masters and truly apply it to future competitions. ‘

Since cooperating with Audemars Piguet in 2005, Graeme McDowell has been an extraordinary athlete. This rigorous and enthusiastic northern golfer has always been calm and calm, and has become the most outstanding player in the world today. For one, he made a name for himself at the 2010 US Open in Pebble Beach, California.
 And from the South Africa, Louis Wu Xiuren has a firm will and a low-key style. In 2010, he defeated his opponent by seven strokes and won the British Open championship, becoming his first major in his career. Public attention.

 At the sharing meeting, the two masters devoted great enthusiasm, and they expressed their great honour to be able to come to China to discuss ball skills with the VIPs of Audemars Piguet and experience a rare sharing experience together. There is a close and profound connection between fine watchmaking and golf, both of which strive for a high degree of enthusiasm and precision, a perfect combination of technology and art. As members of the Audemars Piguet Golf Ambassador, Graeme McDowell and Louis Wu Xiuren have exquisite skills and continue to make breakthroughs, explaining the philosophy of Audemars Piguet’s ‘Controlling the Convention and Creating Innovation’.

Milus Won The ‘best Of Timepieces’ Award At The 2009 Couture Design Awards

Milus’s Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 Limited Edition won the first prize at the Couture Design Awards, which was awarded on May 30, 2009 in Las Vegas.
Couture Design Awards is a public agency that is managed by itself. For more than 11 years, the awards they have awarded are the most recommended and enviable for independent designers and brands. Previous winners have become leaders in the watch and jewellery industry and have been constantly innovating. The 2009 nominees represent the industry’s top quality and most talented design, and these brands are only doing business in the Couture category-this category is truly continuous innovation and inherent The genius represents the most creative soul in the watch and jewelry category.

Jan Edöcs, President and Chief Executive Officer of Milus International SA and Doron Basha, President and Chief Executive Officer of Milus USA Presenting Best Watch Award
Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 is a limited edition watch, only 38 of which are produced worldwide, and have only recently met the public at BaselWorld 2009. As early as 1919, in Bienne, Switzerland, a professional watchmaker, Paul William Junod, who has extensive experience in the arts and traditional craftsmanship, intends to start realizing his dream. He envisioned creating a durable, elegant and exquisite watch, a valuable accessory that everyone would like to own. Ninety years later, the Milus brand created an extremely exquisite Swiss watch, which once again embodies a pioneering spirit and perfect dream of his creator. The TIRION TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 Limited Edition is a tribute to the design tradition of Milus and a nostalgia for the past.

The name Tirion comes from Orion, which is the easiest constellation in the sky and the brightest constellation. Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 is a beautiful 18K red gold 6N version, which is a kind of gold commonly used at the beginning of the last century. Each of the three retrograde seconds hands shows twenty seconds each. His beating rhythm is transmitted by a Swiss-quality mechanical movement. This movement is a unique special edition with automatic winding function.
Source: Milus

I Do N’t See The Meteor Shower In Leo. We Can Still Make Up With The Usual Fantasy Starry Sky

The nights of mid-November 2016 are doomed to be extraordinary. First, the wind blows all day. Disperses smog and impurities in the air. Secondly, the weather is not so cold. This provides the perfect conditions for viewing the largest and roundest supermoon once encountered in 70 years. If you missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you have to wait 18 years before you can ‘renew the frontier’ with this round and big moon. This super moon also made a ‘net celebrity’ for one night. It was as large as various media and as small as a circle of personal friends. It released various beautiful pictures, which made people overwhelmed.

Super moon

Super Moon with Single Dog Food

Lost beauty can be made up by bright starry sky

Past Starry Sky Pictures

   However, I missed these pictures and couldn’t make up for them. After all, the feeling of being immersive is very different from the feeling of looking at pictures. In this beautiful scenery, people only know that they can look up at the bright moon, but they don’t know that there are bright stars and rivers around it. Unlike the Super Moon, as long as the weather is good enough on ordinary nights, you can look up at the beautiful galaxy. According to the news, there will be a meteor shower in the Leo on the evening of the 17th. I wonder if you like the moon phase so much, will you like the meteor shower more? Believe it or not, I believe it anyway. But this kind of weather is worrying. Meteor showers will only appear under clear night sky. According to the recent weather, you may be disappointed if you also look forward to Leo meteor showers.

Past Starry Rain Shooting
   People say: ‘The sky is a huge castle, containing all the stars, the sun and the moon. Meteors feel that it is insignificant in the city of the sky. Because countless bright stars make heaven and earth overwhelming, there is no love for meteors, so they Try your best to hit the ground and draw a beautiful arc with your soul, which has become the shortest but most beautiful scenery in the sky. ‘We who grew up in fairy tales yearn for meteors, Longing for the bright galaxy of the sky. But the starry sky is not common. In the days when there is no meteor, you may wish to come to a watch that can watch the starry sky, and keep the innocence and fun of childhood.

Bright galaxy on the dial

Patek Philippe Special Limited Edition

   Under this starry sky, interested watchmates will soon associate the watch models associated with the starry sky. Yes, putting the starry sky above the watch is also a highlight of the watch industry today. The old saying goes: ‘Look at the astronomy, look down at the geography, and pass through the personnel.’ If you wear a starry sky watch, you can see the starry sky without looking up. When it comes to the starry sky watch, we must mention the special limited edition of the world’s high cold noble Patek Philippe. The moon phase, starry sky and other elements are designed on the dial to give the mysterious beauty of the starry sky. The hour hand is specially designed into the shape of a hollow star, which highlights the grand theme of the starry sky. As the super classic watch that has attracted much attention, it gives back to the world with its own perfection and classics. Even the brand’s starry sky watch still has its shadow.

Patek Philippe Super Complication Chronograph

    Today, Patek Philippe watches are even more dazzling and are the most prestigious and independent watchmakers in the watch industry. Each of these watches is full of high-cold aristocracy. Just like this Ref.5102PR watch of the starry sky, it is a new model of Patek Philippe in 2009, replacing the previous 5102 gold model. Compared with the gold model, this watch looks more beautiful. The brand designer seized the essential characteristics of the starry sky. Perfectly engraved on the watch. Stars of different sizes and layouts give people great visual enjoyment, and they look very natural and starry. Hollow willow-shaped hour and minute hands full of the brand’s characteristics are located in the center of the watch, and the outer dial is Roman numerals, adding a touch of ancient elegance to the overall atmosphere of the watch. The whole feels like the real starry sky is sealed on the dial, giving people a full sense of beauty. Although it’s expensive to the inside, it makes people feel expensive.


   When you see this watch, you may think, is it just the moon phase plus a starry sky, what’s so magical? If you think so, you are too paranoid. Good things need to wait, wait a moment, and see what to say at night? Now, let’s take a look at its ‘resume’. It is the star model of SIHH Lange in 2016. From the perspective of the brand alone, it must have its own pedigree with German watch pedigree. It combines the two unique ideas of Lange in recent years. Yes, the luminous charging system and the eccentric design style. Well, not much to say, let’s stay in the quiet night and see how it changes!

Watch luminous display (picture from the Internet)

   Has it been poisoned by these few touches of fluorescent green? The biggest highlight of the watch is this unique luminous design. Fluorescence makes the starry sky, which originally set off the moon phase function, all attractive. Even the hands with completely different styles emit this charming color, letting people linger, and indulge in the starry sky on the dial.

Jacques Dross Star Collection
   The classic appearance, with the eternal diamond edging, and the half-covered moon phase of the lute, are all characteristic features of the watch. In fact, the starry sky full of stars on the dial is a beautiful scenery. The simple aventurine dial makes the entire starry sky full of serenity and mystery, plus 8 rhodium-plated star inlays and 1 rhodium-plated moon inlay make people feel peaceful and quiet. The unique rhodium-plated hour, minute and date hands have the same three hands, but the most special is that there is no second hand design, which gives the watch a sense of calmness. Metalized onyx moon phase pointer also adds a beauty of change to the moon phase. Not only can you observe the phases of the moon, but you can also use it to look at the stars.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Watches

   If Patek Philippe is epic, then legend can be used to shape the home. Just like this watch, the royal aristocratic grain design style makes the starry sky watch more rich in the beauty of the lines of the constellation pattern. The surface of the plate is made of lapis lazuli, and hand-carved with patterns and mosaic patterns, showing the visual effect of the vast starry sky. What is even more amazing is the two exquisite diamond-set crowns that come with the watch. The first crown case adjusts the astronomical map and adjusts the hour and minute display. The second crown adjusts the position of the constellation individually, creating a unique ‘astrolabe’ for the wearer. It makes people feel that although the value is great, the humanized design is excellent value for money. Such a watch not only displays its own special beauty, but also the outstanding skills of the watchmaker behind it.

Summary: Good things are always short-lived, like fleeting, fleeting. It’s good to catch the moment and appreciate it. But don’t regret missing it, because there are better things waiting for us. If we look at it from another angle, we will be much happier, won’t we? Although missing from the Super Moon, the Leopard Meteor Shower quietly came, but I don’t know where. Watching the moon phase watch and the starry sky watch is not bad. As long as one of the things or the reproduction is done, you can feel the natural harmony and charm.