Babel Group Won The Exclusive Agency Rights Of Lars Larsen, A Popular European Fashion Brand In China. The Signing Ceremony Will Be Officially Held At The 2015 Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Fair

Acting as the agent of more than 30 well-known watch brands in Germany and other European countries, the German Perpetual Group has recently reached a strategic cooperation with Lars Larsen, a popular European fashion brand. The signing ceremony of the cooperation will be held on the day of the opening ceremony of the 2015 Shenzhen International Watch and Clock in the German pavilion booth (Hall 1 CTB-GP booth). At that time, Mr. Lars Larsen, President of Larson, Mr. Dan, Partner of Larson Director Mr. Morten will fly from Denmark to Shenzhen, and sign a cooperation agreement with Ms. Yao Tian, ​​President of B & D.
   Lars Larsen from Denmark is a European-famous fashion watch brand. Its brand spirit explains the simple, comfortable and warm lifestyle of Northern Europe. Its design continues the minimalist style of Scandinavia. Quality is known for Swiss craftsmanship, and every Larson watch is assembled in Switzerland. Larson watches are divided into five categories: men’s watches, ladies’ watches, unisex watches, sports watches and accessories. The simple design of its watch presents rich fashion elements through the change of font and strap color.
   The ingenious design and impeccable manufacturing process give the Lars Larsen watch a distinctive temperament, making the wearer stand out from the crowd. The design is generous and elegant, pursues practicality and functionality, and inspires and highlights personal fashion beauty and personality. Trying to interpret the masculinity of men and the feminine beauty of women, whether it is business office or sports leisure, it can perfectly match.
   The choice of materials is exquisite, using the top stainless steel case, scratch-resistant and dazzling sapphire crystal glass, and the top leather strap hand-made by the world’s top belt manufacturers. All watches are assembled by hand in Switzerland to ensure that they pass a strict quality inspection before finally becoming a qualified Lars Larsen watch. In addition, all models are strictly quality-controlled in Denmark before leaving the factory, providing consumers with up to 3 years of warranty.
   This ‘marriage’ is of extraordinary historical significance to both the Pebide Group and the Larson brand. The watch brands represented by the Perpetual Group are mainly German well-known watches such as Langkun, Zibolin, Elysee, Braun, and other fashion brands in other European countries such as Lavrangi, Simestar, Yakliman . Being able to win the favor of Lars Larsen, the European popular tide brand, and become its exclusive authorized agent in China, which has greatly enriched the high-quality fashion watch product line of the Beide Group. At the same time, Larson has also become the main brand of Saint-Temple, a European fashion boutique collection store created by Pablo. For Larson, the Chinese market has huge potential and is a market that the brand attaches great importance to in the process of global promotion. The choice of Bebeldeer as its sole agent in China is also fancy for the strength of the Bebeldeer Group and the mature operation experience of the brands such as Langkun and Qibolin they represent in China.
   At this historic moment of strong alliance, we look forward to your presence and witness together.