The 17th Richard Mille Princess Rally Embodies Excellent Performance And Luxurious Style

RICHARD MILLE is the brand’s uniform and feminine appearance. In the second year, it was the title sponsor of the world’s only female international road rally RALLYE DES PRINCESSES. During the current race, ups and downs, but 90 team members from 9 countries are still in a friendly atmosphere, from Paris to Saint-Tropez.

   At the elegant Place Vendôme in Paris, the sound of rifles is about to sound, and all inspection procedures have been completed the night before. Nevertheless, it is still unknown whether the 2016 Rallye des Princesses will start as scheduled. However, this statement may have underestimated the resilience and enthusiasm of the founder and organizer Viviane Zaniroli. She said: ‘Participants have once again overcome the challenges of extraordinarily difficult matters with graceful attitude. Although this year’s event was particularly difficult, they still worked hard He showed indomitable spirit against difficulties. ‘The event began on May 29, when it rained heavily that day. For the past few days, only the last section of June 2 (the fourth quarter) from Pont-Royal to Place des Lices appeared sunny. Participants driving open-top cars have been wet all day and have to endure extreme discomfort, especially in their spirit.

   The princess rally is an annual event. The participating cars include pre-war ‘historical’ antique cars (Austin Healey) and more recent ‘classic’ cars (Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, etc.). Calling this event simply a ‘sports event’ fails to show the excitement of the event. In order to complete the 1,600-kilometer race and multiple technical tests, participants need to demonstrate outstanding concentration and accurate technology. The race was extremely difficult, with the top 20 cars in the line performing particularly well, and the skills of their driving team and maintenance technicians were exceptional.

   Richard Mille is naturally impressed by this race of elegant vintage cars, superb technology, sportsmanship and fair competition. The brand’s first women’s watch was born more than a decade ago, and later appeared on the list including RM 007, RM 037, RM 07-01, Michelle Michelle Tourbillon and RM 19-02 Tourbillon Fleur watches, achieving a colorful Women’s watches. Richard Mille said: ‘Creativity is the essence of each movement of the brand and the essence of watch technology. Creating a women’s watch series opens up new ideas for the brand and allows us to solve exciting challenges.’ Today, at The Porsche 956 racer wears a Richard Mille watch on his wrist.

   The grace and harmony are undoubtedly the essence of the princess rally event. The event spans a pleasant suburban scenery. In addition to eye-catching costumes and eye-catching costumes, you can also enjoy the beauty of driving across the Lubéron river and Baie des Canoubiers. But in addition, the sportsmanship and spirit of struggle of the participants are also the reasons that make this event so widely acclaimed.

   The ladies participating in the Princess Richard Mille Rally show their determination and determination. Not only was the weather harsh during this event, but the driving route also required extremely high driving skills, making it the most difficult one since the event was held. The winning team this year is Marie-Christine Perin and Véronique Morel-Lab (Austin Innocenti n ° 70); the classic car category was won by Caterham driven by Servant Gabillon and Chantal Duc Dodon. Congratulations ladies!