Autonomous And Comprehensive Watch House Interview With Mr. Zhang Hua, Ceo Of Jaeger-lecoultre China

At the 24th Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair (SIHH), Watch House was honored to have an interview with Mr. Zhang Ye, the CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre China. Features and related issues of concern to netizens asked Mr. Zhang Ye, let us look at the Chinese market in the eyes of Mr. Zhang.

Watch House: Jaeger-LeCoultre is a 180-year-old Swiss top brand. What unique charm does it have compared to other high-end Swiss brands?
Zhang Huan: Jaeger-LeCoultre was originally a factory that manufactures movements, so it is characterized by the foundation of the development and manufacture of a movement. It is the most complete and comprehensive. All steps of watchmaking can be completed independently. For example, like enamel painting; gem setting; carving are all under the control of Jaeger-LeCoultre. This is relatively special in the Swiss watch industry, which gives us more opportunities to make some revolutionary works.

Watch House: How do you evaluate Jaeger-LeCoultre’s performance in China last year?
Zhang Huan: From the year before last year to last year, the market still had some challenges. Jaeger-LeCoultre can be said to be in a ok state. Our development process is relatively stable. On the other hand, I think that even in the market is not very good. Under the premise, we still ensure the unity of range, price, attitude, and style of the product, so consumers have bought or given to friends and relatives gradually become the mainstream of consumption, so the impact is not particularly great.

Watch House: What will Jaeger-LeCoultre expect for China and the entire Asian region in the new year?
Zhang Huan: This year we opened a new store in Chengdu and gradually started to move in second-tier cities. As far as the entire sales strategy is concerned, it is more rational than before and will not open many stores quickly.

Watch House: The rise of the Chinese market has an important impact on the watch industry. Are there any Chinese designers to better fit China’s national conditions?
Zhang Huan: There are currently no customized models specially launched for China. We still need to show the brand’s comprehensive spirit more. We can achieve some advantages in pricing, whether it is an entry model or a classic model, such as One of our master series 1907 red gold ultra-thin watches, its pricing and configuration are very competitive, only about 100,000 yuan, if you want to mention the super complicated functions, our bucket spring tourbillon perpetual calendar red gold The price of the watch is also less than 900,000 yuan, less than 900,000. I believe everyone can understand it in the industry. It is a very competitive price. The price of the three-question tourbillon we launched this year will not exceed 3 million. It will be exhibited at the Shanghai Film Festival in June this year, and will be sold in 2015. It is the hardest to make complexity simple, and it is even harder to make it so thin.
   Although the time of this conversation with Mr. Zhang is a bit hurried, we can still feel his love for Jaeger-LeCoultre and confidence in the Chinese market from his words, and we also wish Jaeger-LeCoultre to make great achievements in the new year.