Transparent Temptation Hollow Watch Vague Beauty

Around 1760, the watchmaker Andre-Charles Caron created the world’s first skeletonized watch, unveiled the mystery of the watch’s internal structure, and hollowed out the main board, the bridge, Fine parts such as gears appear. The perfect combination of engraving technology and watchmaking technology has created pieces of art that are still respected by the world today. GRAFF skeleton limited edition watch
  The skeletonized tourbillon watch first disclosed by Graf showcases the jewellery creations to the fullest. The highlight of this watch is the superb hollow-out process presented by the skilled sculptor, which minimizes the use of metal materials, retains only the most critical functional parts, and creates a stunning aesthetic effect.
  The hand-wound movement has a 72-hour power reserve, and the 48mm faceted case where the tourbillon is located showcases Graf’s ultimate diamond skills. A total of 164 diamonds were set on the watch, with a total weight of more than 21 carats. The technique of this hollow structure is extremely delicate. Only after all the diamonds are set can they be placed in the movement. Once inserted, it cannot be adjusted because This is the only way to protect the perfect shape of a diamond. The dial design creates a flawless transparency, combined with a diamond case framed by sapphire crystals, which complements the subtle craftsmanship inside the watch. Even winding the movement can be a treat, because every movement of the mainspring is exquisitely displayed through the bottom of the watch. This exclusive and exclusive MasterGraff skeleton limited edition watch is available in rose gold and white gold, each limited to 5 pieces, with a black alligator leather strap and a unique Graf folding buckle.
  Ruibao Edition Zeitzeichen Xianglong Skeleton Limited Edition Watch
  Ruibao specially used the three top-level crafts, such as hollowing, carving and Geneva pattern, to launch 4 milestone series production watches. Sculpted by craftsmen, on the 44mm 18K rose gold extra-large case composed of 20 solid parts, the surface splint is carefully removed, the polished bezel is slightly inclined downward, and the lines are rounded. Carved into multiple levels to satisfy watch lovers’ peculiar curiosity.
Geneva pattern
  The surface is more anti-reflective sapphire crystal, with screw-in polished full-threaded sapphire crystal case back and onion-shaped crown (the same material as the case), the patented Autobloc screw-in screw system for the screw pin; It is purely artificial and meticulous to create hollow and carved bottom plates, gear plywood and balance forks; this series is divided into 4 models of full hollow curly spray, part hollow curly spray, Chinese dragon and Geneva pattern, each limited to 33 pieces.
  Audemars Piguet Millenary Chalcedony Tourbillon Skeleton Watch
  Audemars Piguet uses a supersonic processing technology in which abrasives are added to the liquid, and applies this pioneering technology to quartz chalcedony. Then use Audemars Piguet’s own self-developed equipment to cut and polish, and the cutting accuracy can reach one hundredth of a millimeter. But this is only preliminary work. The watchmaker also builds a movement on this small and exquisite plate, at any time risking the plate breaking or chipping or scratching. Therefore, in terms of engraving difficulty, the skeleton watch is simply a ‘heartbeat watch’. After all kinds of risks, this watch can be made into a translucent chalcedony-like plate.

Ingenuity Model Shows Eastern Aesthetics Baselworld 2018 Feiyad New Products Summary

At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2018, Fiyta joined hands with a new series of watches to create a ‘Swiss Dog’ model and a new concept Solo series watch with embroidery techniques of Chinese characteristics. Below, Let us review the ingenuity that Fiyta brought us.

Fiyta Art Series Double-sided Embroidery Limited Special Year of the Dog

   Subtle embroidery skills have a history of more than 2000 years. Thread the needle on the dial of the watch. Between the square inches, the tiny woven fabric is like a canvas. A silk thread is subdivided into one-seventh to eighty-tenth. . 2018 is the year of the Wuxi year. On the basis of the limited-edition embroidered zodiac model of the lineage series, Fiyta combined the zodiac attributes of the Wuxi year-old dog to extract the festive meaning of ‘Rui Dog Nafu’. Embellishing the dial with art is also a new way of expressing embroidery art. With the elegant Chinese design concept, the unique oriental aesthetics of Fiyta watches are shaped.
For more details, click: At the Basel Watch Fair, Fiyta released a new series of men’s watches-Solo series, in a tough and strong style, echoing the men’s cutting-edge style, intended to show an attitude of self-adherence and courage to accept challenges . The three-layered case of the case is one of the characteristics of the watch. The contrast between the different interlayer materials is very sharp. After the craftsmanship, the watch has a very good texture and quality. This series of watches presents the Solo theme in 6 different styles, giving consumers more choices to meet personal tastes.
For more details, click: Space watch has always been a symbol of superb watchmaking. In order to be able to adapt to the complex environment of outer space, the watch must pass a set of strict requirements. This time, Feida Yayi series finely carved special watch ‘Starwalk’ appeared at the exhibition, equipped with a restructured Swiss automatic mechanical movement, accurate travel time. In terms of time reading, the previous pointer design on the dial was cancelled. Instead, a scale track was set on the outer edge of the watch dial, and the ruby ​​turning on the track would roll like an hour hand to read the hour. The form is novel, and at the same time the theme concept of aerospace can be fully expressed on the disk.
For more details, please click: In the long history, the king’s life is imprinted and remembered widely, whether it is Qin Shihuang unified the world, or Western kings to fight for hegemony, they are a horse, a sword pointed, the invincible, is countless brilliant Times carved mark. In terms of design inspiration, King Arthur’s sword, ‘Sword in Stone’, was subtly designed into the style of a minute hand, turning slowly in the center of the dial, just like King Arthur’s heroic posture. The 12-point sword-shaped pin symbolizes the round table knight. The round dial is like a round table. It sits around the table as a knight and discusses important events, adding a bold and bold spirit. Although the rose gold case is not uncommon, it is under the background of cast-iron metal texture, which highlights the noble and solemn atmosphere of the royal family.
For more details click here: The above is reported by the staff of the Watch House in front of the 2018 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. The staff will continue to provide more and more intuitive information for everyone in the future. The exhibition report, please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Sun Yue)
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

The Year Of The Monkey Has Not Arrived. These Zodiac Monkey Watches First Come To Discuss The Color Head

[Clock culture between watches] I do not know since when the zodiac watch has become the ‘must fight’ of various high-end watch brands at the end of the spring and early spring, showing the power of Chinese watch fans It can’t be underestimated. Especially in recent years, there are more and more brands creating zodiac watches. Many brands, such as the Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art series, Piaget Art & Excellence series, Breguet Naples queen series … Has become a classic series, the style is clear, and has continued.

   This year’s zodiac watch seems to come earlier than in previous years. Perhaps in the 12th zodiac, the Chinese have a special affection for smart and cute monkeys, and the smart little monkeys are hard to hide their restless personality, so Before the year of the monkey, the zodiac monkey watches of various families have already jumped out to discuss first!
   However, for the Chinese zodiac culture with distinctive Chinese characteristics, foreigners have always understood strange and amazing, so what kind of family will this year’s zodiac monkeys take into account? We can’t help but wait and see, don’t know if there is a spirit monkey that pleases you?
Vacheron Constantin multiple craftsmanship for only two monkeys

Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’ Art Master Series Zodiac Monkey Watch
   Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’ Art art master The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac Legend series finally bid farewell to the Year of the Sheep and ushered in the two spirit monkeys. Vacheron Constantin, a Chinese zodiac series specially designed for China, is no stranger to everyone. From horses, snakes and sheep to monkey watches today, the same craftsmanship, similar design and style have become the classics of this series. .

    This year, the two monkeys of the Métiers d’ Art master series are still hidden in the background of plants with Chinese paper-cut art style. They are crafted with exquisite gold carving and big fire enamel to create a deep depth effect. The hands-free time display on the dial shows the hour, minute, day of the week, and date through four display windows. In this way, the visual effect of the lingo monkey on the dial can be presented to the maximum extent. This visual presentation relies on the technical support of the 2460 G4 movement. In this way, the perfect unity of vision and function is achieved.
Chopard’s Golden Monkey is very pleasing

L.U.C XP watch
   Chopard’s Maki-e series watches have also become the brand’s feature. In cooperation with Japanese lacquer masters, they have used ancient Maki-e painting techniques to depict various classic animal images. They are the most representative of Chopard watches in watch decoration technology. One of a series. The Golden Monkey Peach Picking Limited Edition Monkey Watch, specially launched this year for the Zodiac, continues the style and craft heritage of this series, with the Golden Monkey picking peaches as the main screen theme. The picture is dominated by gold tones, with rich fruits, and the dexterous little monkey is full of life and joy. Such an atmosphere may be more in line with the imagination and expectations of Orientals for monkeys.

   It is said that this watch was designed by the Japanese master Ichiro Makimura, who is known as the ‘National Treasure of the World’ in Japan. From this, I feel that I don’t know when the classic images of Chinese culture can be drawn by Chinese craftsmen. Maybe at that time, they can better express the Chinese zodiac spirits!

   The watch is equipped with the ultra-thin L.U.C 96.17-L movement, which is only 3.30 mm thick. Ref. 16902-5061-18K rose gold, also equipped with a special watch box carefully decorated with dill painting process.
Breguet Queen of Naples series

Breguet Queen of Naples Haute Couture Zodiac Year of the Monkey
   For creating a variety of vivid images, each house has its own unique skills. Vacheron Constantin’s gold sculpture and enamel, Chopard’s dill painting process, Piaget’s silk enamel … and the treasure zodiac series of the Queen of Naples series uses ancient and The magical agate shell carving technique is used, and the used agate shells are mainly produced in the western Atlantic Ocean. They are large in size and have natural depth contrast of color, which is extremely rare and precious. And there are very few masters who can master this craft.
   The Zodiac series watches of the Queen of Naples series are presented in collaboration with the famous shell carving masters Pasquale and Fabio, whether it is the previous shell carving zodiac sheep watch or this year’s shell carving Zodiac monkey watches, all look different from each other. The natural texture and color show the snow-white primates against the natural background of the natural agate shell. The superbly crafted monkeys are fully visible, plus the platinum case, diamond bezel and white leather strap. To the unity of color and style.
   Reference: Reine de Naples Cameo Monkey, automatic movement, 18K white gold case, bezel set with 40 diamonds, weighing approximately 2.42 carats, size: 40 x 31.95 mm.
The count came to offer a spirit monkey

Piaget Art & Excellence Altiplano Filigree Enamel Zodiac Monkey Watch
   The earl’s filigree enamel zodiac monkey watch has a very auspicious name called ‘Linghou Xianxian Rui’, which is obviously a name that caters to the beautiful wishes of the Chinese. Since 2012, Piaget has launched an Art & Excellence series of zodiac watches each year, welcoming the Lunar New Year with the traditional hand-painted silk enamel technique. From legendary Tamrons, steeds, spirit snakes, and sheep, to this year’s spirit monkey, the masterpieces of art collaboration between Earl Dudo and the famous enamel master Anita Porchet are presented in the Earl Altiplano ultra-thin watch series. This year the Swiss monkey is also presented in different shades of gray. Throughout the dial space of the gray tone, a ripe pink peach is particularly eye-catching, which is the representative of the auspicious meaning intended by people.
   18K white gold case set with 78 round diamonds (approximately 0.7 carats), equipped with Piaget 430P ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement, with a power reserve of about 43 hours. Limited edition of 38 pieces, engraved with independent number G0A40540.
Harry Winston Paper-cut Art on the Dial

Harry Winston Premier Year of the Monkey Automatic
   I have seen the realistic monkeys created by superb craftsmanship in various homes, and then look at this distinguished and smart guy in Harry Winston. It is indeed different, but it is not unfamiliar to us. That’s right, this kind of spirit monkey image is very similar to the traditional Chinese paper-cut art, but this hollow-out paper-cutting effect is realized here by precious metal hollow-out carving.
   This zodiac monkey has a lively posture, with a long tail melodiously extending to the 12 o’clock emerald-cut diamond hour marker. Not only that, the pink watch dial is inlaid with 24K gold particles in natural mother-of-pearl, such as a gorgeous pink starry sky, creating an aura of surrealism. Such a monkey should be loved by ladies!

   Watch number PRNAHM36RR010, automatic mechanical movement HW2008, 18K rose gold case, 36 mm diameter. 74 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 2.47 carats) and one emerald cut diamond (approximately 0.09 carats).
Chopin’s animal kingdom has a naughty guy

 Chopard Animal world high jewelry watch

   In addition to the zodiac monkey watches specially launched by the brands for the Chinese Lunar New Year, of course, there are also those clever little monkeys in the animal kingdom, just like this high-end jewelry monkey watch in the Chopard Animal world series. Although these cute little guys are not specially launched for the Lunar New Year, they also cannot hide the joy of the Year of the Monkey.
   The monkey on this fine jewellery watch is clever and naughty. It is inlaid with precious stones, and his arms are tightly wrapped around the watch dial inlaid with emeralds and tsavorites. Watches are thriving in nature.

   February 8, 2016 is the Chinese New Year, the festival that Chinese people care about the most, and the festival with the most traditional Chinese festival atmosphere. All the blessings and expectations will be most sincerely expressed at such a special moment. The zodiac monkey has undoubtedly become the most meaningful mascot to bid farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016. Although the Chinese New Year is still two months away, the zodiac monkeys in these high-end watches jumped out early to seek an auspicious color for the year of the monkey, and also brought us a strong sense of the year.