Bedat & Co’s Special Show In Hong Kong-news Bédat

Bedat & Co launched the unique Extravaganza high-end jewelry series for the first time in Hong Kong.
Guests such as Shen Zhuoying and He Lili, famous TV actresses in Hong Kong, were very excited when they watched the clocks and watched. They wore a series of high fashion watches (No. 881, 882) created by Bedat & Co;

Irene Wang Yuen-yuen Wang Yuanyuan wears ref. 882.550.989

Kathy Chow Lai-Key and Wen Low, President of Bedat & Co
Wang Yuanyuan and Zhou Wenxun are the models of the watch brand Bedat & Co. Zhou Wenxun wearing low-cut evening dress was dragged by the brand’s artistic director Dino Modolo to show the Extravaganza high-end jewelry series (number 883).

Dino Modolo and the models
Bedat & Co confirms its core values ​​as a luxury brand: the extreme elegance and elegance of female personality; respect for traditional craftsmanship and love for details and noble materials.
Original source: Bedat & Co.
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Cartier Calibre De Cartier Multi-time Zone Watch

CALIBRE DE CARTIER / Multi-time zone watch with 9909 MC movement
Calibre de Cartier / multi-time zone watch with 9909 MC movement
In the eyes of many people, the exquisite watch technology is gorgeous, but more often it can only be used for decoration. The novel and practical multi-time zone function is a veritable watch for travelers. Provides all practical information for contemporary travellers, such as display of departure and destination time with day / night display, display of time difference between summer and winter time and even the selected time zone. In a very limited space, the watch realizes all the above time display functions. Through simple operation, the wearer can easily grasp all functions and display content.
The difference between a watch and a traditional multi-time-zone movement is its city dial on the side of the watch. Allows users to zoom in on the destination display through the magnifying glass on the side, while avoiding the inconvenience caused by the dial’s excessive instruction content. As long as the user presses the rotary button, the time of the 24 reference time zone cities can be read. Each time the rotary button is pressed, each city and the corresponding time are displayed, and the corresponding time difference between the reference city and the travel city. In the five months when daylight saving time is implemented, you can switch between daylight saving time and winter time by simply reading different levels of time on the city indicator.
In the past four years, Cartier’s high-end watchmaking series can be described as new products and repeated innovations. This is exactly the result of Cartier’s pursuit of the perfect combination of the ideas and ideas of watch designers with the craftsmanship and outstanding craftsmanship.
At this year’s 21st Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, Cartier showed several watch models equipped with fine watchmaking movements. The latest products of these fine watchmaking series are from the Cartier Workshop & mdash; & mdash; this is one of the few workshop technicians in the world who have the ability to design, produce and maintain watches and movements by themselves.

Corum Launches Bol D’ Or Mirabaud- News Corum

Corum has linked their name to the Inner Lake Regatta by becoming the current sponsor of Bol d’ Or Mirabaud, which will be implemented on June 12. Corum reaffirms its commitment to the regatta, which will continue its history and further expand its position in the regatta sponsorship competition.
Bol d’ Or Mirabaud has a 72-year history and is unlike any other regatta in the world. This legendary competition brings together sailing stars and many non-professional sailors to participate. This event is the pride of Geneva’s Inner Lakes region, and sailing lovers participate in it.

Michel Glaus, Antonio Calce, Antonio Palma (Picture Marc Ninghetto)
This grand sailing festival was first held in 1939 and has become the most traditional festival on the international sailing calendar. Every year, nearly 600 rowing boats and supporters from all over Europe meet on the starting line. More than 3,000 people from all over the place are full of love for sailing.
To celebrate this partnership, Corum will launch a limited edition of 35 “Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 48 Bol d’ Or Mirabaud 2010”. This unique and iconic masterpiece is known for the brand’s beveled bezel and dial decorated with sailboat pennants, a design that matches the blue and gold of the sailboat.

This masterpiece will become the official watch of Bol d’Or Mirabaud as a symbol of the partnership, and one of the limited edition watches will be awarded to the winning teams in Bol d’Or and the Bol de Vermeil .
Source: Corum

Glashütte Legend Watchmaker-julias Asman

Julias Asman is a well-known name in the town of Glashütte. This master watchmaker was one of the four pioneers who founded the watchmaking industry in Glashütte and was affectionately known by the locals as the father of entrepreneurship. Asman settled in the Müglitz valley in 1850 and opened a watchmaking factory in Glashütte in 1853. At the time, he was only 25 years old, famous for his high standards of watchmaking technology, precision and perfect polishing, adding an immortal chapter to the history of watchmaking in Glashütte.

   To commemorate this legendary watchmaker, Glashütte launched the Asman limited series one to four in 1995, 1997, 2002 and 2007, and launched a limited edition watch in 2012 to express Glashütte’s history. Respect and respect for the founding father and legendary watchmaker.

   In the process of creating Julia Asman 4, the designers and movement constructors of the Glashütte brand once again proved their excellence. This masterpiece of skeleton, gold carving, retrograde and tourbillon is presented in two ways: pocket watch and wrist watch. The elegant movement and the exquisite dial combine to create this masterpiece of super complex clockwork.

   Through the hollow 18K gold-plated galvanized dial, you can get a glimpse of the charming 46-type movement-with the tourbillon fixed by the bridge, the hour and minute hand retrograde function. The exquisite hollow dial and gorgeous movement carving make this 25-piece watch limited to the world a unique work of art, and once again show Glashütte’s high requirements for watchmaking technology. Whether it’s a rose gold chain strap for a pocket watch or a wristwatch to wear, Julia Asman 4 is undoubtedly the most luxurious accessory for successful men with outstanding achievements.
   Like all other movements made by the Glashütte brand using traditional German watchmaking techniques, the Type 46 manual winding movement is uniquely perfected using the traditional watchmaking technology of the town of Glashütte. Gold sleeves, blue steel screws, polished chamfers, and a sapphire crystal see-through case back can be seen with a double-sunlight corrugated winding wheel train.

   This exquisite Julias Asman commemorative limited edition pocket watch can be used as a watch with a Louisiana alligator leather strap, or it can be used as a pocket watch with a rose gold bracelet. The cover is engraved with the original limited number registered by the factory, which shows its preciousness and collectible value. Following the tradition of the Asman series of commemorative editions, this masterpiece of masterpiece by Julias Asman 4, limited to 25 pieces worldwide.
   In order to commemorate the unprecedented importance of Julias Asman in the watchmaking technology of the town of Glashütte, the Glashütte brand has released a total of 5 limited edition works in honor of it.
1995 To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Glashütte’s clockwork, Glashütte released Julias Asman1. Julias Asman1 shocked the watch industry with an innovative floating tourbillon.
In 1997, Glashütte cooperated with Mason, a famous German porcelain factory, to launch Julias Assmann2. This watch is housed in the museum of the Mason Porcelain Factory in Germany.
2002 To commemorate the 175th birthday of the master watchmaker, Glashütte created Julias Asman3.
In 2007, Glashütte created an unparalleled timepiece masterpiece, Julias Asman4.
2012 In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Antarctic landing, Glashütte created an observation table 1911-Julia Assman.