Seeding Dreams In The New Year, Witnessing Happiness In The Time, Feiyada Spring Festival Heli Zhenxuan

As the saying goes, the plan of the year lies in spring. Spring is the most important season of the year, and Spring Festival is the most watched festival of the year. Every time the Spring Festival comes, people are in the dust, regardless of the journey, to just go home and reunite. In the Spring Festival, whether it is a filial piety to parents, or a warmth to loved ones; a sweet to lovers, or an encouragement to children; a watch is an eternal witness to this beautiful time.

Sowing dreams and gaining happiness
Fortune favors those who have dreams and persistent pursuits. In the new year, make a wish, plant a dream, and work silently for it, and you will eventually gain happiness in time. However, getting a clover is also a sign of happiness.
People say that the leaves of the four-leaf clover symbolize true love, health, reputation, and wealth, respectively. Finding the four-leaf clover represents a lifetime of luck. Fiyta inlaid this beautiful ‘legend’ on the dial, blooming happiness between square inches.
The ‘Four-leaf clover’ concept model of the Fiyta photographer series uses the iridescent deep-sea shells to interpret the exquisite ‘four-leaf clover’ leaf petals; as the light and angle change, the natural shell will show different light and shadow effects , As beautiful as clouds at sea.
When we appreciate it carefully, we will find that the reason why it is called ‘photographer’ series is because the designer cleverly used some inspirational elements of the camera. At the bottom of the watch, the shape of a retro camera lens is reproduced brilliantly. And through the hollow of the dial to appreciate the movement of the movement, as if the photographer found life through the lens.
The watch is just the right use of rose gold, which emits a warm and nostalgic light; coupled with an elegant pumpkin-shaped crown, it shows superb design in the details.
Classic moment eternal testimony
There are many classic moments in life that need to be witnessed and remembered, nothing is more perfect than a watch.
The Feiyida Classic series watches, as the name implies, use the design of solid but not lacking details to achieve eternity on the wrist. The overall layout of the watch is clean and clean with a pen; it is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement to create a connotative taste for the watch. The fashion is still calm, the classics are not outdated, and after the test of time, they still shine on the wrist.
Classic can only be verified in the eternity of time. This design concept makes Fiyta watches easier to match, allowing fashion people to easily face multiple occasions and create a variety of matching effects. Because of this, the Fiyta classic series is more and more loved by more and more young people, with bright colors and harmonious harmony; rose gold bezel, sapphire glass mirror, vintage Roman pin, and white double calendar window display. The style of the classic series is timeless.
FIYTA Classic Men’s Watch is not only an excellent time machine, it is also a boutique for stylish men. The passing of years has no trace, but only through the experience of time can a man’s taste and style be revealed.
We always try to save time in various ways. However, the passage of time never stops. We can only seize the opportunity to make every festival worth celebrating and every inch of time worth remembering into eternal memories. After a hard year, expecting a year, let love to express themselves on the Spring Festival. Sowing dreams in the New Year, harvesting happiness in time. Let a watch with a story, forever witness the classic moments in life.

Watch configuration:
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, rose gold plating
Bezel: stainless steel, rose gold plating, zircon inlay
Crown: stainless steel, rose gold plating, pumpkin type
Table mirror: anti-glare, sapphire glass
Dial: shell, inlaid zircon
Hands: Rose gold plating
Bottom cover: design of perspective bottom cover and reproducible lens form
Strap: Brown leather
Buckle: One-piece buckle
Diameter: 34.8mm
Waterproof: 5ATM

Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Bezel: Stainless steel rose gold plated
Case: stainless steel
Crown: stainless steel
Table mirror: Sapphire glass
Bottom cover: threaded bottom
Buckle: Double-sided solid buckle
Dial: white, calendar display
Hands: Blue
Strap: Cowhide
Waterproof: 5ATM

Blancpain, The First Partner Of National Geographic’s ‘original Ocean Expedition’, Congratulates Chile On The Establishment Of The Nazca-deswinded Ocean Park

On Monday, October 6, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced the establishment of the Nazca-Desventuradas Marine Park, which will cover an area The area of ​​297,518 square kilometers is designated as a comprehensive marine protection area, and fishing and other fishing activities are prohibited in the area. With the establishment of this marine park, Chile’s marine protected area will increase from 4.4% to 12% of its total marine area, and will become the largest marine protected area in the Americas to date.
   In February 2013, Blancpain joined the National Geographic “Original Ocean Expedition” team to explore the waters near the Desventuradas, covering the islands of San Félix and San Ambrosio. Island of San Ambrosio. The expedition is made up of a strong line of scientists and uses cutting-edge technology to explore for the first time one of the last remaining primitive seas in South America.

    “The newly established Nazca-Deswinded Ocean Park is a gift from Chile to the world”, Enric Sala, National Geographic Explorer and Leader of the “Original Ocean Expedition Program” ) Said. ‘The area encompasses pristine marine environments not found in other marine ecosystems, including deep-sea mountains, which contain new species not seen in academia, a rich variety of crayfish, and a small number of Chilean fur sea lions previously thought to be extinct fur seal). ‘
   Some sea areas in the protected area have been relatively untouched by humans. These pristine seas, such as those near the Deswinded Islands, are the key to the healthy development of the global marine ecosystem. It is hoped that more countries in the world will join the ranks of creating marine protected areas and work together to preserve and restore the diversity of marine life and marine ecology.

   Blancpain was the first pioneering partner to support the Primitive Ocean Expedition program. Blancpain’s strong support has promoted the continuous development of the ‘Primitive Ocean Expedition Program’ project, thus making it among the world’s major marine conservation actions. This project, led by National Geographic Explorer Dr. Eric Sarah, aims to explore the rare, unspoiled, pristine and pristine seas on Earth. They will research and photograph these sea areas as one of the measures to help the public and governments recognize the value and uniqueness of these ecosystems and to promote their inclusion in conservation.
   With the support of Blancpain, the Primitive Ocean Expedition Program has successfully helped to protect parts of the waters of the United States, the United Kingdom, Chile, Gabon, Kiribati, and Costa Rica, with a total area of ​​more than 2,500,000 square kilometers (approximately sixty Swiss territories ,), Including the UK’s newly established world’s largest maritime arrest zone. These protected areas provide important benchmarks for understanding the true impact of human activities on marine life, assessing the effectiveness of marine management and protection measures, and an important step forward in improving the state of the oceans and benefiting future generations.

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue 2013

Tudor ‘Montecarlo’ chronograph watch can be called the representative of classic watches, has always been sought after by many people. Although this watch has only been produced for a few years, its rare and historical value has made it not only popular among collectors today, but its value has risen steadily. In order to make this legendary chronograph watch reappear before the people, Tudor specially redesigned the watch and presented the new Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue.
Technical Parameters
 Model: 70330B
 Movement: Tudor 2892 self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of approximately 42 hours
 Functions: hour, minute, second, chronograph and date display
 Case: stainless steel case, polished satin finish, 42 mm
 Two-way rotating bezel with blue disc (49 divisions in total), 12 hour scale in the second time zone
 Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
 Water-resistant to 150 meters (15 atm / 500 feet)
 Dial: White dial with matte blue finish
 45-minute counter and small seconds at 9 and 3 o’clock respectively
 Date window at 6 o’clock
 Strap: Stainless steel strap with folding clasp, blue with pin buckle
 Gray and orange woven replacement strap
Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue
 During the production process, Tudor adopted the same design method as the Heritage series watch launched in 2010. It is not a purely new watch, but a unique interpretation of time, style, and past, present and future. The distinctive aesthetic design of this historical model remains unchanged, loyal to its original spirit and retaining its main features. The Tudor Design Workshop adds many modern elements to the watch, not only re-interpreting its iconic spirit, but also giving it an eternal style, making it a ‘tomorrow’s classic’.
 Blue was once revered as a trendy hue, and blue, gray and orange color combinations are representative of modern style. Launched in 1973, the original Royal Blue watch combines a lighter gray tone than the previous model to create a sea and land watch that exudes Mediterranean passion and freehand.
 The three-dimensional hour markers on the dial each have two metal bevels, and the two corners are filled with Super Luminova luminous materials. Make sure it’s clear and legible. In addition, two chronograph dials are set in two blue trapezoidal patterns, one is the small second dial at 3 o’clock, and the other is a famous one who wrote a new chapter in the history of Tudor chronograph in the 1970s. 45-minute counter at 9 o’clock.

 Water-resistant to 150 meters, this watch is equipped with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm (instead of the original 40 mm), a two-way rotatable bezel, and inlaid blue aluminum. Under the blue crystal glass mirror, equipped with a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, its power reserve can reach 42 hours. The unique crown and buttons have chrome-plated pits on the edges, and the crown is decorated with a blue lacquered shield logo.
 To make Tudor’s new Heritage Chrono Blue even more perfect, the watch comes with two straps: one is a discount stainless steel strap, and the other is a reinforced textured strap with a buckle. The textured strap is made in cooperation with a long-established traditional textile workshop. Its color tone and the unique color of the surface cleverly ensure comfortable wearing. This carefully crafted chronograph, while inspired by history, is modern in style.
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