Applying Enamel Technology To The Making Of Art Watches

As an ancient traditional craft, enamel has been widely respected by European big names in recent years. Using enamel technology in the production of artistic watches, the big names have designed many artistic treasures. Grand Mercure Paris launches a commemorative watch ‘Lotus’ with the eastern charm of enamel crafts to commemorate the 48th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France.
East rhyme Paris Grand Mercure Sino-French diplomatic commemorative ‘Lotus’ watch
    The Grand Mercure Paris combines the oriental style painting style with the classic lotus pattern to create an artistic watch with oriental charm. The watch uses a unique enamel painting and fine micro-painting process to modify the big fire micro-painting. The enamel dial watch, the dial composition is graceful and gentle, full of the beauty of nature, the mood is relaxed, the brush strokes are delicate, and the strokes are drawn to draw out the beauty of the lotus, which is of great artistic value.
The living artist-Van Cleef & Arpels’ art hummingbird
    Van Cleef & Arpels is good at combining life and art. Hummingbird series watches beautifully combine the enamel craftsmanship of top jewelry with the beautiful nature elf hummingbirds. The immortal craftsmanship records the moment of stillness of the wings flapping to hide Inlaid with sapphire hummingbirds, ruby ​​flowers, red gold branches and dark green leaves. This watch faithfully reproduces the charm of the boutique’s collection by incorporating gold setting technology into the design requirements of the dial.
East’s bright animal world-Cartier colorful toucan
    Cartier enamel watches show pure craftsmanship of jewelry making. The colorful toucan enamel craft dial with rich American tones originates from the prestigious Pasha and Santos series. The magical colors and ingenious depiction make Cartier’s new enamel watch a unique art treasure. 40 pieces.
Ukiyo-e’s Jungle Life-Chopard’s Jungle Series The enamel craft ‘Ukiyo-e’ series watch created by the Japanese national treasure-level lacquer master and Chopard is an art treasure. The dial is the unique “lacquer ukiyo-e” created by Choiichiro Masukura, a Japanese national treasure lacquer master, specially designed for Chopard. The case is precious 18K rose gold, and these are the high-end mechanical movements made on behalf of Chopard The achievement of the LUC ultra-thin watch, the fusion of the two top craftsmanship of the East and the West, the focus is still on the theme of environmental protection. Look at the dial with some fairy-tale lions, monkeys and bears, as well as a wide variety of plants, flowers and plants. This is exactly what the name Jungle ‘Jungle’ hopes for, and the desire to maintain biodiversity.