Blancpain Launches New Work Tourbillon And Caruso And Now The Beauty Of Double Flying

Blancpain’s push for love, in the 2322V2 movement, the two wings of the two timing and speed regulating mechanism fly. This brand new watch is equipped with innovative and creatively carved bezels, which are both enterprising and sporty. The flying tourbillon and the flying Caruso jump simultaneously in the ‘core’ of the watch. The multi-layer dial design shows the movement’s communication Through the beauty.

   This watch is equipped with a newly designed characteristic bezel, equipped with practical digital scales, and the bridge and chassis are asymmetric. After a fine matte finish, the outer surface is coated with NAC coating (a plating process that blackens the bridge and the main splint), making it stand out from the Blancpain classic series, showing its unique and unique temperament. The shape of the tourbillon and Carrousel’s frames have also been delicately redesigned and shaped. The multi-layer hollow movement creates a dynamic dynamic through a layered depth of space, and the hexagonal movement screws increase the overall aesthetics. All these design elements ‘appear’ for the first time in Blancpain’s watchmaking history.


   The tourbillon mechanism in the watch consists of a rotating frame with an escapement system and a balance wheel. When the pinion of the escapement wheel rotates around the outer edge of the fixed second wheel, the frame will rotate accordingly, and the necessary energy will be transmitted to the escapement mechanism and balance wheel through rotation. The frame rotates once per minute to offset the parallax when the watch is in the vertical position. The Carrousel mechanism, which was first created by Bonniksen, although its frame does not rotate around a fixed second wheel, but is powered by a small set of gear trains, but its main design significance is exactly the same as the classic tourbillon. The Carrousel mechanism uses two gear transmission chains, one to drive the frame to rotate, and the other to transmit power to the balance wheel and escapement system. The JB Logo logo on Carrousel is presented in lyre graphics and is embedded into the movement through a laser cutting process. This is the first time that the brand has implemented this extremely fine process on such a small-sized component.

   The tourbillon and carrousel mechanism in the watch are each driven by independent barrels, and they are perfectly and perfectly placed vertically in the same movement. In order to realize the use of the same crown (that is, the winding crown), and to wind the two barrels simultaneously, the use of advanced advanced technological innovations, the gears that drive the winding are wrapped around the entire periphery of the movement. This tourbillon Carrousel movement is equipped with two differentials, one specifically for combining information from two complex mechanisms to balance the operating speed of the two; the second differential is used to provide power reserve indication, the Functions are shown on the back of the watch.