Bryce Takes Back The Right To Communicate In The Uk Market

Belles, a famous French watchmaker, announced that it has withdrawn the brand’s right to communicate in the UK, and the decision will take effect immediately. Before the announcement, Bell & Ross London has officially opened. At the same time, Jenn Bradley joined Black & White as PR Marketing Manager for the UK, responsible for all public relations, social media and branding activities.

   Bell & Ross thanks the former public relations firm MODUPublicity for its work over the past eight years and its dedication to the brand. Bell & Ross specializes in aviation instrument manufacturing. The brand’s mission is to invent, design and manufacture functional instruments for professional work under extreme conditions.
   At present, Bell & Ross has a footprint in 70 countries around the world, and has more than 800 retailers and 15 exclusive boutiques, building a comprehensive retail network.