Bvlgari Luxury Snake Python Sky Price Collection

A rare 1965 work from Bulgari’s Serpenti enamel and diamond bracelet watch from a private collection was marked at Christie’s auction in London. The auction price exceeded three times the estimated price, setting a world record for the Bvlgari snake watch at the auction. The original Serpenti model was originally estimated to fall between $ 300,780 to $ 417,750, and eventually sold for more than $ 1 million. After the transfer, the transaction price reached $ 1,107,038.
 Bulgari, a Roman jewellery brand currently part of the LVMH Group, is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. Since its first introduction in the 1940s, Serpenti models have long been an important indicator of Bulgari’s classic creativity. Decades later, as contemporary mainstream styles evolved into different ways of matching, and were embraced by celebrities from all walks of life, the Serpenti collection’s immortal status as a classic indicator of the brand was consolidated.
 Serpenti jewelry is the best interpretation of Bulgari classic heritage and luxury art. The most closely related to the snake python image in the ancient world is Cleopatra. Her intricate love story with Caesar the Great and Mark Anthony made her inseparable from the Roman Empire. When she first came to Rome in 46 BC, the golden coils that wrapped her body made her Roman people greet her and surrender to the beauty of the queen.

 The important record set by the Bulgari Serpenti enamel and diamond bracelet watch at Christie’s auction is showing the investment value that Bulgari represents for more than a century.