Cartier Cartier-a Time-honored Master Craftsmanship …

After more than 160 years of development, Cartier has always been leading the trend of history and is constantly committed to combining art and craftsmanship to achieve countless classics. The Cartier Art collection of fine watches is the best proof. For more than a decade, these unique and extraordinary high-end watches have shown rare and even forgotten technical craftsmanship to the eyes of the world, which not only breathes life into it, but also makes it perpetually transmitted.

Rotonde de Cartier 42 mm watch with mosaic turtle pattern decoration. (Studio Dieleman © Cartier 2010) Limited edition of 10 pieces.
Use black onyx to outline the outline of each tortoise and tortoise. (Philippe Gontier © Cartier 2010)

Rotonde de Cartier 42 mm watch, decorated with translucent hollow enamel polar bear pattern. (Studio Dieleman © Cartier 2010) Limited edition of 40 pieces.
Openwork dial with a bear pattern in front of translucent openwork enamel. (Patrick Lazic © Cartier 2010)
This year, Cartier launched six new products, once again combining the lifelike wild charm of animals with its own superb watchmaking technology, reflecting its courage and determination to break the tradition and transcend time. At the same time, noble and elegant traditional arts and crafts are incorporated into the contemporary world, and reinterpretations of openwork carving, golden silk enamel, mosaic mosaic patterns of jewels, overlapping enamels, precious wood inlays, etc. This opened a new era.
Loyal to the inherent significance of its technological innovation, Cartier has launched this magical animal pattern watch series, showing its extraordinary handcraft skills and watchmaking expertise. These arts and crafts are rich and complementary, providing a new realm of creativity. These artistic crafts complement and complement each other, providing a new field for innovation.

Cartie Ballon Bleu de watch, large model, decorated with enamel primate motif, set with cognac diamonds (Studio Dieleman © Cartier 2010).
Santos 100 watch, medium model, mother-of-pearl inlaid with enamel painted hummingbird motif, pink sapphire. (Studio Dieleman © Cartier 2010) Limited edition of 50 pieces.

Whether in Cartier’s Cartier workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds or in a secret studio that is not yet known, Cartier Art watches are produced by the masters of extraordinary excellence. These works stand out, embodying the passion of art masters for art, witnessing their courage to surpass their limits and meeting challenges, every minute detail is exquisite.

Rotonde de Cartier 42mm timepiece, decorated with precious wood and brown bear motifs. (Studio Dieleman © Cartier 2010) Limited edition of 50 pieces.
Tortue XL watch with embossed and enamel cheetah motifs.
(Studio Dieleman © Cartier 2010) Limited edition of 80 pieces.
Time is no longer the protagonist, and craftsmanship is essential: openwork carving; gold-lined enamel; mosaic mosaic pattern of gems; enamel overlapping layers; delicate wood inlays … Psalms are refreshing.
Source: Cartier