Classic Pillow Style With Rose Gold Design Elements: Longines 1969 Replica Watch With Modern Expressions To Interpret Modern Style

The Longines 1969 replica watch was inspired by a timepiece created by Longines in the late 1960s. The birth of the Longines 1969 replica watch complements the Longines replica collection. The new replica watch has a unique design. The pillow-shaped stainless steel case and frosted silver sun-dial dial subtly echo the essence of the original watch. The rose gold hands and three-dimensional hour-mark design give the watch a charming and modern elegance.
   Longines Longines, famous for its flying wing hourglass trademark, was founded in 1832 in St. Mill, Switzerland. Longines Longines Museum is located here. It houses countless historical collections representing the brand’s profound professional watch technology, and has witnessed the Swiss watchmaking traditions Longines has been upholding since 1832. It is here that Longines draws inspiration from its historic collections and continues to create, paying tribute to the long tradition of watchmaking. The Longines 1969 replica watch is based on a Longines antique watch produced in the late 1960s, which reproduces its classic retro design.

Longines’ first quartz watch launched in 1969, equipped with its own independently developed L6512 Ultra Quartz movement

Longines 1969 replica watch Classic pillow-type replica watch Tribute to the 60’s symbolizing transcendence
   In the 1960s, even with the dark clouds of the Cold War, from 1961, the launch of the human moon landing program to the pioneering landing of the moon in 1969 marked an important milestone for humans in exploring space and technological progress. Did not stop. In addition to conquering space, people are committed to the pursuit of freedom, peace, and innovation. The spirit is reflected in social and cultural movements. Hippie style, rock music, pop art, and even feminist consciousness have risen. Years. It was also the same for Longines at that time. An internal plan was launched to develop and mass-produce quartz watches before 1970, which was finally realized in 1969. Longines launched its first quartz watch and equipped it with its own independence. Developed L6512 Ultra Quartz movement. Once again, Longines adheres to Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship originating from 1832, stands at the forefront of the era with superior performance and elegant design, and also complements the spirit of the 60s, which represents transcendence and pioneering.

Longines’ new Longines replica series-Longines 1969 replica watch, inspired by Longines antique watches produced in the 1960s

   In 2016, Longines’ new Longines replica series-Longines 1969 replica watch, inspired by Longines antique watches produced in the 1960s. Same as the prototype, the new Longines 1969 replica watch inherits the popular pillow case design at the same time, while retaining the date window at 4:30; the retro-style pillow case is perfect with square sapphire crystal Fit; symmetrical geometric design, and three-dimensional time-marking of metal materials, one by one showing the technological evolution and unique innovation trend of the 1960s.

Longines Heritage 1969 replica prototype inspired by the watch

   The prototype watch is available in three different materials: stainless steel, gold-plated and 18K gold. The new Longines 1969 replica watch is made of modern stainless steel, polished and polished like a new mirror, with a delicate and exquisite antique matte brushed dial, and decorated with rose gold inlaid three-dimensional indexes and rose gold The hands are marked with a stylish retro charm perfectly. Bright silver and soft rose gold complement each other. In addition to providing excellent readability, new re-engraved models are infused with fashion and freshness. 36 x 36 mm diameter, medium size, suitable for both men and women. The simple and clean line design and low-key and delicate texture fully reflect the charm and originality of the watch. It is equipped with a 64-hour power reserve L888.2 movement; the classic black alligator leather strap adds elegance and elegance to the overall design.

Longines Heritage 1969 replica watch, stainless steel pillow case, 36 x 36 mm, hours, minutes, seconds and 4:30 azimuth date window, matte silver dial, 12 rose gold inlaid hour markers, L888.2 Core (ETA A31.L01) self-winding mechanical movement, multi-layer anti-reflective coating on the inside, wear-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof 30 meters, black alligator leather strap.