Corum Launches Bol D’ Or Mirabaud- News Corum

Corum has linked their name to the Inner Lake Regatta by becoming the current sponsor of Bol d’ Or Mirabaud, which will be implemented on June 12. Corum reaffirms its commitment to the regatta, which will continue its history and further expand its position in the regatta sponsorship competition.
Bol d’ Or Mirabaud has a 72-year history and is unlike any other regatta in the world. This legendary competition brings together sailing stars and many non-professional sailors to participate. This event is the pride of Geneva’s Inner Lakes region, and sailing lovers participate in it.

Michel Glaus, Antonio Calce, Antonio Palma (Picture Marc Ninghetto)
This grand sailing festival was first held in 1939 and has become the most traditional festival on the international sailing calendar. Every year, nearly 600 rowing boats and supporters from all over Europe meet on the starting line. More than 3,000 people from all over the place are full of love for sailing.
To celebrate this partnership, Corum will launch a limited edition of 35 “Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 48 Bol d’ Or Mirabaud 2010”. This unique and iconic masterpiece is known for the brand’s beveled bezel and dial decorated with sailboat pennants, a design that matches the blue and gold of the sailboat.

This masterpiece will become the official watch of Bol d’Or Mirabaud as a symbol of the partnership, and one of the limited edition watches will be awarded to the winning teams in Bol d’Or and the Bol de Vermeil .
Source: Corum