Gana Vishnyova And Jacques Dero

For more than a decade, Diana Vishneva has been a member of the Ballet Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg and the American Ballet Théâtre in New York. Star dancer. The highly respected female ballet dancer from around the world has a profound knowledge of neo-classical and modern dance, and has also participated in classic plays. She is actively involved in social and cultural activities, especially in the education of young choreographers through the dance festival she founded a few years ago.

   There is no doubt that Gana interpreted the Jaquet Droz’s brand philosophy. Since its foundation in 1738, Jaquet Droz has carried forward and inherited the brand’s innovative spirit and the founder’s outstanding aesthetics. In the same year, the Académie de ballet Vaganova was established, and Gana graduated from the dance school in 1995. Another meeting point of the two was 3 years ago when Jaquet Droz became a partner of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. In 2013, Diana Vishneva performed Maurice Béjart’s legendary work ‘Boléro’, becoming the successor to Maya Priscaya. Plisetskaya), the second ballet dancer to perform the dance.

   This year, for the first time, the Swiss Dance Company participated in the ‘Context. Diana Vishneva’ International Dance Festival with Diana Vishneva and Jaquet Droz. . The dance festival aims to develop Russian modern dance rice art and provides opportunities for young choreographers through related grants.
   Whether through automatic dolls or art workshops, Jaquet Droz combines advanced complication with individual personality, elegant and exquisite aesthetic design, and constantly presents masterpieces of watches. The brand shares values ​​with Diana Vishneva, advocating creativity, sharing passion, passing on knowledge, and pursuing excellence.