How About A Plum Watch Movement? What Movement Is Used For Torx Watches

Plum Blossom Watch is a good-selling brand among mid-range watches on the market, and it is also an earlier Swiss brand that entered China. Over the years, it has won consumers’ praise for plum blossom with its stable quality of ‘precision, reliable and durable’. The unique trust of the watch has established the lofty status of the plum watch. . Many people are asking if the movement used by Torx is good? What movements are used for Torx watches? Next, the editor will briefly introduce the relevant information of the plum watch movement and several related plum watches.
 The movements used by Swiss Torx include: ETA2824-2, ETA280.002, ETA2892A2, Sellita SW200, Sellita SW240 automatic movement, and so on.
 Sellita SW240 automatic movement. The factory of Sellita was originally used to manufacture ETA movements, and later decided to do it by itself. Although it is made by itself, in fact, his series of movements are all corresponding to ETA movements, such as SW240. It is ETA 2834. Both 2834 and 2836 are dual calendar versions of the famous 2824 movement, the difference is that the former week calendar is on the outer circle of the calendar, and the latter is the week calendar on the inner circle. After the sale, some independent manufacturers began to use SW movements in part.

 Plum-Air Series 83909SY-063 Men’s mechanical watch gold-plated highlights the noble, equipped with Swiss mechanical movement ETA2824-2.
 Related watch information: Plum blossom series 83950S-272 men’s mechanical movement watch equipped with ETA2892A2 movement, junior hand, calendar display.
 Related watch information: Plum Blossom Titoni-MADEMOISELLE series TQ42921SY-DB-361 Ladies quartz watch elegant and elegant, business quartz ladies watch equipped with quartz movement ETA280.002.
 Related watch information: The Swiss Plum Watch Factory is a typical Swiss watch factory. It was established in 1919 by the Shrop family in Grenkin. It has been passed down for three generations. Independent family watchmaking companies have made great contributions to the Swiss watchmaking industry.
 For many years, Plum Blossom watches have been sticking to the field of automatic mechanical watches. One of the company’s most proud features is that 95% of its products are highly accurate mechanical movement watches. For a long time, plum watches adhere to the ‘quality first’ attitude, focusing on the production of sophisticated, reliable and durable mechanical watches, around the world, has established the ‘symbol of mechanical process’ image. The slogan of “Meihua” is “a model of mechanical art”, which clearly emphasizes its professional status in the field of producing mechanical and automatic watches.