How To Wear Your Watch Correctly

Chinese medicine says that there is a part called ‘inch mouth’ on the wrists of both hands. This part connects the three pulse points of the human body ‘inch-off-foot’. These three The pulse point has a great relationship with a person’s physical health. They are distributed on the left and right wrists, under the thumbs. Chinese people simply press (sink), press (medium) or lightly (float) these parts, and hold the pulse point with your index finger for only tens of seconds to get the physical condition you want Everything, we can measure the status of the five internal organs. Chinese ancient medicine believes that the secret of health and success in life is contained in the ‘inch-off-foot’ part. When the pulse is clear, even and strong, it means that the person is energetic, happy, and tough. The most critical part is the ‘inch’, because it corresponds to the ‘heart’ condition.
Women wear different methods of men and women It is interesting that the key points of the relationship between men and women are distributed in different hands, the left hand of a man and the right hand of a woman. The medical community believes that the cause of this phenomenon is that men’s blood flows from the end of the heart to the left, while women do the opposite. This leads to an important conclusion: If a man wears an Oriental Double Lions watch on his left hand, no matter what material the strap is made of, gold, silver, plastic or leather, etc., will affect the normal working of the heart. , And women are fortunate not to change the habit of wearing a watch on their left hand.
What is normal wearing? You get up and wear the watch at about the same time every morning, take it off at work in the unit and return home from work one day, put the watch in your watch box according to your usual habits, and repeat the same steps the next day to call it normal wearing. If you bring it today and take it off tomorrow, it will not be worn normally. In this case, the errors in the table below will change due to changes in the wearing conditions, but it cannot be said that the stability of its movement has changed because of stability. Sex comparisons should be made in the same situation. I believe that friends who know the test methods of the Swiss Observatory should be very clear. I have consulted a senior watch repairman. He thinks that if the movement is unstable, for example, under normal wearing conditions, the watch appears a few seconds faster today and a few seconds slower, it may be the lubricant of the movement. The change requires oil washing or the watch is magnetized. He also said that both the astronomical watch and the tourbillon watch have errors. Their advantage over ordinary watches is that they have good stability when walking under normal wearing conditions, and can basically achieve a daily error difference of less than 1 second. Watches excessively pursue errors without paying attention to stability are the misunderstandings of many watch fans and are not worth promoting.
Lastly, I talked about the running-in problem of the watch. I used to think that the new watch would move faster and better, and it would be more accurate after a period of running-in. Watches are not cars, they are precision machinery, and no burrs are allowed on any part, so there is no need to run in. The reason why the new watch becomes more accurate after walking for a period of time is that the wearer has formed a wearing habit, which has objectively produced a relatively stable wearing environment. The error of the watch is offset by the plus or minus in different wearing positions, which brings more and more wearer Just the right feeling.