Hublot Masterpiece Mp-05 “Laferrari”

50-day power reserve: world record for power reserve of a manually wound tourbillon watch
The movement is 100% designed, developed and produced by watchmakers and engineers in Hublot

 We live in an extraordinary time. The MP-05 “LaFerrari” represents an unparalleled masterpiece of Hublot: completely designed, developed and produced exclusively by watchmakers and engineers at the Hublot factory to pay tribute to Ferrari’s special limited series sports car “LaFerrari”.

 The MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ has an unprecedented 50-day power reserve history, perfectly matching the extraordinary features of this latest Ferrari sports car. At the same time, the 637 parts used by the watch are also produced by Hublot.

 From a technical and design perspective, the Hublot MP-05 “LaFerrari” watch has the same outstanding quality as the Ferrari sports car of the same name. The collaboration between the watchmaker and the Ferrari team brings the watch and the car in common. The movement is equipped with no less than 637 parts and is equipped with a tourbillon movement. The 11 barrels inside are arranged in a row like a spine and connected to each other, which will not affect each other and support each other in turn, so the power reserve can reach 50 Over time, these characteristics are enough to make this watch proud, and it is an excellent concept watch.

 The MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ has an extremely sophisticated styling design: a sapphire transparent mirror with complex lines and a black PVD-coated titanium back case are all reminiscent of the streamlined shape of the Ferrari ‘LaFerrari’ sports car. The center of the top of the case is made of titanium with carbon fiber inserts, which highlights the position of the winding crown. The time-setting crown is located under the case, subtly integrated with the design, and has the mysterious sense of ‘invisible sight’.

 The movement of the movement creates a unique display effect. The first is the small seconds display on the vertical surface of the front end. They are indicated by aluminum pillars fixed on the hanging tourbillon frame (the diameter of the tourbillon frame is 14.55 mm, which is larger than the usual size, making the mechanical part better viewing) .

 The hours and minutes are displayed on the right side of the barrel, which are also indicated by a black anodized aluminum column. The barrel on the left side of the barrel is used to display the power reserve. The red strips on both sides of the column are made of red anodized aluminum, inspired by Ferrari’s red logo.

 There is also a small detail that makes the reading time easier: on each column, the numbers are covered with a white SuperLuminova ™ luminous coating to enhance the display effect and easy to read. Finally, the entire body is wrapped in a black natural rubber strap with a black PVD titanium folding clasp.

 Hublot pursues excellence, and its extraordinary professional attitude is even reflected in the design of the watch box: The MP-05 “LaFerrari” watch box is made of carbon fiber and Ferrari’s exclusive Schedoni leather, inspired by the automotive world. The watch can be wound automatically. This watch is limited to 50 pieces.

Hublot Handed Down MP-05 “LaFerrari”

Technical Parameters
Serial number 905.ND.0001.RX
Series Limited Collection of 50 pieces
Case Titanium black PVD coating
Function Hours and minutes are displayed by black anodized aluminum columns,
Digital White SuperLuminova ™ Luminous Coating
The power reserve is shown by a black anodized aluminum column,
Digital White SuperLuminova ™ Luminous Coating
Seconds indicated by black anodized aluminum column
Digitally coated with SuperLuminova ™
Suspended vertical tourbillon
The ergonomic time setting system is located on the wrist side in the middle below the case
Concealed manual winding
11 tandem barrels

Movement technical details
Movement size Ø 50.8 x 39.5 mm
Thickness 15.30 mm
Tourbillon frame diameter Ø 14.50 mm
Number of jewel bearings 108
Number of parts 637
Frequency 21,600 times / hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve 50 days, about 1200 hours

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