Jacques Dero’s New Watch ‘ruby Heart’ Stunning Debut

Recently, the famous Swiss watch brand Jacques Dro has launched the latest watch of the Petite Heure Minute 35 mm series, named Ruby Heart, or ‘Ruby Heart’.

The Petite Heure Minute series watch launched by Jaquet Droz in 2012 has a 35mm diameter. It is only a small dial re-delineated at 12 o’clock from the center on the dial to display the time, leading women’s watches. New fashion. The dial is hand-crafted from mother-of-pearl or mineral materials, and when worn, it emits a unique color with the movement of the wrist, and the details shine brightly.

The garnet red dial is harmoniously matched with the rose gold case, the dial inner bezel, the hands and the buckle, showing a soft warm tone. Paired with a jujube hand-stitched satin belt, the perfect balance of metal, mineral and leather is achieved.