Longines Replica Watch, Mb & F ‘jellyfish’, Hodinkee Collaboration Models … These Are The Big News This Week

# 木 表盘 # Both Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin have made ‘fine wood inlaid’ dials, using a variety of different colors and materials of wood to stitch various patterns. Because of the complicated process and positioning, the price is very expensive and RMB 1 million is required……….. The dial is also natural wood grain, and the pattern is stitched. Of course, the pattern is far less complex and finer than PP and VC, but it is much cheaper. The most expensive is 279 Euros, which is about RMB 2200. # 古 军军 表 # Vertex is a watch brand mainly known for military watches. It was founded by Claude Octavius ​​Lyons in 1916 and was forced to close due to the emergence of the quartz watch crisis. Until 2016, Don Cochrane, the great-grandson of Claude Octavius ​​Lyons, re-registered Vertex. Recently, the brand’s latest watch, the M100B, is a DLC blackened steel version of the previously launched M100. The size is 40 millimeters, which adds an hour digit thickness to the design of the military dial. It is equipped with a manual mechanical movement ETA 7001, limited to 150 pieces, the official foreign price is 2187 pounds, about 20,000 yuan. # MB & F “水水 表” # MB & F launched the HM7 Aquapod in 2017, with a jellyfish shape design, with curved sapphire crystal, diving bezel, and a tourbillon in the middle of the dial. Take this one-minute tourbillon There are also two concentric rings diverging outward from the center, which are the minute and hour orbits. This year, after launching a titanium alloy with a green dial, black and blue versions, the brand launched a red version, inspired by deep sea jellyfish’s red belly to pretend to protect itself from predation. This watch measures 53.8 mm and features a 950 platinum case, titanium hour and minute numbers, an automatic movement and a 72-hour power reserve. It is limited to 25 pieces, and the official foreign price is 155,000 Swiss francs, which is about RMB 1.09 million. #Hodinkee 联合 款 # Oris’s 65 retro diving watch is the brand’s most successful series in recent years, and it sells very well. Many domestic and foreign watch media have launched limited edition collaborations with them, and today the Hodinkee version of the United States has also appeared. It adopts a 40mm steel case, the difference is that the dial calendar is removed, and it is equipped with a manual mechanical movement, and then the dial and bezel are gray and black. This hue was previously seen in the faded black bezel of antique diving watches, which is very popular with players. A limited edition of 250 pieces is on sale for about RMB 16,000. Of course, it has already been emptied … # 浪琴 复 刻 表 # Poper launched the Fifty Fathoms series, which opened the development of modern diving watches. At that time, Blancpain proposed a single rotating bezel design. Due to patent restrictions, Rolex could only do two-way rotation on the early water ghost until the patent expired. Longines faced this situation and adopted another method. It adds a diving circle around the dial and is controlled separately by an additional gauge tube, so that no accidental touches occur and the safety of the diver is guaranteed. As a result, the Legend Diver series was born in the 1960s. Recently, Longines released a re-engraved version of the Legend Diver. The fun part is that the case size is 36 mm, and it is equipped with a brown and black gradient ‘tropical’ dial. The price of the belt is about 15,000 yuan, and the steel belt is 16,500 yuan. #Jewelry watch # French jeweller Chaumet, founded in 1780, has customized many jewellery for Napoleon and Josephine. At the same time, it is also a jewellery watchmaker. The daughter-in-law of Empress Josephine wears the first watch launched by the brand in 1811. Recently launched a new series called ‘Les Pierres de Rêvede’, a total of 12 models, the dial is made of 12 kinds of natural gems such as jasper, tiger’s eye, opal, agate, etc. The dial of each watch is different, both Is unique. The watches in this series are made of white or rose gold with a size of 35 mm. The bezel is set with 76 diamonds. It is equipped with a Swiss automatic movement with a Burgundy crocodile leather strap and 80 diamonds. Clasp. #HYT 新 #HYT watches are known for their unique design that uses a fluid structure to show the passage of time. Recently, it launched a watch called H0 Soonow, featuring the brand’s iconic hydraulic display and skull design, next to the glass capillary, the English hour number printed on the transparent mirror, and the titanium alloy dial with dense holes. Equipped with more than 300 small metal cylinders, the design is inspired by the pins on the CPU, the left eye of the skull is a power reserve display, and the right eye is a dial that rotates every minute to display the seconds. The size of this watch is 48.8 mm. There are two versions, one is a steel case with blue liquid, and the other is a PVD blackened steel case with green liquid. Each is limited to 25 pieces. The official foreign price is 75,000 Swiss. Franc, about 530,000 yuan. #Nomos 新 #neomatik is a new watch launched by Nomos. It has a calendar display at the 3 o’clock position on the silver or black dial. The 6 o’clock position is marked with a conspicuous red mark at a water depth of 1,000 feet, about 300 meters. It is equipped with an ultra-thin movement DUW6101 with blue steel hairspring, three-quarters of the splint is engraved with Glashütte pattern. Neomatik uses a 42mm steel case with a steel chain belt. The official foreign price is US $ 4980, or about RMB 34,000. # 秒针 上 的 小 飞机 # The watch brand Tockr was founded by Joseph W. of Virginia, USA, and recently launched a watch called Skytrain, inspired by the flight of aircraft. It features a 42mm steel case, and the sunburst dial is available in blue, gray, and black, with an orange serif, and a yellow airplane on the top of the second hand. The Skytrain is equipped with an ETA movement, and the star-shaped engine of the C-47 aircraft is engraved on the back cover. The official foreign price is 950 US dollars, which is about RMB 6,500. #First session of the national mechanical watch repairman occupation skills competition # The first session of the national mechanical watch repairman occupation skills competition is about to be held. This competition is a national second-class competition. It is divided into five preliminaries nationwide and will enter the final after selection. As a co-organizer, Huazhong Boyi is honored to undertake the organization of the Xiamen Sub-region. There is no registration fee for this competition. The registration method is as follows: 1. Participating contestants can register individually according to requirements through the registration channel of the Organizing Committee on the Chinese Watch Association. 2. Participating contestants can be organized through the sub-regional organizations. Personal forecast name, the registration hotline of Xiamen Division: 0592-5114458 (Monday to Friday 09: 00-18: 00) Registration email: [email protected] Participants can also add WeChat: 18950033539 (same phone number), detailed advisory. —END —