The Collector Discovers The Oldest Longines Pocket Watch To Date, Bringing Historic Discoveries To Longines

Longines keeps its archives and watchmaker’s expertise intact through its museum, and actively expands its historical collections. It can be seen that the brand attaches great importance to and respects its rich past, which is the brand’s history. Source of inspiration. It is precisely this traditional spirit and the protection of its heritage that Longines, which is marked by a flying wing hourglass, has been eager to find the traces of its oldest clockwork.

 Longines recently relied on the research of its collectors to discover the oldest Longines clocks to date. The owner of the work was an American Japanese collector, who went to Longines headquarters to verify his watches. Because the serial number of the watch is 183, the number is small, and the logo on the archive register is well kept, because the historian and watchmaker of Longines can prove that this pocket watch was manufactured in 1867, that is, the Longines watch factory was established to The year that replaced the original counter established in 1832.

 This Savonette silver pocket watch is equipped with a mechanical clockwork movement, which is a feature of Longines’s work of the year. The wing and funnel are engraved on the inside of the movement and the cover, which is the brand’s signature from the beginning. The cover is engraved with two blank shield emblems and a floral pattern. This pocket watch is a major discovery of Swiss watch brand Longines.