Three Strategies To Teach You To Buy A Watch Is Worth Learning

The global economic downturn has brought us a gradually calm mind. The smart countermeasure is to turn hobby into investment-choose a favorite among those watches with value-preserving investment value. This is a very good win-win investment strategy: while reflecting the taste, it can also add capital. How can you ensure that the value of the watch you buy can rise in a few years? At Sotheby’s and Antigoron’s auctions, several lessons are worth learning. Patek PHILIPPE 5180/1 Hollow Perspective Watch
The artisans of watchmaking in the early days of Patek Philippe had an almost enthusiastic passion to make their works better in appearance and performance. They invented various inventions, obtained multiple patents, such as the winding of the crown and the adjustment device, and set a number of records with the accuracy of its mechanical movement, which has not yet been broken. Patek Philippe 5180/1 skeleton watch with ultra-thin 240 movement, craftsmen hand-sculpted a stunning perspective structure, even the fully skeletonized hem clip will take several hours, while the spring barrel splint It takes several weeks to complete the carving process on the two sides of the substrate, main board and main barrel.
Strategy 1: Select brands with value preservation and appreciation potential
There is no doubt that first-tier brands are naturally the most value-saving and value-added choices. In the field of high-priced watches, brands determine about 90% of the value of a watch. Patek Philippe and Rolex are typical examples. These two brands are generally stable and lofty in the field of mechanical watch collection, equivalent to Rolls Royce and Mercedes in the car industry. At present, the top three pocket watch auction prices worldwide and the top ten watches are all Patek Philippe works. At previous watch auctions, we can see that Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, IWC, Earl, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard-Perregaux and other brands have excellent strength. If you have the investment strength, you can choose this type of first-line watch. These watches are the most expensive style in the new season, and their prices usually range from several hundred thousand to several million yuan. But at international auctions, the price of these watches is often several times or even dozens of times the selling price.
Of course, not everyone can afford a large sum of money to auction expensive watches. Other brands are also worth considering: FP Journe, Maximilian Busser & Friends (MB & F), Harry Winston’s, ‘Opuse Series’, Glashutte and more. From an investment perspective, the appreciation of these new brands will perform better than the old brands. In recent years, the prices of classic models of some second-tier brands have also risen, such as Omega, Breitling, and Tag Heuer, which make interesting sports watches. Panerai is a popular brand that has become popular in recent years, and its appreciation potential has been widely recognized.
处理 When dealing with this type of investment, there is an old truth: you should buy the best you can afford. And only buy what you like. To do this, you must first observe carefully and fully understand what a watch attracts you.
Cartier Tank Chinoise Painted Enamel Watch
Painted enamel is the most widely used in craftsmanship. Its creation relies entirely on the tip of a painter, and it can give full play to the creativity of craftsmen. But there is also a risk that various glazes cannot be mixed when drawn on the surface of the plate; secondly, whether the outline of the pattern becomes blurred after firing in the furnace is the risk and value of painted enamel. The exquisite dial resembles a beautiful puzzle. Cartier uses the painting technique as pure as fire, supplemented by diamonds to highlight the preciousness of the original material. The picture depicts Cartier’s logo cheetah extremely luxurious and fascinating.
Strategy 2: Select precious materials
的 The rise in the price of precious metals is also reflected in watches. The watch itself already has the function of preserving value, and the speciality of the material of precious metals is that the watch is used as a carrier, which has more appreciation potential.
In terms of materials, the investment protection of watches is divided into three categories.
The first type is gold, which is mainly divided into four levels of value preservation according to the different production materials, first is platinum, second is gold, then rose gold, and finally platinum. Platinum holds the highest value because platinum itself is a rare metal. With the rising price of platinum in the market, platinum watches are the first choice for collection and investment. Gold, rose gold, and white metals are mixed metals, but K gold is doped with different components. Gold is mainly 18k gold, which is a precious metal. Rose gold is mainly composed of copper added to 18k gold, and platinum is doped with zinc or palladium.
In the second category, jewellery watches are also an important factor in preserving and adding value, but the jewellery in the watch is not based on the carat number as the main evaluation criterion, but is judged on the aspects of craftsmanship and difficulty of setting, which is also one carat Diamonds are more valuable in watches than in jewelry.
The third category is the use of various handicrafts, such as enamel (filigree enamel, cloisonne enamel, etc.), sculpture and other handicraft watches. The harder the handicraft technology, the greater the value preservation and value-added space of the watch, because The masterpieces of art masters have been condensed in many places, and the high enamel technology has completely turned the watch into a work of art, so it is more collectible.

Strategy 3: Rare styles have a higher chance of appreciation
If you intend to buy a watch with collectible and investment value at the beginning, it is best to focus on limited editions launched by some brands. The back of each limited edition watch is engraved with a unique number and attached with sufficient proof Identification of a limited edition watch. Or a special edition watch launched by a famous watch manufacturer. Some of the watch models that have been discontinued can also be called limited editions, because they are no longer produced, and the possibility of maintaining and adding value is also very large.
的 The use of rare materials is also one of the reasons for the appreciation. For example, a Cartier santos dumont gold diamond watch, because it uses very rare alligator leather, each adult crocodile can only make three belts, so the annual appreciation rate is about 10%.

Chanel J12 Tourbillon
In 2005, the ‘J12’ series of watches began to study the tourbillon watch known as ‘the most complicated function watch’. To achieve this goal, the Swiss master watchmaker produced a unique ‘Chanel O5-T. 1 ”mechanical device. The watch uses an ultra-thin high-tech ceramic base plate, optical glass windows and a tourbillon bridge in 18K white gold. Two high-tech ceramic dials with a thickness of only 0.3 mm are set with 9 diamonds. The case, frame and strap are set with a total of 568 rectangular-cut rubies. The combination of white gold, black high-tech ceramics and ruby ​​on a complication watch is absolutely unprecedented. Chanel announced to the world that this is the only tourbillon watch that is the most unique.