Transparent Temptation Hollow Watch Vague Beauty

Around 1760, the watchmaker Andre-Charles Caron created the world’s first skeletonized watch, unveiled the mystery of the watch’s internal structure, and hollowed out the main board, the bridge, Fine parts such as gears appear. The perfect combination of engraving technology and watchmaking technology has created pieces of art that are still respected by the world today. GRAFF skeleton limited edition watch
  The skeletonized tourbillon watch first disclosed by Graf showcases the jewellery creations to the fullest. The highlight of this watch is the superb hollow-out process presented by the skilled sculptor, which minimizes the use of metal materials, retains only the most critical functional parts, and creates a stunning aesthetic effect.
  The hand-wound movement has a 72-hour power reserve, and the 48mm faceted case where the tourbillon is located showcases Graf’s ultimate diamond skills. A total of 164 diamonds were set on the watch, with a total weight of more than 21 carats. The technique of this hollow structure is extremely delicate. Only after all the diamonds are set can they be placed in the movement. Once inserted, it cannot be adjusted because This is the only way to protect the perfect shape of a diamond. The dial design creates a flawless transparency, combined with a diamond case framed by sapphire crystals, which complements the subtle craftsmanship inside the watch. Even winding the movement can be a treat, because every movement of the mainspring is exquisitely displayed through the bottom of the watch. This exclusive and exclusive MasterGraff skeleton limited edition watch is available in rose gold and white gold, each limited to 5 pieces, with a black alligator leather strap and a unique Graf folding buckle.
  Ruibao Edition Zeitzeichen Xianglong Skeleton Limited Edition Watch
  Ruibao specially used the three top-level crafts, such as hollowing, carving and Geneva pattern, to launch 4 milestone series production watches. Sculpted by craftsmen, on the 44mm 18K rose gold extra-large case composed of 20 solid parts, the surface splint is carefully removed, the polished bezel is slightly inclined downward, and the lines are rounded. Carved into multiple levels to satisfy watch lovers’ peculiar curiosity.
Geneva pattern
  The surface is more anti-reflective sapphire crystal, with screw-in polished full-threaded sapphire crystal case back and onion-shaped crown (the same material as the case), the patented Autobloc screw-in screw system for the screw pin; It is purely artificial and meticulous to create hollow and carved bottom plates, gear plywood and balance forks; this series is divided into 4 models of full hollow curly spray, part hollow curly spray, Chinese dragon and Geneva pattern, each limited to 33 pieces.
  Audemars Piguet Millenary Chalcedony Tourbillon Skeleton Watch
  Audemars Piguet uses a supersonic processing technology in which abrasives are added to the liquid, and applies this pioneering technology to quartz chalcedony. Then use Audemars Piguet’s own self-developed equipment to cut and polish, and the cutting accuracy can reach one hundredth of a millimeter. But this is only preliminary work. The watchmaker also builds a movement on this small and exquisite plate, at any time risking the plate breaking or chipping or scratching. Therefore, in terms of engraving difficulty, the skeleton watch is simply a ‘heartbeat watch’. After all kinds of risks, this watch can be made into a translucent chalcedony-like plate.