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Reverse Tourbillon Watch Cartier 9458 Mc Workshop Refined Movement

Get rid of history and let new ideas run freely and be realized. For Cartier, the exploration in the field of fine watchmaking is endless. The birth of each work begins on a blank page .

  RotondedeCartier reverse tourbillon watch, through the reverse arrangement of the tourbillon, presents a perfect grasp of the dial space, interpreting a unique creative aesthetics. By re-arranging the hour, minute, and second function displays to free up dial space and simplify the entire movement to only be supported by the minimum bridge, Cartier’s watchmakers have shown the magnificent atmosphere of the floating tourbillon device, so that This Rotondede Cartier reverse tourbillon watch with 9458MC movement becomes an extraordinary masterpiece combining geometric design and masculine aesthetics.

  The challenge of creating this watch was not only its appearance, but also its internal structure, and Cartier successfully concentrated the movement in the square inch space of the bridge.

  The dazzling dial of the Rotondede Cartier reverse tourbillon watch is modified with traditional carvings, and its radial pattern is one of Cartier’s iconic designs.

  Since Pierre Cartier discovered Fabergé’s work on his first trip to Russia, Cartier has begun using glyphs. Geometric patterns composed of lines and dots are carved on the metal, and then covered with enamel or maintained in the engraved state. In Cartier, the inspiration for the glyphs comes from a variety of pattern designs: radial patterns carved from the center on the dial, frame or small table clock; corrugated or scale patterns dotted on office supplies or pens.
  In this Rotondede Cartier reversing tourbillon watch, Cartier cleverly combines the luster of platinum with the radial engraving. The non-rhodium-plated platinum acts as a wonderful light source when reflecting light, and forms a dazzling beam of light with the wonderful radial texture of geometric patterns. When moving the dial, the radial engraving captures the reflected light and scatters it, creating a more dazzling flashing effect.
  The dial on this Rotondede Cartier watch is rich in layers and easy to read. Radial carving, the delicate setting of the floating tourbillon and bridge, the arc-shaped second track, and the iconic blue-steel hands all make this piece more perfect.
  A true masterpiece that subtly blends Cartier’s iconic design elements in a simple dial that abandons digital hour markers: the classic Rotondede Cartier case in the Cartier Haute Horlogerie collection, the convex sapphire crown, and the seconds Cartier ‘C’ shape of the bell.

  In order to highlight the unique geometric pattern on the dial and enhance the radiation effect of the engraving, the watch uses an eccentric design to show the traditional asymmetric beauty. The floating tourbillon, which is placed in the seconds track and at the core of the dial composition, beats like a heart.

  Freedom to Strictly Create
  Combining exquisite craftsmanship and elegant appearance, this inverse tourbillon movement is carefully crafted by Cartier Watch Workshop, showing all aspects of the brand’s heritage and innovative watchmaking tradition.
  Cartier is determined to present the secrets that have always been hidden to the world. This construction, which requires the best aesthetic effects and high technical standards at the same time, requires a lot of effort on the part of the watchmaker to complete the finishing process of 167 parts. Like all movements used in Cartier’s fine watchmaking series, this manual-winding mechanical movement with a 52-hour power reserve has all its parts finished by hand.

  Every part of the movement is carefully modified: the bridge is chamfered and polished, the sides are brushed, the screw heads are polished, and the splint is decorated with Côtede Genève. Its parallel stripes echo the engraving on the dial. This series of strictly modified movements makes this watch meet the rigorous standards of ‘Poinçonde Genève’ (Geneva’s imprint of quality), highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship that adheres to the tradition of watchmaking.
RotondedeCartier Tourbillon
Equipped with floating tourbillon, Cartier 9458MC workshop refined movement
Honored ‘Poinçonde Genève’ (Geneva Quality Seal)

Case: 18K white gold case
Diameter: 46 mm
Crown: 18K white gold bead-shaped crown set with a convex round sapphire
Table mirror: sapphire crystal
Case back: sapphire crystal case back
Hands: Sword-shaped blue steel hands
Case thickness: 12.73 mm
Strap: Black alligator strap
Buckle: 18K white gold folding buckle
Water resistance: 3 bar (~ 30 meters)

Cartier 9458MC workshop refined floating tourbillon
Manual winding mechanical movement
Movement diameter: 16¾ legal minutes, that is, 38 mm
Total movement diameter: 39 mm
Thickness: 5.58 mm
Number of ruby ​​bearings: 19
Number of movement parts: 167
Balance vibration frequency: 21,600 times per hour
Power reserve: about 50 hours
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Material Master’ Rado Swiss Radar Valentine’s Day Grand Pioneer Plasma Charm Timepiece-rado Swiss Radar Hao Xing Series 1314 Automatic Limited Edition Pair Watch

(February 2019, Linno, Switzerland) Pioneer watch brand RADO Swiss radar watch launched the Haoxing series 1314 automatic limited edition pairing watch, presenting Valentine’s Day and witnessing the beautiful moment of love. These two bold and groundbreaking masterpieces of the watch originate from the brand’s highly innovative and innovative Haoxing series.

RAOD Swiss Radar Haoxing series 1314 automatic mechanical limited edition pairing watch is carefully crafted with the brand’s signature material-plasma high-tech ceramics, each limited edition of 1314 pieces. There are many significant figures in Chinese culture, and ‘1314’ is one of them. Similar to the pronunciation of ‘One Life and One World’, this number is often used to indicate eternal love, and the unending love symbolized is perpetual. The Rado Radar engraved this romantic number on the case back of each new Hao Xing series 1314 automatic mechanical limited edition pair watch. When worn, it fits closely with the skin on the wrist, meaning a life like a confidant I love each other.

In this sweet moment of Valentine’s Day, a timepiece that can accompany a lifetime is an excellent choice. RAOD Swiss radar watch Haoxing series 1314 automatic mechanical limited edition pair watch adopts excellent plasma high-tech ceramics. The unique metallic luster given by the material itself is shining and not easy to fade.

RAOD Swiss Radar Hao Xing series 1314 automatic mechanical limited edition is dynamic and modern in design. It is the ideal choice for couples who are keen on fashion and seeking change.

Inseparable wrist companion

ODRAOD Swiss radar Haoxing series 1314 automatic mechanical limited edition pair of watches for men and women has an extraordinary appearance, the only difference is only the case size: 42mm for men and 36mm for women. The plasma high-tech ceramic case and bracelet used on the watch highlights the extraordinary charm of RADO as a ‘master of materials’; its unique wear-resistant characteristics highlight the amazing modern watchmaking technology and technology, Aesthetics take to a whole new level.

RADO Swiss Radar Haosing 1314 Automatic Limited Edition has unique luxury details on the watch. The 12 brilliant diamonds on the dark blue dial as the time scale show the luxury charm; the high-quality Swiss automatic movement that leaps inside the watch Make sure you sync with your lover every second.

RADO Swiss radar watch Haoxing 1313 automatic mechanical limited edition pair watch celebrates the arrival of Valentine’s Day with a modern design style, and at the same time, innovates to tell the precious love story of each couple.

Leap The Horse Fashion Together Longines Watch Elegant Event 2016 Longines International Horse Federation Venue Obstacle World Cup China League Conference Held In Beijing

[April 8, 2016, Beijing, China] On April 7, the 2016 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping China League ™ press conference in Beijing Kai The Pensky Hotel is held. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines has been named the title partner and official timekeeper for the third consecutive year, and will present the first and second races from April 30th to May 8th. During the May 1 Golden Week, the majority of equestrian enthusiasts will experience the deep roots of Longines and equestrian sports in this high-level international competition, and feel their unremitting pursuit of elegance, tradition and outstanding performance.
   Spring is bright in May. From April 30th to May 8th, the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping China League ™ will once again be glorified and will present the first and second stops in Beijing Chaoyang Park Match. Longines has been named as the title partner and official timekeeper for the third consecutive year. Together with the International Horse Federation, Longines presents an elegant style of jumping horses for Chinese equestrian lovers.

2016 Longines FIFA venue barrier World Cup China League launch ceremony

   The Longines International Horse Federation Field Obstacle World Cup China League has attracted outstanding riders from all countries and regions in the world, including Zhao Zhiwen, Li Zhenqiang, Huang Zuping, Liu Tongyan and other famous leaders to lead more than 50 riders at home and abroad to present high-level equestrian competition charm. At the same time, in order to meet the audience’s viewing needs at different levels, there will also be a Star of Hope pole pole competition in the upcoming first and second races; the youth and horse master 60-90CM level, 100-110CM level, 110 -120CM level and 120-130CM level; club group and individual (130-140CM); World Cup (145-150CM) and other competitions. In the elegant and competitive tense schedule, the audience will definitely feel a different style of equestrian sports.
   The players in the arena were bright and charming, while the ladies on the side stands dressed in costumes and fancy clothes, forming an elegant scenery in the equestrian competition. During this competition, the selection of the ‘Longines Elegant Dress Award’ will be carried out to continue the etiquette culture unique to equestrian sports and present an elegant and charming equestrian fashion trend.
   Taking advantage of the event, Longines elegantly presents the famous moon phase chronograph watch. This 40 mm chronograph is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The silver dial with embossed barley grain pattern and the handsome blue-steel steel hands gracefully embody the moon phase display function.
   The relationship between Longines and equestrian sports can be traced back to 1878. At that time, the brand produced a chronograph that was recorded in history, and a rider and his mount were engraved on the case back. In 1912, Longines cooperated with the International Equestrian Paralympics for the first time. Today, Longines is more widely involved in various equestrian competitions including obstacle course, flat horse racing and endurance racing.
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Longines Master Series Stainless Steel Moon Phase Chronograph Watch Number: L2.673.4.78.3 Reference Price: RMB 25,000
   A Longines masterpiece stainless steel moon phase chronograph with a self-winding L678 mechanical movement that swings 28,800 times per hour. The watch is 40 mm in diameter and has a barley grain pattern on the silver surface. Hours, minutes, seconds are displayed, and the half-moon-shaped central hand indicates the date. The 24-hour dial at 9 o’clock; the moon phase display function and the 12-hour cumulative dial at 6 o’clock; the 30-minute cumulative dial at 12 o’clock and the day and month display windows. The transparent case back gives a glimpse of the subtle movement. Equipped with brown alligator leather strap, waterproof to 3 bar.