Zhenlishi Tourbillon Watch With Timing Function

When I saw this watch for the first time, I didn’t think it had any highlights. Even the dial seemed to be crowded, but when I watched it intently again, More and more saw its extraordinary. Compared with other tourbillon watches, it has three differences: first, it is a tourbillon with a timing function; second, it has an ultra-high swing frequency of 36,000 times per hour; and third, the tourbillon device on the dial I opened a window. Except for the small second hand, if I do n’t look closely, I really ca n’t find the calendar ring on the tourbillon, which is a very special idea.
     Of course, in order to ensure the high quality and cost-effectiveness of the watch, the watch does not use the precious metal material used in most tourbillon watches, but in my opinion, this replacement may not make the watch ‘minus’, but it will make it more. A bit of personality. Although precious metal watches are exquisite and elegant, stainless steel is more tough. In the design of the dial, the asymmetrical arrangement of small dials is in line with today’s fashion trends, and it also highlights the sense of existence of the tourbillon.
     The source of power for this watch still comes from Zenith’s most influential EL Primero movement-it has made people feel enough trust in the quality of this watch. Compared with the general tourbillon watch, the ultra-high swing frequency of 36,000 times / hour also doubles the accuracy of this watch. The researchers even designed a straight fork escapement structure to ensure that this watch still has a power reserve of about 50 hours after the tourbillon is equipped. Even so, compared to the original EL Primero movement, its thickness has only increased by one millimeter … With so many detailed guarantees, presumably everyone’s index of this watch will rise even higher.